''Time... It's time for you to pay... You've broken every rule... Gonna take your time away...''

Nineties SaturdayMorningKidsShow on Creator/TheBBC, lasting from 1992 to 1994. Unusual among such series for its setting - rather than a conventional studio, the series was set in outer space, although the exact setting changed somewhat between the three series that aired. In places, it resembled a sci-fi show as much as a kids' TV extravaganza.

The first series introduced a range of characters to host the show - the exiled Prince Mercator of the planet Zarb, the only character to reappear in some form throughout the entire run, banished by the Time Barons for his thirst for knowledge and only allowed to awaken for the two hours the show was on; his Earth companion Calendular, who he managed to summon to the titular world of Parallel 9; and fellow inmates Skyn, Steyl and Thynkso. All of this set on a dark, moody prison world. Yeah. Beside the unusual environment, the show still featured the usual Saturday morning staples, with competitions, cartoons, live music and guests and so on.

The second series took a far, far lighter tone. Gone was the dark setting, in came bright neon colours and a new cast, with Mercator becoming a young spaceship commander rather than a prince. The rest of the crew were replaced by fellow crew-member Zee, scientist Dr. Kovan, and the first of the show's puppet characters arrived in the form of Brian the Dinosaur. Special guests started to be beamed up via a teleporter in a caravan.

The third series continued on the same theme, though bringing in yet another set of characters - yet another Mercator, replacing Zee with Flynn and introducing the unfortunate Little Green Man The series abandoned any pretence at the prison setting, now becoming a research station.

Overall, an unusual addition to the Nineties television lineup, although one that dropped in popularity as it went through its run, possibly due to the frequent cast and format changes.


This show provides examples of:

* BigOlEyebrows (Series 1 Mercator.)
* ButtMonkey (Poor Little Green Man!)
* LighterAndSofter (The latter two series.)
* MeaningfulName (Mercator being better known as a mapmaker)
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute (All over the place...)
* TerribleTrio (Skyn, Steyl, Thynkso)
* XtremeKoolLetterz (Skyn, Steyl, Thynkso)