'''''Paleoworld''''' is a highly extensive TVDocumentary series on UsefulNotes/PrehistoricLife that ran on Creator/{{TLC}} from 1994 to 1997. To quote TheOtherWiki:
->"Season 1 (1994) featured a smooth style to it and was narrated by Ben Gazzara. This series had lots of musical scenes, which resulted in what some consider to be an extremely calm and relaxing show. It also uses a lot more Paleoart than later series. Season 2 (1995) and Season 3 (1996) lost the musical element (as well as changing narrators), which resulted in a more conventional style nature documentary. Even so, seasons 2 and 3 were still perceived as maintaining the quality standard. For season 4 (1997), the series changed narrators again, and viewers felt the show suffered a drop in quality, shifting from musical and calm, to full-on and repetitive. Consequently, season 4 was canceled mid-season. The show never returned for a fifth season. However, TLC released a new series about dinosaurs the following year (1998) as a spin off to the Paleoworld series. It was called "''When Dinosaurs Ruled''" ("''Jurassica''" in some countries)."

See also its [[{{ScienceMarchesOn/Paleoworld}} Science Marches On]] page.

!!!! '''Series-wide tropes''':
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs
* ScienceMarchesOn: Has [[{{ScienceMarchesOn/Paleoworld}} its own page]].
* SeldomSeenSpecies: At least OncePerEpisode.
* ShownTheirWork: Most of the airtime was devoted to paleo-folk explaining things in detail.
* StockFootage: Mostly in the later seasons and its SpinOff, this was taken to ridiculous heights. Instead of creating animation for each featured animal, they would often show the same few stock clips repeating. Every sauropod, every large theropod and every small bipedal dinosaur looked the same, disregarding what unique features they might have had or in the small dinosaurs' case, [[TheyJustDidntCare even whether they were meat or plant eaters]]. Other times, they just showed the camera wading through vegetation or looking up at trees. Another common theme was showing stiff and wooden animatronic dino-robots.
* TalkingHeads

!!!! '''Tropes used for each episode''':

!!! Episode 1: Rise of the Predators

!!! Episode 2: Flight of the Pterosaurs
* PteroSoarer

!!! Episode 3: Back to the Seas
* SeaMonster: ''Basilosaurus''.

!!! Episode 4: Carnosaurs
* TyrannosaurusRex: A large part of the episode focuses on tyrannosaurs.

!!! Episode 5: Missing Links

!!! Episode 6: Sea Monsters
* {{Megalodon}}: The last bit of this episode is about him.
* SeaMonster: Quite a number.

!!! Episode 7: Tale of a Sail

!!! Episode 8: Attack of the Killer Kangaroos
* AustralianWildlife: Just a million years back.
* LandDownUnder

!!! Episode 9: Dino Sex

!!! Episode 10: Mistaken Identity

!!! Episode 11: The Legendary ''T-Rex''
* TyrannosaurusRex: Guess what.

!!! Episode 12: Dino Docs

!!! Episode 13: The Mysteries of Extinction
* RocksFallEveryoneDies

!!! Episode 14: African Graveyard I: Hunting Dinosaurs
* ArtisticLicensePaleontology: Saying ''Spinosaurus'' had teeth like steak knives. If your steak knife is totally conical and lacks serrations, it's time to get a new one.

!!! Episode 15: African Graveyard II: Discovering Dinos

!!! Episode 16: Earthshakers

!!! Episode 17: Trail of the Neanderthal

!!! Episode 18: Monsters on the Move

!!! Episode 19: Mystery of Dinosaur Cove
* LandDownUnder: Where Dinosaur Cove is.

!!! Episode 20: Dinos in the Air

!!! Episode 21: Mammoths!

!!! Episode 22: Are Rhinos Dinos?
* ArtisticLicensePaleontology: Despite their consultant's recommendations, the show used its puppet of ''Triceratops'' and passed it off a rhino. This is the equivalent of an ostrich being labeled a human.

!!! Episode 23: Killer Birds
* FeatheredFiend: This one's full of them.

!!! Episode 24: The Land That Time Forgot
* KillEmAll: The Permian extinction almost does this.

!!! Episode 25: Island of the Giant Rats

!!! Episode 26: ''Troodon'': Dinosaur Genius

!!! Episode 27: Ancient Crocodiles
* NeverSmileAtACrocodile: Especially not one the size of a bus.

!!! Episode 28: Dawn of the Cats
* MegaNeko: Quite a number.

!!! Episode 29: Boneheads
* UseYourHead: The pachycephalosaurs do this.

!!! Episode 30: Amber Hunters

!!! Episode 31: Dinos in the Snow

!!! Episode 32: Armored Dinos

!!! Episode 33: Flesh on the Bone

!!! Episode 34: Ape Man

!!! Episode 35: Horns and Herds

!!! Episode 36: Treasure Island

!!! Episode 37: Dino Diet

!!! Episode 38: Dwarf Dinos
* LittlePeople: The small dinosaurs.

!!! Episode 39: Early Birds

!!! Episode 40: Prehistoric Sharks
* EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks
* {{Megalodon}}
* SeaMonster: The sharks all qualify.

!!! Episode 41: Loch Ness Secrets
* SeaMonster

!!! Episode 42: Secrets of the ''Brontosaurus''

!!! Episode 43: Baby Monsters

!!! Episode 44: Valley of Venom

!!! Episode 45: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

!!! Episode 46: Killer Raptors
* FeatheredFiend: Just without the feathers.

!!! Episode 47: Clash of the Titans
* TyrannosaurusRex
* UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny: The episode compares ''Tyrannosaurus'' with then-recently described ''Giganotosaurus'', and part of it is devoted to discussing which one of them would win in a fight, [[spoiler: with ''Tyrannosaurus'' being ultimately picked as the winner.]]

!!! Episode 48: Dinosaur Doomsday
* RocksFallEveryoneDies

!!! Episode 49: Valley of the Uglies
* FeatheredFiend: ''Diatryma'' ([[ScienceMarchesOn that's what the show calls it]].)
* FullBoarAction: ''Dinohyus'' (now ''Daeodon'').

!!! Episode 50: ''Troodon'': Portrait of a Killer
* SeriesFinale