New Legacy Inc

A group on YouTube who focus mainly on Professional Wrestling, they mainly just play wrestling video games, Saints Row 2, and other fun games. However, they have another series called UMAD, which is basically like Retsupurae, in which they find amateur wrestling federations that include CAW (Create a Wrestler) leagues, live action (basically stupid kids trying to wrestle) and action figure wrestling. They can be found here.

Originally streaming on, they have since moved to and can be found here.

This work provides examples of:

  • Ascended Meme: After a Sheamoose sign appeared on WWE programming, Sheamus himself went on to tweet about it.
    • During Charlie Haas' match at Ring of Honor's Final Battle 2012, a "fiscal" sign could be seen in the crowd in addition to a small chant for it.
  • Bears Are Bad News: YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB A BEAR! Also, Paul Bear, who is The Undertaker's manager, Paul Bearer, wearing a fuzzy helmet with bear ears.
  • Berserk Button: The Overdrive/Playmaker. Seeing that move elicits explosive hatred from them.
  • Big "NO!": Duel's frequent use of the expression "OH NO!" when something bad happens to him while playing games has reached the point of Memetic Mutation.
  • Butt Monkey: Duel.
  • Cannot Talk to Women: Awkward Teenage Kane due to years of being institutionalized.
  • Five-Man Band
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: This is a big one. After being kicked off two hours into the 2014 TN Aid charity stream (a twenty-four hour marathon effort for the anti-cancer charity Fighting Back), nL switched over to, a competing streaming site. They were greeted not only by the entire viewing audience who had switched over, but by a Hitbox admin, who proceeded to immediately grant nL partnership benefits, AS WELL AS donating a couple hundred dollars to their total himself!
    • Furthermore, in a craze instigated by one of the channel's moderators, the nL audience got several notable wrestling personalities to retweet the stream link, from the likes of indy stalwarts Michael Elgin and the Young Bucks to WWE legends like Jake Roberts and Triple H!
    • Further furthermore, infamous wrestling personality Vince Russo not only retweeted the link multiple times, he even joined the Skype call - twice - to book a show in EWR with the nL crew, and to close out the marathon by promising that anyone who bought a membership pass to Russo's website would see their money donated to nL's grand total, which by the end of their stream was over $10,000!
  • Forced Meme: Not in My Salad
    • It's getting over, dammit!
  • Gratuitous German: "So, what's 'die'?"
  • Invincible Hero: Htial is somewhat on this category during the Saints Row 2 streams as he constantly beats the crew of nL playing most of the times alone.
    • Even when not necesserally winning the whole battle, Htial will end up getting a huge score because, after all, he is the only member of his team, so his points are the same points of his team while the others will end up being runners-up and so on.
  • Keeping Secrets Sucks: Homer knows a website where you can get 1600 MS Points for free, but keep it to yourself. ;)
  • Mad Libs Dialogue: In this video, they play for "the... Of. Of. Of. Of. Of. Of. Championship!"
  • Noodle Incident: For reasons never quite explained, Johnny DESPISES Big John Studd.
  • Overly Long Gag: The Count's finisher during the Sesame Street Fight.
  • Planet of Steves: Team Batista
  • Power Trio: Homer, Duel, and Jericho, collectively known as newLegacy's "3MB-Team."
  • Shout-Out: Given nL are fanatical wrestling fans, their streams are loaded with obscure wrestling references. Whenever L. T. closes out a stream, he does so with a string of shout outs, firstly paraphrasing Zack Ryder's conclusion to "Z! True Long Island Story", then stating "I've got two words for ya" before signing off with "Keep dancing!".
    • "I've got two words for ya" is a shout out not just to WWE's D-Generation X, but also to Wade Needham of NoDQ CAW fame, whose two words to close the show were "Be cool!".
  • Something Completely Different: They are known for playing mostly wrestling games... so one night, they decide to watch a children's Spelling Bee. Glorious riffing occurs.
  • Spin-Off: Homer, Duel, and Jericho's "Not In My Ballad," which can best be described as UMAD for wrestling related Music Videos.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Duel whenever L. T. is not around.
  • Tournament Arc: The "Brawl 4 All Stars Tournament" that took place on August 4th, 2012, which was won by TurdMaster2.
    • The Hokey Pokey Tournament, hosted by Blake. Held every few months. The game used is WWE Wrestlemania 2000, where Blake has recreated iconic nL characters, as well as making some new stars. Most notable of the new blood: [[Break-out Character Willy 2 Silly]]
  • With Lyrics:
    • Tree Tree McGee (an Undertaker druid with a brown robe and green hood) has Undertaker's theme, to which L. T. sings "I am a tree, I am brown and also green". This is later applied to Paul Bear, for whom the lyrics instead go "I am a bear, I do Tombstone over there".
      • Culminates hilariously during Paul Bear's double run-in when the CPU manages to line the Tombstone Piledriver up perfectly onto a weapon, leading Johnny to exclaim "I am a bear and I do Tombstone ON A CHAIR!"
    • During Rhyno's season mode, Johnny sings along to Rhyno's theme, as heard in this video
      • The same is done with the World's Greatest Tag Team theme during Charlie Haas' season mode.
  • Wham Episode: Two hours into nL's second annual anti-cancer charity stream - intended to be a twenty-four hour marathon - their channel was unpredictably and unceremoniously banned from due to a DMCA complaint filed against them.

Season Modes

  • Rhyno (Here Comes the Pain): Rhyno jobs to gravity, starts a team with the Rock called Fart Poo, starts a stable with Scott Steiner and Chris Jericho, Sucks dick yeah, faces Steiner at Wrestlemania where he finally defeats gravity with the Thing I Do (Gore)off the top of the Hell in A Cell.
  • Charlie Haas (Here Comes The Pain): Charlie Haas faces Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle for the Tag titles, Goes to RAW, Wins the Hardcore Title, Loses it to the Rock, Wins it Back, Blows The Rock, Gets dropped from a forklift by Bubba Ray Dudley, Kills him, Bischoff Face, Teams with Vince McMahon and wins the World Heavyweight Championship, and then faces Scott Steiner
  • Christopher Notwinski (RAW 2): After suffering multiple concussions, Chris Nowinski goes crazy, changes his ring gear, gets purple facial hair, wields a watermelon and a banana, drops boxes on people backstage, steals people's underwear, wins via count-out alot and has to deal with the Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer all the time.
  • Mae Young (No Mercy): Everyone's favourite apparently-indestructible octogenarian is entered into the male-dominated WWF Championship path. Along the way she manages to completely ravage Triple H with a brutal promo.
  • nL Viewer (Day of Reckoning): Using the CAW feature in DoR, Johnny creates a close estimation of how he thinks nL's viewers look: a green-skinned, floating-hat wearing pink-clad monster with a messed up face and a tail. nL Viewer is put through the (mostly) linear DoR story mode.
  • "BEPIS" Dxkhq Hdcagv (Smack Down vs. Raw 2011): Johnny creates a complete mutant and allows the chatroom to name him by selecting one letter of his name at a time. His nickname comes from a Pronunciation Manual video that purportedly pronounces "penis". Bepis is then tasked with ending The Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania.

Created Stories

L. T. has created a number of amusing stories for Xbox 360 using the Create A Story feature present in the recent WWE games. Common features include unfeasibly difficult (read: unfair) handicap matches and, in almost all cases, very stupid humour. These include:
  • Legends of WWE (SvR 2010): Wherein Randy Orton fights a bunch of legends from WWE's past and present. Not a comedic story as it was L. T.'s first attempt.
  • Santino Claus (SvR 2010): A Christmas story told entirely in rhyme. Set during a Christmas episode of Raw where everyone is in green and red clothing.
  • A Brother's Tale (SvR 2011): CM Punk delivers a cautionary tale about Matt Hardy which devolves into a horrendous personal attack. Features one of nL's more notorious memes.
  • A Shameful Thing (SvR 2011): Set in the month following A Brother's Tale, Sheamus is the apparent target of a smear from Santino.
  • Road to WrestleMania - Goldust (SvR 2011): A three-month campaign starring Goldust. Not a comedic story.
  • Booker Teeriffic (WWE '12): Booker T's ramblings aren't the only thing that make little sense in this tale of abuse of power.