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One Eyed Jacks
The eighth in the series of the Wild Cards novels by George R.R. Martin. One Eyed Jacks follows Jerry Strauss, the Projectionist in his investigation of a group of seeming Wild Card Aces called "Jumpers." It is the first anthology after two mosaic novels. It is also the first book of the Jumper Trilogy.

The stories that make up this book are:

  • "Nobody's Girl": A recurring story where Jerry Strauss deals with returning to normal society, his love for his brother's wife and the growing Jumper problem.
  • "Luck be a Lady": Dr. Cody Havero discovers how dangerous Jokertown is while looking into a job with Dr. Tachyon.
  • "Horses": One of The Sleeper's former girlfriends discovers a new side to her sexuality, the horrors of the Jumpers and her brand new Ace ability.
  • "Snow Dragon": Lazy Dragon heads to the Rox on a drug trafficking mission that sees him come face to face with the Jumpers.
  • "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing": Mark Meadows reunites with his ex-wife and faces losing his beloved daughter, Sprout.
  • "Sixteen Candles": The Oddity's bizarre psyche makes for an strange battlefield for a Jumper.
  • "The Devil's Triangle": Blaise becomes a threat to Tachyon and he must make a decision about his Grandson.
  • "Dead Heart Beating": Yeoman's nemesis, Kien, makes a dramatic power play within his gang using Jumper's to take absolute control.

This book contains the following tropes:

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