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->'''Tropers/FalconPain:''' "''Every'' ad I've gotten today has been for ''[[Series/{{V 2009}} V]]''. Perhaps our ad banners are just the beginning..."\\
'''Tropers/{{G-Mon}}:''' "And where were all the ads for ''VideoGame/{{N}}''?"\\
'''@/TheAdvertisementServer:''' "DON'T YOU REMEMBER? THEY CAME AFTER ALL THOSE ONES FOR ''Film/{{M}}''."

Related to OneLetterName, works with a One Letter Title are exactly that: works that are titled with a single letter, of whatever script.

See also ShortTitles and LetterMotif.

!26 Latin Alphabet Examples:

%%Feel free to edit the poem for better meter etc.
* ''A'' is an album, a Music/JethroTull one.
* ''b'' is a tabloid by the Baltimore Sun.
* C is a language that's good with runtime.
* ''D'' is a UsefulNotes/{{Bollywood}} film about crime.
* ''E!'' is a network for gossip when bored.
* F is a series of trucks made by Ford.
* ''G.'' is a movie, one that's quite "grand".
* "H." is a hit by a "Music/{{Tool}}"-ish rock band.
* ''i'' was a network, now [[Creator/{{ION}} ION TV]].
* j is a label that's owned by Sony.
* ''K'' is a record, Kula Shaker twirled.
* [[Film/LChangeTheWorld L]] titles a film, while [[Manga/DeathNote Changing The World]].
* ''Film/{{M}}'' is a picture that stars PeterLorre.
* ''{{N}}'' is a game where a ninja gets glory.
* ''Film/{{O}}'' is ''Theatre/{{Othello}}'', except [[AC:[[RecycledINSPACE in high school!]]]]
* P was Creator/JohnnyDepp's band. Pretty cool.
* ''[[Film/QTheWingedSerpent Q]]'' is a flick about a big flying snake.
* ''R.'' is a CD that [[Music/RKelly Kelly]] did make.
* Music/{{S}} was a short-living group of K-Pop.
* [[Creator/MrT T]] is a Mister that cancer can't stop.
* ''U'' is by Music/PearlJam, released in 'nine-eight.
* ''Series/{{V|1983}}'' has an alien metaphor. [[SarcasmMode Great.]]
* ''[[Film/{{W}} W.]]'''s a biopic of [[UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush George Bush Two]].
* ''[[Manga/{{X1999}} X]]'' is a manga that Creator/{{CLAMP}} did debut.
* ''[[Comicbook/YTheLastMan Y]]'' is a comic about the Last Man.
* ''Film/{{Z}}'' ends our list with a big junta ban.

More examples below, except not in verse.\\
And because they are not, it is so much [[SubvertedRhymeEveryOccasion better.]]

%%Feel free to edit the poem for better meter etc.

!More Latin Alphabet Examples:

* ''A'':
** A tripped-out conversation novel by Creator/AndyWarhol.
** A band who is known for their song ''Nothing''.
** A song by Music/{{Knorkator}} which consists of the four verses "A", "A", "A", and "A".
** A song by the Music/BarenakedLadies.
** A song by the Billy Naylor Band, mostly revolving around the five vowels in the English alphabet (not counting sometimes-vowel Y).
** An instrumental piece by DJ Amuro, which appeared in ''VideoGame/{{Beatmania}} IIDX'' and ''VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution Extreme''
* ''B'':
** Website/TheClockCrew [[http://www.clockcrew.cc/clockopedia/alphabet_movies has covered them all]]. The most notable one though is ''B'', the very flash movie responsible for the Clock Crew's existence in the first place.
** Do not ever mention [[Website/FourChan /b/]].
* ''C'':
** A well-regarded 2010 Tom [=McCarthy=] novel.
** An anime, fully titled ''[[Anime/CControl [C] - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control]]''.
* ''D'':
** [[VideoGame/{{D}} A horror game released in 1995.]]
** A French BD about vampires (guess what the D stands for).
** A Japanese VisualKei [[Music/{{D}} metal band]].
* ''E'':
** [e] is the title of Music/EpikHigh's 6th full-length album.
* ''F'':
** 「F」 is a song by ''Music/MaximumTheHormone'' and a tribute to the character Freeza from ''Manga/DragonBall''. The song's title would inspire the film's title ''Anime/DragonBallZResurrectionF'' which features the resurrected Freeza as the film's BigBad.
* ''G'': John Berger's Booker Prize winning novel about "G", a Don Juan-like figure.
* ''H'':
** An Elizabeth Shepard found-document novel about an autistic boy's letters from summer camp.
** Also a French LiveActionTV '''H'''ospital comedy.
* ''I'':
** A song by Music/BlackSabbath. Music/{{KISS}} also did one, but the fans [[FanonDisContinuity won't admit it.]] Neither will the band, who even [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B72y_iGy3vA forgot how to sing it.]]
** Also a rather good EP by Music/{{Meshuggah}}, [[EpicRocking and the only song contained therein]].
** And a side project of Music/{{Immortal}}'s frontman Abbath.
** And a Music/BadBrains song.
** ''i'': A news-digest of ''[[UsefulNotes/BritishNewspapers The Independent]]''.
** Also, an album by Music/TheMagneticFields, where appropriately enough, all the song titles start with "I".
* ''Anime/{{K}}'' is a multimedia (anime/manga/novels) series revolving around supernatural Kings.
* ''L'':
** A South Korean movie.
** A novel by Norwegian author Erlend Loe.
* ''M'':
** A non-fiction book by journalist John Sack, detailing his time with M Company during the Vietnam War.
** A British one hit wonder one man band from 1979.
** A song by Music/{{Kent}} about Jocke Berg's grandma when she was ill.
* ''N'':
** A short story by Creator/StephenKing.
** Also an album by Finnish metal band Norther.
* ''O'':
** ''Theatre/{{O}}'', a Creator/CirqueDuSoleil show.
** The title of Oprah's magazine.
** An anonymously penned novel about the 2008 presidential election.
** 'O' is also the title of a 2006 Eiko Shimamiya album
** 'Ö' is an album by German singer/songwriter Herbert Gr''ö''nemeyer
** The author of ''Webcomic/CoolAndNewWebComic''.
* ''{{Q}}'' is an arts and culture radio talk show on CBC formerly hosted by Jian Ghomeshi
* ''S'':
** The US title of a BoysLoveGenre LightNovel [[LightNovel/{{Esu}} series]]
** ''S.'' is a 1988 JohnUpdike novel
** The stage name of Jenn Ghetto, a {{slowcore}} musician
* ''T'':
** An EP by Music/FunkerVogt.
* ''U'': One of the songs by Music/{{WASP}}
** Also a song by Music/PaulaAbdul
** Also a song and an album by Yuya Matsushita.
* ''V'':
** Is also Thomas Pynchon's first novel, and despite all the other weird things in it, it is decidedly alien-free.
** Is a [[Music/{{Bemani}} dj TAKA]] song based on the "Winter" movement of Music/AntonioVivaldi's ''The Four Seasons'', originally produced for the ''VideoGame/{{beatmania}} IIDX'' series.
* ''W'': Georges Perec's memoir of his time as a Jewish child in Nazi-occupied France.
* ''X'':
** [[VideoGame/{{X}} A science fiction space simulator series by Egosoft.]]
** A Japan only GameBoy game.
** An episode of ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans''.
** A UsefulNotes/LosAngeles [[Music/{{X}} Punk Rock band]] from TheEighties.
** An Australian punk band, also from TheEighties.
** A Music/DefLeppard album.
** An instrumental song by the Red Crayola.
** Also how Music/XJapan called themselves before going international.
* ''Y'': The first album by British band The Pop Group.
* ''Z'':
** [[VideoGame/{{Z}} A real-time strategy game by the Bitmap Brothers. ]]
** A free-roaming ShootEmUp for the UsefulNotes/{{Commodore 64}}, also known as ''Z-Pilot''.
** There's also a Polish novel titled ''Z.'', with the dot.[[note]]By Mieczysław Porębski[[/note]]

!! Non-Latin Alphabet Examples

* ''Film/{{Pi}}''.
** π is also the title of the fourth story in the ''{{FanFic/Petriculture}}'' cycle.
* ? is an episode in the second season of ''Series/{{Lost}}''.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Nine}}''
* Ё (pronounced "Yo") is a Russian planned hybrid electric car.
* A novel called ''The Aleph'', but spelled out.
* In-universe example: in a soviet comedy "Операция Ы и другие приключения Шурика" (Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures), [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains trio]] call the planned operation "Y", "so that nobody would guess it".
%%* ''VideoGame/MisterMosquito'''s Japanese name is simply 蚊 (''Ka'', meaning "Mosquito").
* ''Series/PersonOfInterest'' Season 3, Episode 17: "[=/=]". "[=/=]" is the root directory for a Unix or Linux operating system. Root Path was mentioned as the title on IMDB, which is at least somewhat accurate.