For any real person or character living in a society, having friends, relatives, class/workmates, love partner(s), vehicle(s), weapons or tools is standard (unles you're a {{hikikomori}}), but in this case, said friend/relative/partner/tool has an unusual twist which most of the plot is based on.

Can overlap with ABoyAndHisX. See also TheJoyOfX. [[Administrivia/EverythingsWorseWithSnowclones Use with care]].


[[AC:Standard My X is a Y]]

* MyHorseIsAMotorbike
* An essay on people's attachment to Cell Phones called [[ "My Phone is a Part of My Soul"]]
* ''My Wife is a Gangster'', the Korean trilogy of films.
* Manga/MyWifeIsAHighSchoolGirl
* Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo (''My Wife is a Magical Girl'')
* MagicalGirlfriend - My S.O. is a supernatural being.
* BoyMeetsGhoul - My S.O. is an undead monster
* Literature/MyTeacherIsAnAlien
* Film/MyBestFriendIsAVampire
* Series/{{Bewitched}}: My Wife is a Witch
* ''Series/{{Charmed}}'' is "Siskoni on noita" in Finnish, standing for My Sister Is A Witch.
* MyGymPartnersAMonkey
* Film/TrueLies: My Husband is a Spy
* ''Manga/MyBrideIsAMermaid'' (in this case, the snowclone is only in the English translation, however.)
* "[[ My Dog is a Cat]]" by DagNasty
* MyGirlIsASlut
* ''My Stepmother Is An Alien''
* ''My Mom Is A Werewolf''
* Film/TheBoyWhoCriedWerewolf: My sister is a werewolf.
* ''[[FujoshiKanojo My Girlfriend's A Geek]]'' (English title only)
* Series/MyParentsAreAliens
* ''My Grandma is an Alien''

[[AC:My Other X is a Y]]

* MyOtherCarIsAnX is a subtrope.
** [[ My Other Car]] is a [[Series/DoctorWho TARDIS]]
** ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'': The Sniper has a bumper sticker on his camper reading "my other car is a [[MemeticMutation sword van]]".
** From a promotion for ''VideoGame/Halo3ODST'': [[ "My Other Car is a Warthog"]]. [[ (See the license plate)]]
** [[Machinima/RedVsBlue Roosterteeth]] sells bumper stickers that say "My other car is a puma", parodying the above example from ODST.
** ''{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}}'' gives us "My Other Car Is a Porsche On The Moon".
** "My other car is [[FlyingBroomstick a broom]]" stickers are common in giftshops in [[SalemIsWitchCountry Salem]].
* Hot Topic sells wristbands that say "My other face has a mustache."
* "My Other Phone Is A Boom Car" by TheyMightBeGiants
* When [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Peter Griffin]] was turned sensitive towards women, he put a sticker at his car's bumper stating "My other penis is a vagina".