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Parking Wars
Parking Wars is a reality series that premiered on the A&E Network in 2008. The show follows the day-to-day jobs of parking enforcement officers and impound lot workers, as they cope with irate drivers and car owners who get served with citations or car-immobilizing boots.

The show has three segments, out of which one or all of them may be used in any particular episode:
  • Ticketing — Officers search out vehicles with expired parking meters or otherwise illegally parked.
  • Booting — A patrol van roams the streets with special image-scanning equipment that reads vehicle license plates. The plate numbers are run through the city's database, and those that are flagged for outstanding warrants get booted.
  • Impound Lot — The clerks there have to contend with angry car owners trying to get their vehicles back, but may be hampered by not enough money or bureaucratic red tape.

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