A light romantic comedy centered on Sarah Nolan (played by Diane Lane), a preschool teacher in her 30s, who recently divorced. After a series of disastrous, but hilarious, dates she decides to swear off dating for good. Her well-meaning sister enrolls her in online dating and includes the description of "must love dogs". She does loves dogs but doesn't own one of her own, so she borrows her brother's dog to meet a blind date at a dog park. What she doesn't know is that Jake Anderson (played by JohnCusack in the movie) also had to borrow a dog. After a series of misadventures, you hope to have the ending that all movies of this genre have!

The 2005 film is based on a novel written by Claire Cook.
This movie provides examples of:
* BigFriendlyDog: Mother Theresa, Sarah's brother's Newfoundland (same breed as the trope pic) that is afraid of water.
* ChickFlick
* DatingServiceDisaster: Don't go to an online dating service your dad is also using.
* PetHomosexual: Sarah's best friend
* RomanticFalseLead: Bob
* SecondLove: The basic premise of the movie.
* ShoutOut:
** Jake is wearing a tshirt with the band "TheRamones" on it.
** The sisters decide to bond over the movie ''Beaches''.
* ThisIsWrongOnSoManyLevels: Sarah answers her own father's personal ad:
-->'''Sarah:''' This is disturbing on many levels.