Music Video Credits Sequence

Some opening or closing credits sequences show a bit of the show to give you an idea of what it's about. The music is just there, but it serves mainly as background music to the action - the characters aren't playing an active role in the music or the description (for example, The Simpsons or Friends), or it serves as a Theme Tune Roll Call to describe the characters (but again they don't take an active role in the sequence).

Then there are those opening or closing credit sequences set up more like a music video. The characters sing along, dance to, or in general, take an active role in the music.

See also Theme Tune.


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  • For Your Eyes Only: the only James Bond film where the singer of the theme (Sheena Easton) actually sings during the credit sequence.
  • The Pink Panther series combines this with an Animated Credits Opening, in which the animated panther dances to the theme song during the opening credits.
  • My Best Friend's Wedding starts out with an opening credits sequence that might as well be a music video for "Wishin' and Hopin'": a bride and her bridesmaids (not any of the film's stars) dance around a monochrome (pink) backdrop.
    • The sequence is directly referenced in the Brazilian movie Zoando na TV. In that case, the bride in question is the main character.

     Live Action TV  

     Video Games  

  • Disgaea 2 was a fairly straightforward music video animated opening with a few sight gags for humor, but Disgaea 3 took it to levels of precision parody, channeling Lucky Star and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya so well that if you weren't familiar with those series you'd think that it's a straight example.

     Western Animation