Needs Wiki Magic Love

Found a trope whose page is pitiful, but don't want to champion a redux on YKTTW? Feel like editing something and don't know what? Look no further! Here's a list of pages you should visit when having a moment and urging to edit: a list of pages that need some Wiki Magic love. Some need one thing, maybe just a little re-touch, maybe an image, example or a wick. Some need much, much more work to look good.

Please italicize the names of works in order to separate them from the trope names.

A page with only one problem goes on one of these lists:

If a trope Needs a Better Name, however, you must first take it to the Trope Repair Shop.

Pages needing much, much more Wiki Magic:

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  • 2Masters needs a better description, trope list, entry pimp. Everything.
  • The '90s Are All That needs updating, as it has been rebranded as The Splat.
  • 1408 needs a better description, more tropes, and help with separating it from the film version.
  • The 1975 needs more crosswicking.









Work on them to keep 'em healthy and add those who are sick to the list.

Alternative Title(s): Pages Needing Wiki Magic