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->''"If she tells you she's 26, and ''looks'' 26, she's damn near forty!"''
-->-- '''Creator/ChrisRock''', "No Sex (in the Champagne Room)" [[note]] The preceding line is [[YoungerThanTheyLook "If a woman tells you she's 20 and looks 16... she's 12."]][[/note]]

Sometimes characters don't look their age. Whether it was a deliberate artistic choice on the behalf of the creator (usually to make the character more attractive or to legally fulfill a fetish) or something much deeper and linked to their characterization and the plot, this character will be older than they look. Although still within the normal range of the human lifespan (for that setting, anyway), this character will look noticeably younger than their age. Sometimes even improbably younger; it's not unheard of for a seeming teenager to be over the hill chronologically.

This is an extremely common trope in SpeculativeFiction, where FunctionalMagic or AppliedPhlebotinum can be used to explain the characters appearance being at odds with their age.

When science fiction or fantasy takes this trope to its illogical extreme, it leads to ReallySevenHundredYearsOld, TheAgeless, or a TimeAbyss. See also AgeIsRelative and ImprobableAge. Not to be confused with OlderThanTheyThink. Contrast with YoungerThanTheyLook. If they're just drawn in a way that makes them seem older, it's ArtisticAge. When a character is played by a much younger actor, it becomes HollywoodOld unless the difference is {{justified|Trope}}. When the ''actor'' is older than the character they portray, it's DawsonCasting (although the actor themselves may just fit this trope, justifying the DawsonCasting).

Compare MistakenAge, AgeInappropriateDress. Contrast AnimationAnatomyAging.

Very TruthInTelevision. In fact, some scientists believe that this is increasingly becoming the norm as people in North America, Europe, and certain parts of Asia are living longer lives (many people, especially if they are women, can now not only hope, but ''expect'' to live to be 80 or older): the body is responding by slowing down the aging process to match the increased time span. Unfortunately, according to the theory this phenomenon also applies to mental and psychological maturity: the PsychopathicManchild is becoming a reality in certain individuals because the frontal lobe (the area of the brain that regulates social behavior), which used to fully mature in the teenage years, is now remaining undeveloped in some people until well into the twenties.

Remember, this trope only covers characters who aren't impossibly old, just much older than they look. For characters who are impossibly old, see Really700YearsOld and TimeAbyss.


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* Cheapened example in [[Wrestling/ColtCabana Matt Classic]], a cryogenic experiment from the 1950s revived in the super secret bunker that Wrestling/WrestlingSocietyX takes place in.
* Thunderkitty was at least seventy years old while she looked no older than a woman in her twenties, having debuted in 1952. Dave Prazak insists such a thing is impossible but his Wrestling/{{SHIMMER}} broadcast partner Portia Perez insists it's true, based on the "fact" no one born in this day and age would consciously choose to dress like Thunderkitty.
* Wrestling/{{Layla}}, the 2006 Diva Search winner, was the longest-tenured diva on the WWE roster with the retirement of Wrestling/BethPhoenix in 2012, up until her own retirement in 2015. By then, she was almost ''forty'' but looked like she hadn't aged a day since she first arrived in the WWE. [[https://twitter.com/mslayel/status/617737088104972288 Some say she looked even better.]]
* Wrestling/AJLee is in her late 20's but could easily pass off for 17.
* Wrestling/BookerT at fifty looks like most men their mid-to-late thirties at the most.
* Japanese pro wrestler Cherry (no, not the one that was in Wrestling/{{WWE}}) had a gimmick where, when questioned about her age, would claim she was "Forever 18". However she eventually lost a match where she would be forced to show her passport and thus reveal her true age: turns out she was born on May 14, 1974... 37 going on 38! Twenty years older than what she was billed at, yet looking far, FAR closer to her gimmick age.
* Wrestling/MickFoley is now 50 (born in June 1965) and, apart from his greying beard and ocassionally shorter hair, still looks the same as he did in the Attitude Era (though he was [[YoungerThanHeLooks younger than he looked]] back then.) His well-being, on the other hand...
* Wrestling/TerryFunk is over twenty years older than Mick Foley at [[http://ilarge.lisimg.com/image/9424618/768full-terry-funk.jpg 71]], yet he still looks pretty much the same as he did in the [[http://static0.thesportsterimages.com/cdn/864/857/90/cw/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Terry-Funk.png mid 90s]]. Amazing when you consider that, after all he's put his body through (past and present), he should've been dead years ago.
* Former [[Wrestling/AllJapanWomensProWrestling AJW]] star [[http://i.imgur.com/VXmpn.jpg Mimi Hagiwara]] (on the right). 56 years old but you'd easily think she's at ''least'' 15 years younger.
* Wrestling/{{Kane}} is 49, but looks at least ten years younger.
* This is [[http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/Bios/lynn_jerry_ecw.jpg Jerry Lynn in the old ECW]] (circa late-90s to early 2000s). And this is [[http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b6/Jerry_Lynn_CHIKARA.jpg Jerry Lynn in 2012.]] Aside from the lack of facial hair, he doesn't look much different than he was a little more than a decade ago. Can you believe that, as of 2013, Jerry Lynn's ''50?''
* Apart from his shorter hair, Wrestling/DiamondDallasPage, who is now 60, looks pretty much the same as he did in Wrestling/{{WCW}}. Though he was already in his forties when he got his main event push.
* Wrestling/{{Sting}} was 37 when he transitioned to Crow Sting, 47 when he debuted in TNA, and 55 when he debuted in WWE. In all instances, he looked at least 5 years younger. (The face paint does hide most of the wrinkles.) He's starting to look his age now that his hairline's receding, though.
* Does [[https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0b/Lilian_Garcia.jpg Lilian Garcia]] look like a 50-year-old woman?
* Wrestling/TheYoungBucks are eleven-year wrestling veterans, 30 and 26 years old respectively, have both gotten married to womanly wives, and one's become a father. But if you saw Matt and Nick Jackson on the streets of Hesperia, California without first knowing who they are, you'd probably mistake them for high school kids about to attend a rave.
* When the Young Bucks met Wrestling/RingOfHonor's "elders statesman" Caprice Coleman, Matt Jackson refused to believe he was thirty three and continually refused to believe he could be that old as Coleman turned thirty eight.
* Wrestling/{{Rhyno}} has looked pretty much the same for the last [[http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/pictures/r/rhyno/02.jpg 15]] plus [[http://i.ytimg.com/vi/A0L6nQLUEKk/0.jpg years.]]
* The Wrestling/BellaTwins are both in their early 30's and look 21.
* Wrestling/ChrisJericho was born in 1970, [[https://i.ytimg.com/vi/9EI0qIlfaN4/maxresdefault.jpg making him 45 in this picture.]] Yes, really.
* [[Wrestling/SeanWaltman Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman]] just never seems to [[http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag61/FrankieM575/Wrestling/Sean%20Waltman/X-Pac1999_zpscc8ff6dd.jpg look]] any [[http://www.pwmania.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/sean-waltman.jpg older.]] (Amazing when you remember that he is a former crystal meth addict)
* Former WWE Diva [[Wrestling/TerriRunnels Terri "Marlena" Runnels]] still looks insanely gorgeous at nearly 50 years old.
* "The Mouth of The South" JimmyHart looks pretty much the same now as he did during his heyday in the 1980s, aside from a few extra wrinkles.
* WWE referee Charles Robinson is 52, but looks pretty much the same [[http://wrestlingnews.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Charles-Robinson.jpg now]] as he did during his days in [[http://img.comc.com/i/Wrestling/1999/Topps-WCWnWo-Nitro-Authentic-Signatures/CHRO/Charles-Robinson.jpg?id=dd31c515-b765-44e8-bc68-0365ad2e0aa3&size=zoom WCW]].
* Wrestling/AshleyMassaro is in her late thirties and actually looks better than she did when she was in her twenties. (As she had gotten some bad plastic surgery and was underweight before she left. Now she's gained the weight back and aging has made her look more natural now).