Everybody loves explosions. Trailers are packed full of them, and [[MadeOfExplodium just about everything]] will explode, even [[ExplosiveInstrumentation things that really shouldn't]]. This is because, at least [[TheCoconutEffect in the minds of the general population]], Explosions = Fire, and [[KillItWithFire fire]] is [[IncendiaryExponent very exciting]]. The thing about RealLife explosions, though, is that they also have a tendency to create [[LudicrousGibs excessive amounts of gore]].

Adventure shows tend to be catering to a PG-13 style audience, and it's only possible to get a certain amount of stuff [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar past the radar]], so although the ''violence itself'' remains, all of the gore is removed. When explosives are involved (even when people are constantly being killed by them), the bodies of the recently deceased will be either completely unharmed or slightly bruised/have a bit of dirt on them. Bodies will frequently be thrown around by the force of the explosions, but bodies will otherwise be completely intact. On the opposite extreme, they may be entirely consumed by the explosion, leaving no trace behind.

Can sometimes be TruthInTelevision, as explosions can cause fatal internal damage by creating a huge difference in air pressure, without much external damage. Those are called thermobaric weapons. The nasty thing is, they sometimes cause EyeScream, as well as EarAche and lung damage. It's also horribly painful.

Subtrope of BloodlessCarnage. See Also: NonFatalExplosions, AshFace.

* When [[HavingABlast explosive]] [[KiManipulation ki blasts]] in ''Manga/{{Dragonball}}'' kill people, they'll generally either be [[NotEnoughToBury obliterated]] or fall over limp with very minor visible injuries. Yamcha's death is a clear example, as a Saibaman's [[SuicideAttack point-blank explosive]] leaves him on the ground in the epicenter of a crater, but visibly just covered in dirt and a few scuffs.

* Happens all the time in ''Franchise/StarTrek'' when all the [[ExplosiveInstrumentation C4-loaded panels]] explode, sending {{Red Shirt}}s flying around the room. They may die, but the most visible injuries you may get is some burns plastered on their faces.

[[AC:Film -- Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon2'': One of Toothless' plasma blasts kills [[spoiler:Stoick]], but does not visibly burn or scar his flesh.

[[AC:{{Film}} -- Live Action]]
* DuelingMovies ''Film/{{Volcano}}'' and ''Film/DantesPeak'' both have ''one'' instance of showing realistic bad burns from their respective volcano disasters, but otherwise follows this trope to the letter.

* Players killed by explosions in ''VideoGame/CounterStrike'' simply ragdoll without any visible injury or bloodstains.
* [[EnforcedTrope This was actually cited as the reason]] [[Franchise/MetalGear Snake]] got a lot of explosive weapons but no simple guns in ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Brawl''; explosions are sillier.
* In ''VideoGame/SonicForces'', an early scene has Infinite outright killing several RedShirt Resistance members with a sweeping laser and a bunch of explosions. All you really see is them falling over and one of their [[FamilyFriendlyFirearms laser guns]] dropping over to the [[PlayerCharacter Avatar,]] but the context and dialogue make it clear what just happened.

* ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'': [[spoiler:Lars]] gets caught in the epicenter of an explosion that [[BlownAcrossTheRoom sends him flying into a stone pillar]]. Although he dies instantly, there is no blood or visible injury, just minor ClothingDamage. It ''is'' implied that a piece of shrapnel [[EyeScream damaged his right eye]], as said eye [[PeekABangs was covered by his hair]] and [[spoiler:has a scar across it when Lars comes BackFromTheDead]].