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The Office of Strategic Services (U.S.)

Before World War II America's intelligence resources were scattered over a wide variety of government agencies (FBI, State Department, War Department, etc) and conducted on a largely ad hoc basis. On June 13, 1942 President Roosevelt ordered the formation of the Office of Strategic Services to conduct covert warfare against Those Wacky Nazis and their allies. Headed by "Wild Bill" Donovan , the OSS conducted sabotage and subversion as well as plain old espionage against their enemies. They undertook their job with ingenuity and what sometimes seems to some to be a curious zest. The OSS was an inexperienced agency and had some notable failures but also some remarkable successes. After the war the OSS was disbanded to be later resurrected in the form of the CIA.

Tropes from the history of the organization

The OSS in fiction

  • Robert De Niro's film The Good Shepherd chronicles the transition from the OSS to the CIA.
  • O.S.S, a transparently-tilted 1946 film starring Alan Alad about the Office of Strategic Services. A 1957 ABC TV-series of the same name was also produced.
  • Indiana Jones was an accomplished OSS intelligence officer During the War.
  • In Inglourious Basterds, the "basterds" are members of OSS.
  • The player character of Wolfenstein 3D is a member of the Office of Secret Actions, the OSS by any other name.
  • In most Medal of Honor games, the player is an OSS agent.
  • In Spy Kids, the titular agents (as well as a lot of others) work for this group.

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