Obsessively Normal

Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.

A white picket fence. A man, a woman, their son, their daughter, their baby (sex does not matter) with their dog and cat in their Stepford Suburbia. The husband reads his paper in the morning, the wife fixes pancakes for the boy before he listens to parent-approved Christian rock and the girl goes on her not-date with her platonic guy friend. Too bad the baby has to die since the lights blinked erratically when it cried that one time.

The Obsessively Normal strive to embody normalcy. Because of this, they simply dislike weird and unusual things at best, strive to stamp them out "Knight Templar"-style at worst. They would hate magic, mutants, aliens, sometimes homosexuals, new brand products, street performers and anything out of place in their repetitive, cookie-cutter world they call "Heaven".

Since what is "normal" is subjective to societies, communities and everybody in general, those who fit this trope may come across as unusual themselves to others (especially the audience).

See also Absolute Xenophobe, The Complainer Is Always Wrong, Feeling Oppressed by Their Existence, and Muggle Foster Parents. Not to be confused with the Creature of Habit, who will happily keep to their routine even if it seems patently absurd to othersnote .


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    Anime And Manga 
  • Maya Matsumoto from WORKING!! has a deep obsession to be a normal person. She often claims she is the only normal worker of the restaurant and her workmates are a bunch of freaks.

    Comic Books 
  • Darren Jones from Doom Patrol is a man completely obsessed with eliminating all strangeness and peculiarity in the world and considers himself the poster for normalcy. Jones did not realize that he was among the bizarre himself, possessing strange tools and abilities one of these were the Delirium Box. To accomplish his ends, he formed the fake Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. as his personal agents of death. Their first act was an attempt to kill Danny the Street, but they were defeated with help from the Doom Patrol defeating both him and the fake Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Danny took revenge by dressing Jones in drag right before his boss would see him.

    Film - Live-Action 
  • In Christmas with the Kranks, when Luther and Nora Krank decide to skip celebrating Christmas in favor of going on a cruise. The entire neighborhood stalks, harasses and pickets the two over it, judging them every chance they get and even posting it in the local newspaper, especially over the neighborhood's custom Frosty the Snowman figure. It is not until the Kranks decide to put their decorations up to celebrate their daughter returning from the Peace Corps that the neighbors start acting civil towards them.
  • The Dursley's in Harry Potter endeavor to fit in and maintain a perfectly normal household. Having their explicitly magical and not normal nephew dropped off on their doorstep for them to raise does not endear the boy to them and they do everything in their power to stamp out his "abnormalities".
  • In Hot Fuzz anything and everything (and everyone) that is a threat to Sandford's normalcy and its chance of winning the annual "Village Of The Year" award (graffiti, street performing, living on a camper, atrocious spelling (and crappy reporting), annoying laughter (and equally crappy acting) and a very loud sense of architectural fashion to provide some examples) is swiftly and unequivocally killed by the Neighborhood Watch.


    Live-Action Television 
  • Darrin from Bewitched insists that Samantha hide her magic powers, not because of any moral objections to witchcraft or any fear of her being persecuted, but solely because he is obsessed with being "normal".

  • In the song "Subdivisions" by Rush, you got "In the high school halls, In the shopping malls, Conform or be cast out."

    Video Games 
  • The Covenant in Fallout 4 is a walled off city that consists of normal people doing normalnote  activites in normal houses... 200 years after everything was eradicated by a nuclear war. Heck, their houses are the only ones in the entire commonwealth that are still in perfect condition! They do interview everyone who wishes to enter, although even it is justified given the situation. You find out that they use the test to determine if you're a human or not, and everyone they deem suspicious is sent in a hideaway for testing (read: tortured). Not agreeing with their methods results in the entire town trying to gun you down, and once it's emptied you can build your own settlement inside the walls.

    Western Animation 
  • Norman and Normina Normanmeyer from the 1992 The Addams Family cartoon strive to be as normal as possible. Because of this, they despise their abnormal neighbors the Addams for this very reason. They expect the same from their more open-minded son, N.J. Ironically, some would say that the Normanmeyers are the most abnormal characters on their show due to their obsession with underwear, Norman being the CEO of a large underwear manufacturing corporation.