Nolix Uul

An online novel, a series of LARP games and a general smattering of setting and characters, created by Dustin Katz and Tom Kelly.

The stories take place in Nolix and Uul, a pair of worlds that were once one. Nolix harbors the universe's (mostly) non-magical humans, and a race of affluent angels. Uul is the afterlife, where ghosts drift and demons fly.

The novel focuses on five main heroes: Daku, a good-for-nothing warrior-scoundrel; Akali, a knight of Zel, Nolix's enigmatic god; Janaka, a mysterious spy-like man; Saru, a cautious young wizard with the power to create barriers, and Mato, blademaster of questionable self-esteem. The story details their experiences with the convergence of Nolix and Uul.

Contains examples of:

* Hero: Akali
* Lancer: Janaka
* Big Guy: Daku
* Smart Guy: Saru
* The Chick: Mato