Multinational Team

A stereotype for every continent. Except Australia. And Antarctica.

Miss Pauling: Well, not all of us, obviously. Medic's German and Heavy's from Russ— Oh.

A Multinational Team is a group of characters with different, emphasized nationalities with an In-Universe justification for this diversity. They are almost invariably the good guys, although the bad guys might have their own version of a multinational team. The trope can occur in works of fiction that do not take place in the present or even on Earth: in The Lord of the Rings, for example, many diverse people from all over Middle-Earth band together.

The Multinational Team differs from the Five-Token Band in that:
  • The characters are explicitly from different nations, not merely different ethnicities. If the diverse characters coincidentally all grew up in the same suburban town, they are the Five-Token Band, not the Multinational Team.
  • The team has been assembled for a specific purpose, usually by an independent party. If the diverse characters have no specific reason to be hanging out, they are the Five-Token Band.

In other words, the Multinational Team explains why the team is diverse, whereas the Five-Token Band simply is diverse, often with no explanation. This is not to say that such teams are incapable of tokenism or stereotypes. They're simply different breeds of trope.

Note that "emphasized" does not necessarily mean "thrown in your face every five seconds." If the series makes enough references to the characters' nationalities for the viewer to be aware of it, then the nationalities have been emphasized. Compare the villainous counterpart, Equal-Opportunity Evil. If it's people with power, it's likely a Cosmopolitan Council. Compare/contrast Five-Token Band.

This trope puts the heroes on the "heterogeneous" side of Alike and Antithetical Adversaries.

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    Fan Works 

  • Dragonforce, while founded in London and widely considered to be a British band, consists in its current incarnation of six members from six different countries; England, Scotland, France, New Zealand, Ukraine, and China.
  • GogolBordello were formed in America by the Ukrainian Eugene Hutz and have featured several Russians, Romanians, Israelis, Americans, English, Scottish and even a Scottish-Chinese member amongst their ranks. Russians will insist that they're an American band, however on account of being formed there.
  • Ladytron consists of a Scot, Bulgarian and two British members (one of them of Chinese descent).
  • Hows this for a multinational team?
  • No Devotion is a Welsh rock band (though one of them is English) fronted by an American.
  • Girl Group G.R.L. consists of three Americans {though sadly one is now deceased), one Brit, and one Canadian.
  • Arcade Fire consists of five Canadians and two Americans.
  • The Rolling Stones are this nowadays, with its primary lineup consisting of Brits and its touring lineup consisting of Americans.
  • Ozzy Osbourne and his touring band consists of two Brits (including himself), two Americans, and a Greek.
  • Foreigner was formed with Britons Mick Jones, Ian McDonald, and Dennis Elliot along with Americans Lou Gramm, Al Greenwood, and Ed Gagliardi. In fact, the band was named such because the band members were from different countries.
  • Garbage consists of Americans Steve Marker, Duke Erikson, and Butch Vig and Scottish lead singer Shirley Manson.
  • DragonForce is made up of English Marc Hudson on vocals, French Frédéric Leclercq on bass, Hong-Konger Herman "Shred" Li on guitar, Ukrainian Vadim Pruzhanov on keyboards, English-born New Zealander Sam Totman on guitars, and Italian Gee Anzalone on drums. Former members include South African vocalist ZP Theart, English bassist Adrian Lambert, and Scottish drummer Dave "Compact Dynamo" Mackintosh.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • The Global Guardians, from the Global Guardians PBEM Universe are more or less this, depending on their lineup. The final lineup included a French-Canadian, a Greek, a Kenyan, a Norwegian, a Costa Rican, and four Americans.
  • The Vindicators of the Whateley Universe. Their current line-up includes a Swede, a Dane, a Belgian, a Canadian, and two Americans. For that matter, Pan-Asia, which is made up of Whateley Academy students from all over Asia, including Japan, China, and Vietnam.