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Pirates Vikings And Knights
Pirates Vikings and Knights was a total conversion mod originally released for Half-Life. It was followed by Pirates Vikings and Knights II, which used the Source engine. Gameplay is best described as Exactly What It Says on the Tin, with a three-way battle among Pirates, Vikings and knights. Depending upon the map, each team's objective may territory to control, treasure chests to capture, or being the last team standing.

As of now, seven classes have been completed, with 18 planned in total. The classes so far complete are:



The Fragile Speedster of the group, having the fastest movement speed but low armor and health. Wears an Eyepatch of Power and is The Musketeer. Good for harassing the enemy while staying out of melee range.



Wears a peg leg and has a hook for a hand, as well as a parrot on his shoulder. Has elements of Jack of All Stats, being good in speed, offense and defense despite not really excelling in any of them.

  • A cutlass: Slower than the Skirmisher's, but does more damage.
  • A blunderbuss: Functions like a Short Range Shotgun, doing heavy damage at close range but less as distance increases.
  • A parrot: When released, it flies towards the nearest enemy and began frantically pecking at him. Does little damage, and the parrot can be killed in one hit, but useful for distracting opponents or for Cherry Tapping. Once the parrot is gone the Captain can use his hook and fists to deal out (paltry) damage.
  • Special move: An explosive cannonball fired from the blunderbuss.



A hulking Norse warrior wearing a wolf hide on his head. Carries a big axe and has a Badass Beard. The Lightning Bruiser of the game, having very high offence, high speed and a respectable amount of Hit Points.



Jack of All Stats for the Vikings. One of the more well-rounded characters, having both a two-handed axe, a sword, and throwing axes for attacking and a shield for defense.



The Vikings' Fragile Speedster. Is a badass despite being grey with age. Carries a large spear, as well as a shield, short sword and javelins.



Heavy Knight:

A knight in full plate armour carrying a large sword. The game's Mighty Glacier, being slow in movement but having very high offense and defense.



The Glass Cannon, having low health, but his arrows and crossbow bolts pack a punch. Carries a sword, as well as a bow and crossbow. Has shades of Difficult but Awesome, as the class requires more practice to master, but in the right hands can be absolutely infuriating to play against.

  • Short sword: One of the weakest melee weapons in the game. Nicknamed "The Butterknife" by players.
  • Crossbow: Long range and high damage, but has a lengthy reload time. Can be aimed for greater accuracy.
  • Longbow: Does a good amount of damage and has a fast firing rate, but requires practice to use effectively.

The rest of the game provides examples of:

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