Mikey Insanity is the head of Planetman Entertainment and a member of CRITIC TV. His site is [[http://planetmanentertainment.wordpress.com/ here]] & his Blip page is [[http://blip.tv/planetman-entertainment here]].


* {{Crossover}}:
** He reviews Film/GalaxyOfTerror with LC and SharkWayne
** He reviews ''Film/AlmightyThor'' with TheOmega.
** He reviews ''Princess of Mars'' with [[WebVideo/WarningReadersAdvisory Derek the Bard]].
** He reviews ''Hobgoblins 2'' with [[Website/TheAgonyBooth Mr. Mendo]].
* DeadPanSnarker
* OnlySaneMan: On [[WebVideo/RBGProductions Spazz's]] community streams, Mikey fills this role in the call