->''The desert canteen is a man's life,''
->''The shoe is a man's eye,''
->''The wife is a man's future,''
->''The son is a man's refuge,''
->''The daughter is a man's salvation,''
->''The daughter-in-law is a man's devil.''
-->-- '''[[OlderThanDirt A Sumerian proverb]]'''

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A HappilyMarried couple faces various problems, but none quite like the SitCom In-Law. A member of one of the couple's family (often the wife's) has an obvious animosity towards their relative's spouse. They hate the person their daughter/sister/son/brother is married to and aren't shy about reaffirming it. While the object of this hate always tries to be nice to them (often at the insistence of their partner/spouse), the in-laws pull out all the stops to ridicule, abuse and undermine their target, and even try to set up their relative with somebody else, in spite of being married, and their spouse still living. Most of the time, they hate the poor guy for no reason [[WhyCouldntYouBeDifferent other than not being a millionaire.]] Some times, the spouse is considered a step down from a previous relationship. Occasionally the hate stems from a [[DisproportionateRetribution past incident that the hero/heroine has long since made up for.]] Or it could just be some people are... [[{{Jerkass}} just jerks.]]

This is a trope that has lost a lot of power in the last centuries, as it became commonplace for couples to set up on their own. When coresidence with the husband's parents was the practice, the mother-in-law often played the tyrant as mistress of the household, when, indeed, she did not attempt to do away with the daughter-in-law. (Sometimes she resents her as a new mistress to the household.) Then there is the Obnoxious WickedStepmother-in-Law. . . who frequently persecutes the bride because she wanted her own daughter to marry her stepson.

Such in laws can also be a BitchInSheepsClothing or DevilInPlainSight if their relative is oblivious to their jerkishness, or insists that they aren't so bad. Sometimes overlaps with CoattailRidingRelative. See also EvilMatriarch, LoveObstructingParents.

Contrast BestFriendsInLaw.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''OrangeYaneNoChiisanaIe'', where the in-laws of Natchi's ex-husband (who oppose her divorcing him and living with Shoutaro), are [[{{Jerkass}} completely barbaric]] in how they treat her when she visits. [[FridgeLogic Somehow they think this will result in Natchi wanting to come back and be part of their family...]]
* One story told during the GossipyHens episode of ''Anime/ParanoiaAgent'' concerns a woman whose life is ''hell'' due to her overbearing mother-in-law. [[spoiler:When the mother-in-law uses the woman's ''birthday'' to demand rice balls, she snaps and tries to kill her -- at which point Shonen Bat intervenes and kills the mother-in-law.]]
* ''HanaYoriDango'':
** Tsukushi's parents would push her to the first rich boy to show interest and even enrolled her into a high-class High School (despite [[PerpetualPoverty hardly having money for anything else]]) [[GoldDigger just to increase the chances.]] When one of those boys showed up for a visit, her parents considered him a punk until they learned who he was.
** They're still nothing compared with the EvilMatriarch of a mother that Tsukasa has. She not only treats poor Tsukushi LIKE SHIT, but she also psychologically abuses the Hell out of Tsukasa and his sister Tsubaki. [[spoiler: In at least one continuity, she drove a guy to suicide 9on front of Tsukasa, and emotionally blackmailed him with it.]]
* Mrs Tanaka from ''Manga/ServantXService'' doesn't complain about her daughter-in-law in front of them, but [[RamblingOldManMonologue persistently rambles it]] in front of Saya, a staff of the local welfare office.
* In ''Manga/TheVanishingOfNagatoYukiChan'', Ryoko Asakura is often jokingly referred to as an "evil mother in law" by some characters, such as Haruhi, due to often acting motherly and protective of Yuki, especially where Kyon is concerned.

* Inverted in ''FoxTrot''. Andy herself dreads her mother's visits because the whole family absolutely adores her and she feels pushed to the sides, due to her mother being her personal AlwaysSomeoneBetter.
* {{Cathy}}'s in-laws are absolutely annoying.
* In {{Superman}}, General Sam Lane did not approve of Lois marrying mild-mannered reporter, Clark Kent, feeling that he was too much of a wimp, and even threatened to not attend their wedding. In all fairness, according to Lois's sister, he's hated all of his daughters' beaus. For the record, he wasn't very fond of Superman either [[FantasticRacism because he didn't trust aliens.]]
* The French comic ''Les Gendarmes'' has a strip where a hostage taker is willing to let all the hostages go in exchange for a cop. Only one volunteers, and walks unflinchinly into the house followed by the admiring looks of onlookers and colleagues and reporters. Cut to his ''very'' angry wife watching at home, fuming that she shouldn't have told him her mother was coming over for dinner that evening.
* Inverted, lampshaded and averted in ''The Adventures Of Olivia'' where [[LatinLover Anna]] [[GrandmaWhatMassiveHotnessYouHave Provalone]] [[EstablishingCharacterMoment establishes herself by having sex with one of her son-in-laws while cooking,]] who points out how she's the exception to the trope though it [[TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong pisses off his wife/]] [[IAmNotMyFather her daughter, Donna]] when she learns of what they were doing yet [[SiblingYinYang Ma]][[InTheBlood ria]] thinks it's cute even when ''her'' husband gets it on with Anna as innocent fun.
* Comicbook/DoctorStrange takes this to new levels: Strange's wife Clea is the daughter of his foe [[HumanoidAbomination Umar]], making her and her brother [[DimensionLord Dread Dormammu]] his mother-in-law and uncle-in-law respectively.

[[folder:Fairy Tales]]
* In CharlesPerrault's ''Literature/SleepingBeauty'', when the king was away, the queen mother ordered the cook to kill and cook for her dinner both of Sleeping Beauty's children and then Sleeping Beauty herself. When she discovers she was tricked, she fills up a pit with poisonous creatures to throw them in, along with the cook and his family. The king's arrival stops this, and she throws herself in, in a rage. Creator/TheBrothersGrimm did not include that portion, but did include a separate fragment with the mother-in-law trying to eat both the daughter-in-law and the children. It ended midway.
* In the first edition, Creator/TheBrothersGrimm had the trouble between the Girl Without Hands and her husband the king be created by her mother-in-law. (In the second edition, it was the Devil who did it, and the mother in law saved her.)
* In "[[http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/sixswans/stories/twelvewilducks.html The Twelve Wild Ducks]]", the stepmother is jealous of her stepson's bride's beauty and tries to have her killed.
* In ''The Six Swans'', the mother-in-law kidnaps her grandchildren at birth and smears the mother's mouth with blood to claim that she killed and ate them.
* ''[[http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/authors/aulnoy/1892/princessbelleetoile.html Princess Belle-Etoile]]'' plays it straight with the queen mother who is the mother of the king and his brother (Belle-Etoile's paternal grandmother), but averts it with the princess who is Roussette, Brunette, and Blondine's mother (Belle-Etoile's maternal grandmother). Roussette also plays it straight by siding with the queen mother. The queen mother hates her sons' wives and concocts a plan to get rid of her grandchildren. After Brunette dies and the grandchildren are abandoned, she tries to force the king to end his marriage to Blondine. The queen mother, Roussette, and their maid Feintise are punished at the end by being locked in a dungeon and eaten by dogs, while Blondine's mother survives and is reunited with her youngest daughter and grandchildren.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Women aren't immune to this trope either, as the title character of ''[[TroperWorks/UltimateSpiderWoman Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change with the Light]]'' will tell you. Ben Reilly's parents both hate Mary Jane Watson and are fairly open about it, especially when Andrew becomes an OverprotectiveDad and outright ''threatens'' Mary Jane if she doesn't stop dating his son. When he finds out about it, Ben is not amused.
* In the 'In My Eyes' stories latest chapter, Megatron outright says he'll kill [[spoiler:Sarah if she doesn't break up with Will.]]
* ''FanFic/TheNewRetcons'':
** Wilf and Mira regard [[ForBetterOrForWorse the Pattersons, barring April]] as this, increasingly justified in Elly and John's case as the former goes insane and the latter refuses to do anything about it. Even at the best point in their relationship Mira can muster no more than indifference to her son-in-law Michael. [[spoiler: As a result, April's the only one Mira expects to have a relationship with when Deanna's divorce with Michael is finalized.]]
** Conversely, the Pattersons (again barring April) view Mira as this, particularly Elly, who feels she's usurping ''her'' position in the family.
* In the [[VideoGame.TeamFortress2 Team Fortress 2]] fic [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8605925/1/ "I'll Be Home for the Holidays'']] the RED Sniper's brother-in-law, Jack Williams, is a thoroughly obnoxious and unpleasant person who gossips about Sniper behind his back and is revealed to have bullied him when they were children. [[spoiler:The worst of his KickTheDog moments comes when he wrecks Sniper's relationship with his father, which is finally beginning to heal, by revealing Sniper's rifle to his father and showing that he isn't a doctor as he was pretending to be]]. One wonders why Sniper's sister, Lizzie, [[WhatDoesSheSeeInHim even married him in the first place.]]
* Mr. Satou to [[KatawaShoujo Hisao]] in ''Fanfic/LillyEpilogueFamilyMatters'', who doesn't think much of Hisao, Hanako, or [[spoiler:Lilly's decision to remain in Japan]]; he is such a {{Jerkass}} that he outrages his older daughter Akira, [[spoiler:and eventually, Lilly loses her temper and throws him out of the apartment]]. [[spoiler:Ultimately, however, he relents, apologizes to Lilly and gives Hisao his approval]].

* One man once wrote a letter to his daughter's ex-boyfriend. He claims he can't sleep ever since he damaged the relationship. He claims he's writing the letter in hopes the potential son-in-law forgives and forgets. The man said that, when he saw the boy for the first time, he was surprised with the tattoos and the nose ring, but nowadays he doesn't mind that much. He also understands that riding a motorcycle in high speed and without a helmet isn't that dangerous as long as one pays attention to the other vehicles. The man also understands his reaction to the fact the boy never worked was quite inadequate and too extreme and unfair. He's quite convinced many good and able people also must live under bridges and sleeping in parks. He now also understands that the fact his daughter wants to get married at age 17 instead of attending an ivy-league college, is simply an alternative for her education, since not everything is taught at books and school. Sometimes he realizes how outdated he could be while meddling in topics of those nature and he recognizes he's wrong. He claims to have been foolish for opposing them and wished to redeem himself by giving his blessings. He even signed his letter as "your future father-in-law". Then he wrote a P.S. congratulating the boy for his lottery winnings.
* A police recruit is taking a test. One of the questions is "What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother-in-law?" He immediately answered "Call for backup."
* What's the difference between in-laws and outlaws? Outlaws are ''wanted''!
* What's the definition of "mixed feelings"? Watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your new car.
* A man is vacationing in the Middle East with his wife's family. While in Jerusalem, his mother-in-law dies. He goes to the American consulate to arrange for the body to be transported back to the States for burial, where the consul informs him that it would be much cheaper to just bury her in Jerusalem. The man insists that the body be returned to the States. The consul comments that he must love her very much, but the man replies that he once heard of a case where [[{{Jesus}} someone buried in Jerusalem rose from the dead three days later]], and he didn't want to take that chance.
* Why is bigamy its own punishment? ''Two'' mother-in-laws.
* An old French joke bordering on GagDub translated the Latin quote "Bellaque Matribus Detestata" ([[WarIsHell the war that mothers hate]]) as "Belle-Mère Detestée" (hated mother-in-Law).
* A man walking down the street sees a funeral procession walking by with what seems to be half the town following it. Curious, he goes up to the man just behind the coffin to ask what's going on. "I'm burying my mother-in-law." "What did she die of?" "Well, she was visiting us, and all of a sudden my two Rottweilers jumped up and mauled her to death. It was a horrible, agonizing death." "...Are those dogs available to rent by any chance?" The man then sweeps his arm towards the massive crowd behind him and says "Get in line!"
* There is a joke about a young man who brings home three pretty girls, and asks his mother whether she can guess whom he intends to marry. The woman points out the correct one without hesitating, ''because she can't stand her already''.
* Did you know you can re-arrange the letters in "mother-in-law" and get "woman Hitler"?

* In the ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' novels, Nanny Ogg is this towards her daughters-in-law, but not her sons-in-law.
* ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheHalfBloodPrince'': Molly and her daughter Ginny don't approve Bill's (Molly's first-born) marriage to Fleur Delacour. In the end, when Bill's battle scars didn't make Fleur like Bill any less, Molly and (presumably) Ginny warmed up to her.
-->'''Ginny:''' I suppose I'm just going to have to accept that he really is going to marry her.\\
'''Harry:''' She's alright. (''hastily'') Ugly, though.
* OlderThanFeudalism: In ''Literature/TheBible'', Rebekah is "vexed" by the wives of Esau. It seems to be mostly because they are Canaanites, and follow Canaanite traditions and customs, worshipping their gods instead of the God of Abraham.
* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'', in-laws rarely get along. The best example is [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Cersei Lannister]], who ''hates'' her new daughter-in-law Margaery Tyrell [[spoiler:and the feeling turns out to be mutual]]. [[MyBelovedSmother Cersei]] resents Margaery's growing influence on her son [[MommasBoy Tommen]]. Especially since Margaery is trying to make Tommen into a more proactive ruler and encouraging him to think for himself instead of doing everything his mommy tells him. The noble families in Westeros use marriage as a political tool to seal alliances, meaning a lot of the time the in-laws hated each other ''before'' the marriage too.
* One SherlockHolmes story revoloves around a man living a happy life until his wife's sister came to visit and stayed. [[WomanScorned Once he refused her advances she was a lot worse.]]
* ''Literature/SenseAndSensibility'': Elinor Dashwood is charmed by Edward Ferrars and likes him a lot. However, she's not pleased to learn that he's the only nice person in his family. His mother, sister Fanny and brother Robert are all completely insufferable jerks.
* In the seventh book of the ''TheBlackCompany,'' the annalist, Murgen, gets married. His mother-in-law, Ki Gota, seems to have been specifically crafted to amplify the horrors of the siege conditions the book takes place under. In the following book, it's noted that her own people refer to her as "the troll" behind her back.
* ''Literature/HoratioHornblower'' has his mother-in-law from his first marriage, Mrs. Mason. When she visits them to help Maria recover from giving birth, Hornblower goes back to the habits he developed to survive under the insane Captain Sawyer from ''Lieutenant''. In his second marriage, his brother-in-law is the Duke of Wellington--while they're only shown speaking once, he needles and out-snarks Hornblower.
* Demeter is this to Hades in ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians''. She constantly complains to Hades about how he makes her daughter live in the Underworld for half the year, and to Persephone for marrying him in the first place.
--> '''Demeter''': I warned you, daughter. This scoundrel Hades is no good. You could've married the god of doctors or the god of lawyers, but ''noooo''. You had to eat the pomegranate.
** The irony is that Demeter is also Hades' older sister and so is doubly obnoxious.
** Though they are not married, Athena condemns the romance between her daughter Annabeth and Percy, the son of her rival Poseidon. Even than, Athena is more out right threatening then obnoxious and seems willing (however reluctantly) to at least give Percy a chance. It is unknown what Poseidon thinks of the relationship.
* In Maeve Binchy's Scarlet Feather, main character Cathy has a hatefilled relationship with her mother-in-law Hannah Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell cannot stand her for two reasons: she dared to marry her son Neil, and she is the former maid's daughter so not of the same 'class'.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/FattysTintypeTangle'' features Creator/FattyArbuckle being harassed by his domineering mother-in-law, who appears to live with them despite having her own house.
* In ''TheRef'', this is played straight with the mother-in-law from hell Rose Chasseur, but subverted with both of her sons' families. Brother and sister-in-law Gary and Connie Chasseur initially seem like classic obnoxious in-laws, but they become slightly sympathetic characters when it turns out they're as fed up with "Mother Rose" as everybody else. Plus, even though the main couple played by Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis get the SympatheticPOV, it's clear that ''they'' could just as easily be considered obnoxious in-laws themselves.
-->'''Gus:''' ''(holding a gun to Mrs. Chasseur's head)'' Nobody move or I'll shoot!\\
'''Connie:''' Go ahead, kill her.
* This is basically the plot of the 2005 movie ''Film/MonsterInLaw''.
* ''EatDrinkManWoman'' has Madam Liang, who spends almost all of her screen time berating her daughters as burdensome and insulting the men they married. She is visibly elated when her daughter in America gets divorced, and vows to mount the divorce papers over the toilet.
* Robert De Niro's character in ''MeetTheParents'' is this to the Nth degree, trying everything to ruin the life of his daughter's latest fiancé. It gets to the point that you wonder why she doesn't say or do anything to stop it, particularly when its mentioned he does this with every boy she brings home.
* An [[ImpliedTrope offscreen example]] in ''Series/GetSmart''. Dalip, TheBrute working for KAOS, has a hellish sister-in-law who's constantly undermining his relationship with his wife and trying to break them up, which causes him endless grief at home. Max manages to keep Dalip from killing him by giving him advice on how to keep his wife and her sister from spending too much time together without looking like the bad guy.
* ''ItsAMadMadMadMadWorld'' has Milton Berle hounded by his harridan mother-in-law (Ethel Merman) and hipster-doofus brother-in-law (Dick Shawn). In all fairness, his own wife (Dorothy Provine), faced with the opportunity, shows a desire to flee them all.
* ''{{Fargo}}'' has the obnoxiousness of Jerry Lundegaard's father-in-law Wade Gustafson be one of the primary ways that Jerry's BatmanGambit turns into a ''very'' dark FawltyTowersPlot.
* ''GuessWho'' features a white man dating a black woman whose father would rather have her dating a fellow African-American.
* On ''Film/OverTheTop'', we have grandfather Jason Cutler, who hates Lincoln and [[JerkassHasAPoint while in the right that Lincoln (a simple trucker and estranged father) cannot provide to Michael in the way that he (a millionaire) can]], especially once Michael's mother dies and leaves Lincoln with the kid's custody, still tries to invoke ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney (trying to buy Lincoln off, hiring an army of lawyers to try to find a legal loophole to take Michael away from Lincoln), ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections and makes a continuous barrage of KickTheDog moments (every conversation he has with Lincoln including a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech, ''keeping the letters Lincoln wrote to his family locked away and telling Michael that Lincoln never cared for him'' and '''hiring people to kidnap his grandson and rough Lincoln up''') on his single-minded quest to keep father and son apart.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/TheAddamsFamily'':
** Brought up in ''The Addams Family Reunion'' by Morticia: when Gomez asks if she's noticed anything strange about his grandparents, who are visiting, her response is:
--->''"Now, keep in mind that for me they are still ''in-laws.'' Tradition dictates that I must ''despise'' them. Regardless of my own personal feelings in the matter."''
** Averted in the same series as Morticia gets along well with Uncle Fester and Gomez is liked by Mama, who are both their in-laws in the film's universe. In the television series it was the other way around- Fester was Morticia's relative and Mama was Gomez's mother, but the family still got along splendidly.
* There's a Greek sitcom called ''Seven Deadly Mother-in-Laws'' running with much success for over three seasons; the author believes the theme is clear. They originally took stereotypical mother-in-laws from various regions of Greece, but it soon extended far beyond the original seven. The show REALLY jumped the shark with the Mother-in-Law from Space...
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'':
** Carla believes her brother can only speak Spanish, but he learned English some time ago. He deliberately only speaks English in front of Turk, so that Turk will look like an asshole when protesting he knows the language. After Turk manages to trick him into revealing he's bilingual, he gets no reprimand from his sister. Even after he punches her boyfriend in the face directly in front of her. Similarly, whenever Turk says something bad about Carla's mom, she makes him go to her grave and beg for forgiveness (he often comes back and says "She still hates me").
** On the other hand, Carla was ''terrified'' at how great she and his mom got on, afraid that he was acting out some Oedipal issues. He explains that it's not like ''that'', he was just raised to respect and admire strong, independent women (like his mother), so of course he would end up with one.
* [[ReplacementFlatCharacter Niles Crane]] from ''{{Frasier}}'' was like this with Lillith in the first season, [[DisproportionateRetribution because Lillith sniggered at Maris' wedding vows.]] Considering how much worse Maris proved to be, this would make Niles a bit of a hypocrite.
* On ''{{Cheers}}'', Frasier's mom Hester outright threatens to murder Diane when she finds she's engaged to her son. She eventually patches things up and they decide to try and get along better from then on, then she attempts to bribe Sam into stealing Diane back once the two of them are out of an earshot.
* ''EverybodyLovesRaymond'' Ray's [[MyBelovedSmother mother]], Marie, frequently came across the street to her son's home to make sure things were being run according to her style of housekeeping. She also didn't exactly approve of Debra, and wasn't shy about showing it, though in fairness a lot of that could be chalked up to the fact that Marie sees how disdainful and bullying Debra is towards Ray, and wants Ray to realize this as well. Frank--Ray's father--also comes over frequently, and tends to eat Ray's food and use his TV whenever he feels like it.
** Debra's BourgeoisBohemian parents also find the Barones to be somewhat difficult.
** And Amy's family ''all'' find reasons for not wanting her to marry Robert Barone. Becoming relatives by marriage to Frank and Marie is no small part of it. The fault line between the WASP/Protestant [=McDougals=] and the Italian-American Catholic Barones is also a strain on the in-law relationship.
* All of Samantha's family in ''Series/{{Bewitched}}''. [[ButtMonkey Poor Darin is often on the recieving end of some curse.]] In fact, the only one of Sam's relatives who appears to treat Darrin with any kind of respect is Aunt Clara, and even her IneptMage tendencies still causes him trouble.
* Both sets of parents on ''Series/DharmaAndGreg'' tend to be intrusive, but Kitty (Greg's RichBitch mother) is the one who really fit the stereotype.
* On ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'', Marshall's mother hates Lily. It probably has something to do with the way Lily ran off on Marshall a couple of months before their wedding (as there was never any contention between them mentioned or shown prior to this). Though Marshall and Lily eventually made up, it would appear Marshall's mother never forgot. She also didn't like that Lily refused to be a "Mrs. Eriksen" by keeping her own name.
* Alicia Florrick in ''TheGoodWife'' does not like her mother-in-law. This is demonstrated by the fact that the ring tone allocated to her on her cell phone is the music from ''TheTwilightZone''.
* In ''That70sShow'', Red Forman's mother, Bernice is incredibly obnoxious and rude to everyone, but especially to her daughter-in-law, Kitty. Kitty's own mother is not much better - however, she upsets Kitty more than Red.
* Of the four main adult characters from ''YesDear'', three of them have an in-law for each: Don (Kim and Christine's father) for Greg, Jenny (Kim and Christine's mother) for Jimmy, and Natalie (Greg's mother) for Kim. Christine doesn't have this problem, though. On the other hand, considering the tension that exists between brothers-in-law Greg and Jimmy, much of the show has this trope as its premise.
* In ''TheHoneymooners'', Ralph dreads the visits of his mother-in-law, because she constantly implies that Alice could've done better than him.
* ''MightyMorphinPowerRangers'':
** Master Vile (Rita's dad) and Lord Zedd don't get along. Hilariously.
** Lord Zedd isn't too fond of Rito Revolto (Rita's brother) either.
* An episode of ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' involves Jadzia Dax trying to impress the matriarch of Worf's family, who does not like the idea of a Trill daughter-in-law. Jadzia's attitude doesn't help.
* One episode of ''TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir'' had a plot too similar to the movie ''GuessWhosComingToDinner''. Even the way the African-American family found out she was dating a white man was the same. Most of the family warmed up to him quickly (though it was a rocky start), but Will's mother took a while. It should probably be noted that the remade ''GuessWhosComingToDinner'' (where the characters' races line up with this example) was made nine years after ''TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir'' ended production, as opposed to the original where it was a black man marrying a white woman
* ''Series/GilmoreGirls'':
** Lorelai "Trix" Gilmore, Richard's mother and Lorelai's paternal grandmother takes this to an art form, being capable of inspiring terror in Emily the second it is announced that she's going to visit. In many ways, it mirrors the relationship between Emily and Lorelai, but Trix and Emily's relationship worsens each time. Her crowning moment would be when Emily discovers a secret letter that Trix wrote to Richard [[spoiler: begging him not to marry Emily as she was not suitable for the Gilmore name]] while she handles Trix's funeral arrangements and will.
** Emily follows this tradition and is absolutely ''horrible'' to [[{{NiceGuy}} Luke]], Lorelai's boyfriend and later [[spoiler: fiancé]]. She alienates and degrades him at every opportunity, going as far to try and set Lorelai up with her ex-boyfriend [[{{SmugSnake}} Christopher]] in hopes she and Luke would break up. [[spoiler: Her plan succeeds but leaves both of them so devestated that Lorelai refuses to talk her ever again. Emily eventually backs down and accepts them together]]. Her main object is [[{{RebelliousPrincess}} Lorelai]] is very much an UptownGirl to working class Luke, and Emily thinks he's unworthy to marry into the Gilmore family. (Considering what she suffered with Trix, its hard to find a bigger hypocrite).
** Luke views his brother-in-law TJ as this and only tolerates him for his sister Liz's sake. In an aversion, TJ is simply obliviously obnoxious as he does like Luke and treats him like a brother. (Jess flat out can't stand him because he's loud and because he already holds a dim view of his mother's taste in men.)
* Mild version on ''{{CSI}}'' Betty Grissom disapproving of Sara marrying her son. Thinks the long distance aspect isn't good. Fortunately, she settles down and things are improved by the episode's end.
* Bob Duncan's mother-in-law of ''GoodLuckCharlie'' thinks he's a pea-brained buffoon who's done a deplorable job of raising his kids.
* In ''Series/LifeWithDerek'', Nora's mother Felicia liked her first husband just fine, but doesn't care at all for her current husband George, mostly because she doesn't believe in divorce.
* An unusual variant occurs on ''Series/{{Blossom}}'' between her father Nick Russo and her maternal grandfather Buzz Richman. Buzz doesn't really have anything against Nick, but Nick resents him for coming to the Russo house and sponging off them when he visits. The fact that Buzz's daughter abandoned Nick and the kids doesn't exactly help matters.
* Sylvie's mother in ''Series/UnGarsUneFille'' loathes Guy, who reminds her of her husband, who was unfaithful.
* On ''Series/SexAndTheCity'', Charlotte has to contend with her husband Trey's [[MyBelovedSmother overbearing mother Bunny]], who starts out relatively okay, but ultimately tries to interfere in every decision the couple makes.
* Series/{{Amen}} Reuben's mother, who criticizes everything about Thelma, until the latter finally tells her off.
* ''Series/AccordingToJim'':
** Jim's SitcomArchnemesis is his sister-in-law Dana. However, they don't hate each other that much and do many things together or are sometimes nice to each other.
** Sometimes, Jim has some big arguments with his brother-in-law and [[VitriolicBestBuds best friend]] Andy.
** Jim's youngest daughter, Gracie, is the SitcomArchnemesis to Andy, her uncle.
** Inverted with Maggy, the mother-in-law of both Jim and Ryan. They both love her and she loves everyone in her family.
---> '''Jim:''' You know someone like you is a give. Someone you don't want to argue, but argue for her.
* In ''Series/{{Rodney}}'', Rodney is hated by his father-in-law Carl because he thinks that Rodney is a no-good who has stolen his daughter. On the other hand, Rodney has a good relationship with his sister-in-law Charlie.
* A tradition of Brazilian comedy series, specially when the son-in-law is deserving. Of note is sitcom ''Sai de Baixo'', where Caco Antibes called his mother-in-law Cassandra 'Cascacu' (a mix between "cascavel", rattlesnake, and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lachesis_muta surucucu]]) and frequently hazed her hair, clothes and supposed lewd behavior - and the actor loved to [[ThrowItIn improvise]] by adding an ActorAllusion to her career or even kiss her!
* All over the place on ''TheGoldenGirls''.
** Sophia was extremely obnoxious to her son Phil's wife. She couldn't even be nice to her [[spoiler: at his funeral. It ultimately wasn't that Sophia disliked her, but that she needed someone to redirect the blame to over Phil's crossdressing.]] She's also implied to have been no less obnoxious to Dorothy's ex-husband Stan before the divorce than she was after, having never forgiven him for getting Dorothy pregnant at seventeen and cheating on her multiple times after their ShotgunWedding. The only one of her children's spouses she wasn't obnoxious to was Gloria's very wealthy husband.
** Dorothy's ex-mother-in-law was an odd example. She actually liked Dorothy, yet it was Stan whom she didn't like. The only reason she was mean to Dorothy was because if Stan thought she liked Dorothy he'd be around her place all the time asking for money.
** Blanche's mother-in-law would always introduce her as her son's first wife, while they were still married, and wished on her deathbed for Blanche to have the disease that was killing her. Blanche's only response to hearing that she died was to say that she hoped the old witch went slowly. Blanche herself is implied to be obnoxious to her own unseen son-in-law, derisively referring to him as "the Yankee".
** Furthermore, Sophia said there was a tradition in Sicily that someone performs when their mother-in-law dies: they're supposed to wear a hair shirt, eat dirt, and pound their head on a rock... anything to keep you from laughing.
* Inverted on ''TheGeorgeLopezShow''; George has issues with his biological mom, but gets along very well with his brother- and father-in-law, although initially, Angie's prominent cardiologist parents weren't too fond of George, feeling that Angie was "slumming it" and should have married somebody much more well-off.
* On ''Series/{{Roseanne}}'', Roseanne and Dan despised Becky's greaser boyfriend Mark. This case is somewhat Justified, as Mark doesn't treat Becky exceptionally well initially, being really selfish and obnoxious. When Mark confronts Roseanne about this, she says she would have treated him like a king if she felt like he'd treated Becky with any kind of respect. Darlene's steady boyfriend fared quite a bit better. After initially disliking him for being Mark's brother and assuming David was just like him. However, when they realize he was almost his exact opposite, they warm up, allowing him to live with them to escape his abusive mother and Roseanne even trying to shove them back together after they break up.
* Ethyl to Earl on ''{{Series/Dinosaurs}}''. She thinks he's a no good bum with no ambition.
* Never shown onscreen, but Roy seems to view his this way on ''{{Series/Emergency}}''. She apparently saw him as having the brains to be a doctor but not wanting to do it, settling for paramedic instead.

* ''TheKinks'' ''Situation Vacant'' tells the sad tale of a happy couple who get by okay, but his mother-in-law's pushing has him trying to find a better-paying job - he quits the job he has, they have to leave their apartment and skimp and scrape, and his wife leaves him and goes back to mother, who's now happy.
* New Orleans R&B guy Ernie K. Doe's big hit -- "Mother-In-Law".
* Music/SpikeJones's "William Tell Overture" racehorse routine: "Mother-in-Law nagging in the rear!" "Aaaaah-aaaah-aaaah!!" This is clearly after Feetlebaum leaves his position [[StealthPun well behind]] the rear of the pack.
* In "The 12 Pains of Christmas", the sixth pain is "facing my in-laws". It's sung by a frantic woman panicking over having to make dinner for her mother-in-law.
-->She's a witch! I hate her!
** Her husband (who sings the seventh pain about donations to the Salvation Army) is not pleased that she's so focused on the obnoxiousness of ''her'' in-laws...because he's equally annoyed by ''his'' in-laws.
-->Donations, and what do you mean ''your'' in-laws!?

* [[ClassicalMythology Greek mythology]]. According to the account, Demeter takes Persephone away from her husband Hades for one-to-two thirds of each year, originally having been prepared to sacrifice humankind in return for her daughter's remaining unmarried. Demeter is also Hades' [[IncestIsRelative older]] [[EveryoneIsRelated sister]].
** Also, Aphrodite is ''extremely'' against this one lady called 'Psyche' who is claimed to be more beautiful than her, siccing her son Eros to curse her to fall in love with a hideous creature, but then Eros ''fell in love with Psyche instead''. Throughout the story, Aphrodite is absolutely against the marriage, either by forbidding Eros to do so or setting up Psyche to do impossible tasks. It only stopped when not only Psyche completed the tasks, Eros also asked Zeus' help to tell Aphrodite to cut the crap already and let the two get married.

* This trope is the whole reason behind ''RomeoAndJuliet''. If only they had thought to ask their parents they would have learned that her father didn't actually think Romeo was a bad person.
* The staunch, extremely right-wing, GoodOldBoy "moralist" Eduoard Dindon who rudely derides Albin and Georges' lifestyle in ''[[Theatre/LaCageAuxFolles La Cage aux Folles]]''.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* One of the funniest examples is in ''DragonsLair II: Time Warp''. The ''entire'' first level has Dirk trying to escape Daphne's mother (who resembles [[BrawnHilda a retired opera star]]... boy, even her name is Hilda!). She starts chasing Dirk with a rolling pin after she finds out that he let Daphne get kidnapped again. If the player presses the wrong button, Dirk can actually get ''killed'' by her! Dirk runs away from her on a horse, but she starts following him on an ''ox'', trying to bash the living daylights out of him while telling him to go rescue Daphne.
-->'''Hilda:''' ''[[ThisIsGonnaSuck DIIIRRRKK!!!]]''\\
'''Dirk:''' Uh-oh...\\
'''Hilda:''' Kidnapped?... ''My'' Daphne, kidnapped again?!! Idiot! ''Dun-kof!'' You! Better! Find! My! Daughter! OR! ELSE! ''(throws a crate full of chickens at Dirk)'' COWARD!!! DIRK! I KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE!! Did I raise my Princess to marry a ''frog''!?! Dirk! Hold still! You can run boy! But you cannot hide!
:: The level ends with Dirk's mother-in-law hitting a giant snake (that, earlier on, was attacking Dirk), and telling it to "Shut up!" Just see it for yourself here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vQaztLFRSM
* One level in the second ''OsuTatakaeOuendan'' centers on a female pro wrestler who marries the heir to a traditional Japanese inn... only to find his mother does ''not'' approve. The level involves said wrestler proving she can be a good inn hostess in order to earn the old woman's approval.
* Gravedigger Shen in ''JadeEmpire'' has players deal with a few spirits who are out of their graves in the Necropolis. The first of them is apparently his mother-in-law, and he's especially happy that you put her down for the moment.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Even ''{{mezzacotta}}'' characters [[http://www.mezzacotta.net/archive.php?date=1888-03-04 tell in-laws jokes]]!
* Recently ''DominicDeegan'' elected not to spend a whole arc on Dominic and Luna's wedding due to both in-story [[ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies common sense]] and the fact that it would either have to [[WebcomicTime be dull for weeks]] or [[GoneHorriblyWrong Go Horribly Wrong]], so they got married on the spot and sent a spell to tell everyone who might care. This was more or less fine with everyone. The first time elopement was floated, however, Dominic's mother Miranda reacted badly. She's always been awesome, though, and it was her guilt at her own reaction that prompted a minor flashback arc to the ''hell'' her parents put ''[[SpoonyBard Donovan]]'' through back when ''[[SickeninglySweethearts they]]'' were affianced. Incredible level of messing with his mind, both with normal guilt-trips and sly insinuations and her illusionist father causing him to ''semi-constantly hallucinate vividly for days on end''. Notably, Miranda gave them a very successful ShutUpHannibal rant which included, "he was ''looking forward'' to calling you 'Mom and Dad!'" This was largely because Donovan was orphaned and raised by elves. One of the things this means is he grew up without a surname and took hers when they married, because elves weren't going to adopt a human enough to give him their ''family name''.
* ''ComicStrip/WhatsNewWithPhilAndDixie'', in [[http://www.airshipentertainment.com/growfcomic.php?date=20100221 the strip]] about ''castles'':
--> '''Dixie''': Well, the drawbridge is up, the windows are barred, and the fire moat is lit. [[InterruptedIntimacy So how about]] [[RunningGag you and me]]...
--> '''The dude with a grappling hook''' ([[RightBehindMe behind her]]): Hello, daughter! I'm here for a visit! Where's the fridge?

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Patty and Selma from ''TheSimpsons'' (and their mother to a lesser extent) hate Homer so much they've nonchalantly reacted to his heart attack then proceeded to find Marge a man despite the fact he hadn't died, bought a tombstone with "Homer J. Simpson. We are richer for having lost him.", tried to get him kicked out of town, and kidnap/torture him during his renewal of his vows with Marge. This doesn't even include the verbal insults. Obviously, this is [[DependingOnTheWriter depending on the episode]]. In one episode, Selma thanks Homer for helping her get Ling (her Chinese adopted baby), and Marge's mother didn't really get angry and actually said that Patty and Selma were evil.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheFlintstones'', Wilma's mother is like this with Fred. Though, he does treat her appropriately with equal hostility. In at least some incarnations, this is because Wilma's family is rich, and they're rather disappointed that Wilma married "beneath" her.
* Cotton Hill from ''KingOfTheHill''. And Minh's father isn't too fond of Kahn. That said, Cotton only ''barely'' treats Peggy worse than he treats Hank.
--> "You're not even worthy to be married to my worthless, nothing-of-a-loser son."
* ''FamilyGuy''
** Peter Griffin's father, [[spoiler:who reveals that he's not Peter's biological father]].
** Lois' father isn't too fond of Peter, either, to the point that he even lied in court when Peter was accused of murdering Lois ([[spoiler:in Stewie's simulation]]).
* In ''SpiderManTheAnimatedSeries'', Mary Jane's aunt Anna has nothing but bad things to say about Peter in spite of the fact that Peter was never anything but courteous towards her. She sets out to find fault in every little thing he says/does. At one point she sics ''ThePunisher'' on him!(Albeit unintentionally.) Thankfully it's mostly averted by her comicbook counterpart whom is basically a more grounded version of Aunt May (and helped May set them up in the first place).
* In ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'', Francine's Chinese adoptive parents don't have any bad feelings for Stan, however whenever they show up they tend to take over the place.
-->'''Stan:''' They're loud, they're pushy, they make me feel like a guest in my own house!
** At the end of the episode, Francine's parents save Stan when the house catches fire, and her father expresses genuine fondness for him (saying that they don't have to worry about Francine's well-being because she married well). Stan's relationship with the Lings is shown to be much better in later episodes.
* ''TheFairlyOddparents'':
** Mama Cosma is this to Wanda and Big Daddy is this to Cosmo.
** In "Timmy Turnip", Timmy's maternal grandparents keep referring to Dad as the "son-in-law that we don't like" and, as a RunningGag, gives him bags full of rabid wesels.
* Linda's mother in the second episode of ''BobsBurgers'' so grates on Bob that he hides from her by pretending to be stuck inside the wall. HilarityEnsues, but by the end of the episode they seem to be patching things up.
* In one episode of ''AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog'', Robotnik is about to marry the guest character of the week. His mother crashes the wedding and instantly starts a room-destroying fist fight with the bride, for no apparent reason.
* In one episode of "The Bears' Family Album" segment of ''TheWoodyWoodpeckerShow'', Charlie Bear tried to escape his mother-in-law, who spent the biggest part of the episode nagging him into spring cleaning while all he wanted to do was fishing with a friend. As an unexpected result of his last plan, Charlie met a guard who, once meeting the mother-in-law, decided Charlie had already had enough and let him go while he started to point out irregularities with her car. Charlie and his friend ended the episode laughing at her misfortune with the guard.
* Elise's parents in ''DanVs'' to Chris. Chris being the NiceGuy he is tries to win them over, with limited success. Elise on the other hand finds their visits stressful because of their treatment of Chris, and Dan tries to convince Chris that his efforts to get them to like him are futile. In "Family Camping Trip" Chris does manage to win over Elise's mother, but her father still seems to hate him, even more so, due to one-upping Elise's ex-boyfriend who proved to be a coward in the face of danger. Taken UpToEleven in "Chris". Elise' parents try to goad Dan into ''killing'' Chris. Dan refuses to go along with their plans since he doesn't trust people who want to have their own son-in-law killed off. Thankfully, Chris' brother-in-law isn't quite as bad as his parents.
* In ''WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty'', Rick is treated as a burden by his son-in-law due to being a MadScientist who wrangles his grandson Morty (and inevitably the rest of the family) in weird and dangerous misadventures, but for whatever reason Rick's daughter insists on letting him stay in the family. Rick for his part treats Jerry with nothing but contempt, probably not helped by the fact that Jerry got his daughter pregnant when she was 17.
* Grug and Gran from ''WesternAnimation/TheCroods'' do not get along at all. Their animosity throughout the movie is a RunningGag.
* Some [[TexAveryMGMCartoons MGM cartoons directed by Tex Avery]] have brought this up as a TakeThat moment, such in the several [[ZeeRust "of Tomorrow"]] cartoons, which featured a RunningGag about features reserved for the mother-in-law, which are clearly intended to show how unwelcome she is.

[[folder: Real Life]]
* Lets face it, some of us have, ''at least'', one.