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One Hundred Candles
100 Candles is a piece of online original fiction, following the adventures of boyfriends Jeff Parker and Kenny Tachibana. It is told from Jeff's point of view, from the time he first meets Kenny onward, as they investigate and fight supernatural creatures. There's an ongoing Myth Arc involving Kenny's past, along with a Monster of the Week setup. It can be found here.

Often prone to Schedule Slips. May be a Dead Fic; the update by the author on the fic was in January 2010.
The story starts out with Jeff finding a doll on the beach. His friend Ray tells him to keep and fix it up to sell it, since it seems to be rather valuable. Later that night, the doll starts talking, predicting the future. After initial skepticism, Jeff starts taking the doll's predictions seriously. One night, the doll predicts that he will sleep with Ray. It comes true, much to Jeff's surprise. Everything goes great for a while, but then the doll predicts that Ray will cheat on Jeff. He does, and Jeff resolves to get rid of the doll. When all his attempts fail including throwing an incinerator), he calls Kenny Tachibana, an author who has published various books on paranormal phenomena. Kenny helps Jeff finally get rid of the doll, and they end up dating.

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