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Only Law Firm in Town
When you have only one lawyer in town, he's usually barely making a living and is just hanging on. Once you have two law firms in town, we discover that both lawyers are now quite prosperous members of the community.
- Typical lawyer joke

The law firm at the center of the show. You'd think occasionally, the plaintiff in one of these cases would pick a different firm. Instead it seems like there's only one law firm they can possibly go to. Sometimes justified by the setting -a rural district in the early 20th century, for example- but more often not.

A sister trope to Only Shop in Town.


Comic Books

Live-Action TV
  • Picket Fences had all manner of issues show up in cases plead by one particular attorney to one particular, exasperated judge.
  • Boston Legal to the point where they occasionally represented both sides in a case.
  • Kingdom: Justified in that Market Shipborough is a rather small town; there's probably another law firm in town, but just the one. Or maybe two. But no more.
  • JAG: Often it makes you wonder why Harm, Mac at JAG Headquarters gets to act as trial and defense counsel from an wide array of cases from all around the Navy & the Marines and why they're not handled by the command staff judge advocates out in the field.
    • In the pilot episode Admiral Brovo makes a suggestion that there wouldn't have been a perceived need to send HQ people out to the USS Seahawk if the missing RIO had been a male for political purposes.
    • It's suggested many times that they're sent out in the field to be impartial whenever there's a concern that the local judge advoctates might not be, or that there are none present on the location at all.

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