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"Hortencia es mala,
Olga es peor que Hortencia
Pero Josefina es la peor de Hortencia y Olga."

"They are oppresed, but believe they will have their freedom someday."

Oppressed People Awareness Club

Once upon a time, in El Monte High School, a school in a small town of El Monte, Peer Support and Drama Club were happy together. However, in their senior year, the leader, Josefina de los Reyes, aka Frijoles, has betrayed her friends, her clubs, and her ideals to join ASB, Key Club and Laurels, and everything else that she has fought against (allegedly in order to have a good resume for college apps). At first, her followers and allies supported her because she was a great friend in the past. However, the more she was involved with these evil organizations, the more she becomes corrupted and more similar to the person she and hated the most, Olga. Quesadilla, Enchilada, Tortilla and Taco felt indignant and upset about their former beloved friends and leader, set out to create the Oppressed People Awareness club, OPAC for short. They gained special powers from the blessing of the ancient artifact notebook, which grants them the holy "Oppressed People" Card. Under the leadership of mastermind Tortilla the Druglord and the Dark Galactic Goddess, her Blackness Quesadilla, the group unanimously moved to a vote of no confidence and declared an intergalactic war against Frijoles, Olga, Consuela and their evil underlings.

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