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Naked Weapon
This is a movie starring Maggie Q that follows a young girl, Charlene, who is kidnapped and taken to an island with other little girls by the mysterious Madam M to be trained as assassins, and the investigation of said organization by CIA operative Jack Chen.

This movie provides examples of:

  • Action Girl - Charlene
  • Affably Evil - Madam M
  • The Bechdel Test - Charlene and Katherine's conversations give this film a passing grade
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique - The assassins have many ways of killing people, but their signature move involves pulling out the target's spinal cord. At first, it looks like the move takes a bit of time. Later, the assassins are doing it in the middle of a firefight.
    • That's nothing, in the climax Charlene kills the Big Bad by throwing him and performing the move while he's flying through the air in bullet-time.
  • Deadly Graduation - After years of assassin training, Madam M has half of the trainees take out the other half. Then the next day, the survivors compete to the death until only one is standing. Madam M ultimately changes her mind and spares the last surviving three.
  • Fanservice
  • Femme Fatale - This film is essentially one part Femme Fatale Murder, Inc., one part Training from Hell
  • Fridge Logic - Kidnapping forty children and spending years imprisoning and training them, only to kill off all but a few? This can't possibly be a cost-effective way to run Murder, Inc..
    • Especially when, after six years of training, they're told they're only required to work for Madam M five years.
  • Gratuitous Rape - The surviving assassins are subjected to this by the men working for Madam M.
  • Honey Trap - How the assassins get close to their marks.
  • Murder, Inc. - Madam M's organization is supposedly a notoriously effective one of these.
  • Professional Killer - What the girls in this film are being trained to become.
  • Slipping a Mickey - Madam M does this to her surviving assassins. Aforementioned Gratuitous Rape soon follows.
  • Training from Hell - During their years of training, nearly all of the girls will be brutally killed.
  • The Vamp - One of the skills the assassins are specifically trained to utilize.
  • Would Hurt a Child - Madam M

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