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Found a trope whose page is pitiful, but don't want to champion a redux on Trope Launch Pad? Feel like editing something and don't know what? Look no further! Here's a list of pages you should visit when having a moment and urging to edit: a list of pages that need some Wiki Magic love. Some need one thing, maybe just a little re-touch, maybe an image, example or a wick. Some need much, much more work to look good.

Please italicize the names of works in order to separate them from the trope names.

A page with only one problem goes on one of these lists:

If a trope Needs a Better Name, however, you must first take it to the Trope Repair Shop.

Pages needing much, much more Wiki Magic:

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  • 2Masters needs a better description, trope list, entry pimp. Everything.
  • The '90s Are All That needs updating, as it has been rebranded as The Splat.
  • 1408 needs a better description, more tropes, and help with separating it from the film version.
  • The 1975 needs more crosswicking.

  • Alpha Waves needs a better description, more tropes, and wicks.
  • Alt-J: Needs more tropes, wicks, a YMMV page, a page image and perhaps a better description.
  • Amidar: Needs tropes and wicks.
  • Androcles and the Lion - Needs more tropes and wicks.
  • Amal - needs more tropes, especially since it's a deconstruction.
  • The Amazing Bulk: Needs a little of everything.
  • American Horror Story: The pages for the show's recap page need more tropes, context examples, and episode descriptions.
  • Catacomb: Needs an image, tropes, wicks, and entry pimp.
  • Catch-22: Needs tropes and wicks.
  • Catherine O'Hara: Needs an image, a better description, and a list of roles.
  • Cavalier Of Abys: Needs more tropes and character's section edit.
  • Caveman Films: Needs more tropes, a better and longer description, wicks and an image.
  • CDZA: Needs just about everything.
  • Ceasefire: Needs more tropes and a better description.
  • The Center of the World: Better description, more tropes.
  • The Cestus Deception: Needs tropes, an image, and a better description.
  • CGP Grey: Needs more wicks.
  • Chadtronic: needs more tropes, a picture and a funny page.
  • Chain Chronicle: Needs more tropes (main page and character sheets) images (character sheets), quotes (character sheets), and an entry pimp.
  • Chain Reaction (Needs a better description and a trope list)
  • Chalk: Needs a better description, a trope list, an image and some crosswicking.
  • The Changeling of the Guard: Page launch. Needs tropes and other stuff.
  • Charles Cumming: needs tropes wicks, and entry pimp. Note: everyone is welcome, but actual readers of his books are preferred.
  • Cyberia: Needs tropes, wicks, and entry pimp.
  • Cyberia 2: Needs an tropes, wicks, and entry pimp.
  • Cyborg Justice: Needs wicks, and entry pimp.
  • Cygnus Destroyer: Virtually a whole revamp of the page is needed: with more wicks, tropes, entry pimps, images, etc.

  • The Duff: More tropes wouldn't hurt.
  • Dust: A Tale Of The Wired West: Needs tropes and a better description.
  • Dwarfs!?: Needs more tropes and perhaps a better description
  • Dziwne Przygody Koziolka Matolka: Needs a better description and more tropes. Anyone familiar with this work, please volunteer.
  • Earbud Theater needs more examples and wicks, and perhaps more description.
  • Earth 2100: More tropes needed.
  • Earth-G: A namespace move, indexing for it and its character sheet, wicks and an entry pimp
  • Earthquakemachine is in really, really rough shape. The description is okay, but the title is... highly questionable, and I'm not sure if there's more than one or two properly-written examples on the entire page.
  • Enid: Needs a better description and more tropes.
  • Echelon Conspiracy: Needs tropes, wicks, an image, and entry pimp.
  • Flobots: Needs image, tropes, and a description.
  • Fluunix: Needs a much better description, more tropes, wicks, and an entry pimp.

  • Ice On The Rhine: Would like some more tropes and crosswicks.
  • Ice Pick Lodge: Needs a better description and overall polish.
  • ICEY: Page just created, needs some love as well as someone to add it to the various trope pages it falls under.
  • Icon for Hire: Would like some tropes.
  • Icona Pop needs more tropes and wicks.
  • I Dream: Needs more tropes, an image and better description.
  • The Idiot's Lantern: Needs expanded description and way more tropes.
  • If...
  • If I Stay

  • Ruth Frances Long: Needs more description and a list of works.
  • LongStory: Needs tropes and entry pimp badly.
  • Lost In Time: Needs an image, tropes, wicks, and entry pimp.
  • Love: Needs an image, tropes, wicks, a better description, and has a lot of links to unrelated pages and works (Such as a different film of the same name and the Love Pantheon page)

  • Marieve Herington: needs more info and an image. Could also use a better description.




Work on them to keep 'em healthy and add those who are sick to the list.

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