Megumi Matsumoto [松元 恵] is a Japanese voice actress hailing from Kyushu. She tends to voice little boys and {{Kid Hero}}es. Her roles include Kazuhiro Mitogawa in ''GaReiZero'', Robin in ''LeChevalierDEon'', and as Kouya Marino in ''CrushGearTurbo''. She does play against type, though.

It is to be understood that she has many namesakes, and so we will just refer to her.

* Kokoroyomi-kun in ''GakuenAlice''
* Daiki Tomita in ''VisualNovel/HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi''
* Kouya Marino in ''CrushGearTurbo''
* Kunikida in ''SuzumiyaHaruhi''
* Yuki in ''StarOcean'' ''EX''
* Suzuri Uchida in ''{{Rideback}}''
* Kazuhiro Mitogawa in ''GaReiZero''
* Robin in ''LeChevalierDEon''