Million Dollar Crocodile

Million Dollar Crocodile is a Chinese action horror-thriller film released in 2012

In the film, a young boy named Xiao and his 26-foot-long crocodile, Amao, live on a crocodile farm with their family. Due to a drop-off in business, however, Xiao's father has to sell all of the crocs, including Amao, to a gangster who intends to slaughter the reptiles and make meals out of them. Amao escapes—eating a purse filled with 1 million in the process—and is unleashed on a small town and proceeds to eat everyone in its path. The purse belongs to a vengeful woman who is about to be married; she hires a group of hunters to kill the beast.

The film was released dubbed and direct-to-video in the United States under the title, Croczilla.

The film includes the following tropes:

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