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My World and Welcome to It
1969 NBC comedy series blending live action and deceptively simplistic animation to present a surreal, satirical and occasionally sarcastic view of the world. Based loosely on the stories and cartoons of James Thurber, it featured William Windom as "John Monroe", who was a thinly disguised version of Thurber. Monroe's life was complicated by his editor (who didn't understand his cartoons), his wife (who was amused by his inability to cope with the world), and his precocious daughter. His only relief was his writer friend Phil (based on author Robert Benchley) — and the animated fantasy sequences he would frequently enter.

Innovative and intelligent during an otherwise unimpressive era of television, My World And Welcome To It made extensive use of its source material, to the point of actually incorporating several of Thurber's short stories whole into its plots. And like George Burns before him and Garry Shandling after, Monroe would frequently turn to the audience and address them directly.

A classic series with all-too-short a run, despite it and Windom earning 1970 Emmy Awards. (The show was canceled so that NBC would have an open slot to offer Red Skelton after his popular CBS show was unexpectedly axed.)

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