Pathological Fear Of Doors

There are those people who occasionally bypass a normal entryway, and then there are those who call the former group amateurs. Some people just won't use doors. Maybe they have a thing for entrances, maybe they have something against them... maybe they are just stupid. Whatever the case entering through the properly designed entrance is the method of last resort.

Often leads to There Was a Door moments. Less destructive versions exist, especially in worlds involving high science, magic, or ninjas.

Usually played for comedy.


  • The Kool-aid Man... need I say more.

  • Dr. Shiouji from Excel Saga is a good example of this.

  • Igors in the Discworld series have an inexplicable ability to appear behind their masters whenever they are about to be called. A good igor knowth how to antithipate.

Live Action TV
  • MASH: Col. Flagg would use whatever he could to keep up his Stealth Hi Byes. Including, if absolutely necessary, the door.
  • In Clarissa Explains It All, Sam Anders always entered via a window, even in cases where the room was on the first floor and he could just as easily have knocked on a door.


Video Games
  • Trilby of The Chzo Mythos seldom uses the front door. Subverted in 5 Days a Sacrifice, after Trilby finds all of the windows shut, he resorts to the "Boring Way" out.

Web Comics
  • It's Walky!: "Sal, do we have to teach you about doors again?"

Western Animation
  • Nanny from Count Duckula is perhaps the quintessential example of this trope.
  • Batman is rather famous for doing this, most notably in Batman: The Animated Series but it shows up in most of his incarnations.
  • Indiana Goofy, Goofy's relative and parody of Indiana Jones, does not use doors. He feels entering through a door is too easy, so he uses windows instead.