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A list of stuff by Phelous.
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    Phelous & the Movies 
Note: Each review has a play on words using the title of the movie and Phelous' name.

  • Phelous's Night of the Bunny Rabbits (Night of the Lepus)
  • Phelous Doesn't Care How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer (I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer)
  • Day of the Phail 2 (Day Of The Dead 2: Contagium)
  • Phetomatous Transfusion (Automaton Transfusion)
  • Phetalous Sematary Two (Pet Sematary Two)
  • Night of the Living Phail 3D (Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006 remake))
  • The Deaths of Phelous (The Deaths of Ian Stone)
  • Cabin Phever 2 (Cabin Fever 2)
  • Phelous and The Other Troll 3 (Ator: Quest For The Mighty Sword)
  • Phevil Phead Phreelous (The Evil Dead trilogy (as an April Fools))
  • Hostel Phostel
  • Hostel Phostel Part 2
  • Phelous is on Death Row
  • The Reaplous (The Reaping)
  • Phost Shit (Ghost Ship)
  • Dawn of the Phailing Dead (Dawn Of The Living Dead)
  • Phelous's Open Grave (Open Graves)
  • Turislous (Turistas)
  • .com For Phelous (Dot Com For Murder)
  • Pulselous (Pulse (1988))
  • Pulselous Again (Pulse a.k.a. Octane (2003))
  • (Pulse (2006))
  • Doctor Phulse (Pulse (2010))
  • Phatal Pulslous (Fatal Pulse)
  • Phinculous (Incubus (2006))
  • Silent Phelous Homecoming (Silent Hill: Homecoming)
  • Phelous is on Case 39 (Case 39)
  • Anacondous (Anaconda)
  • Phanacondouses: The Hunt for the Bloody Point (Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid)
  • Phanaconda 3: Offbrains (Anaconda 3: Offspring)
  • Anacondouses: Phail of Logic (Anacondas: Trail of Blood)
  • Stay Alive Phelous
  • House of the Dead Phelous
  • House of the Dead Phelous II
  • Dead Phelous and Deader Phelouser (Dead and Deader)
  • Phelous Hill Again (Silent Hill follow-up)
  • House of the Dead (Phunny version)
  • Phankskilling (ThanksKilling)
  • Phelous Visits Nightmare City (Nightmare City)
  • The Phelous Triangle (Triangle)
  • A Phelous Black Christmas (Black Christmas (2006))
  • Cry Wolph (Cry_Wolf)
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    Bootleg Zone 

    Cross Overs 
  • Phumainzaies (Humains) (With Benzaie)
  • Sad Phordshy D1 (La Horde) (With Sad Panda,Chaos D1 And Welshy)
  • The Phairkara Zone Solution (The Air Zone Solution) (With Linkara)
  • Phockjawbrains (Lock Jaw) (With Film Brain)
  • Evil Toons
  • Child's Play 2 (with the Nostalgia Critic)
  • Child's Play 3 (with the Nostalgia Critic)
  • Foodfight! (with Brad Jones and Obscurus Lupa)

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