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Mega Man Time Tangent
An updated line up...very classic looking
Mega Man Time Tangent aka Mega Man TT: The Fight for History!! // Rockman TT: Fight for History!! (ロックマン TT: 歴史のための戦い!!) was a fan-made Mega Man game that was being created by Mexican Sunflower. As of December 6, 2012, the project has been cancelled, but the soundtrack that was made for it will be released at the GAAM Show on December 7, 2013.

Here is a link to the news and update site and the art can now be found at here. The dev team will now use those links to showcase ideas and assets they had for the game.


  • Creative Differences: Due to recent developments apparently things have been altered or changed a lot between the creators.
  • Development Hell: Currently due to those creative differences, the game is now on hold until things can be agreed upon.
    • It has resumed, now that Mexican Sunflower took the reins of the project and assembled his own team. Whether it will be finished currently remains unknown.
  • What Could Have Been: Due to recent changes by Mexican Sunflower there were several removals, redesigns, and additions to the Robot Master line up.
    • Mage Woman, Sprint Man, Auger Man, Kevlar Man, Gryphon Man, Neuro Man, and Nova Man were all removed and replaced by Gale Man, Forest Man, Ignite Man, Nebula Man, Boost Man, Templar Man and Shock Man.
      • Apparently a redesign took place -> Gryphon became Gale, Neuro became Nebula, Sprint became Boost, Nova became Ignite, Mage got gender swamped into Templar, and Flood Man just got a total overhaul while Auger was totally replaced with Forest.
    • The game itself. It's been cancelled.
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