''On the Road with Austin and Santino'' is a spin-off of ProjectRunway featuring Season 1 competitor Austin Scarlett and Season 2 competitor Santino Rice. They travel to small towns around the USA and make a custom dress for a woman or girl who has a special occasion coming up, and usually have two days to make her a dress.


!! This show contains examples of:

* AgentPeacock: Austin, [[HiddenDepths much to the surprise of many]]
--->'''Austin Scarlett:''' ...in spite of my delicate appearance, I can water ski, fish for crabs, and do stunt horseback-riding.
* CloudCuckoolander: Austin.
* EverythingsBetterWithCows in one episode, there was a field of cows near where the two were staying, and there was one scene with Austin talking to them.
* GenkiBoy Austin, very much so
* OnlySaneMan: Santino, which is pretty extraordinary in that he's pretty CloudCuckooLander-y on his own, but Austin makes him look sane in comparison.
* PrettyBoy Austin
* PrettyButterflies the dress they made in the last episode for an aspiring country singer.
* RoadTripEpisode the whole series
* SouthernBelle in one episode there were several comments about how Austin was one in a past life. (Santino even once said something about "Austin [[GoneWithTheWind Scarlett O'Hara]]")
* SweetTooth Austin's responce at the beginning of one episode when Santino told him their client worked at a candy shop.
* VacationEpisode while it wasn't necessarily a vacation, the scenes from the series finale at Dollywood.