The white people collar workplace. This setting puts the story in a frame that allows the audience to imagine parallels to their own lives.

This setting seems to have some mandatory characters. Primarily, the Pointy-Haired Boss is required. There must also be an Incredibly Hot Babe. Oddly enough, The Incredibly Hot Babe — while providing Ratings value — is also a reflection of reality. Most offices do have at least one very attractive female employee. Contrasting (usually... sometimes the characters will be combined, but this is extremely rare) the Incredibly Hot Babe will be the Plucky Office Girl.

There must also be cubes. Or at least a bullpen style setup. Offices with lots of closed doors make filming and character interaction very difficult. In that case, expect to see most of the action happen in one or two people's office, while you never actually see where (and if) anyone else works.