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Mega Man Maximum
You know you're scared of this bunch...

A Mega Man fan game created by ~hfnb2 from Deviant Art, it was his goal to make a new game similar to Mega Man 9 but when 10 came out he decided to diverge a little bit.

Here is a link to the Deviant Art page it all started on.


  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Kunai Man's stage with all the killer daggers, spikes, and his own Kunai Daggers.
  • Action Girl: Genie Woman and maybe Pearl Woman.
  • Animal Mecha: It is a Mega Man game after all.
  • Barrier Warrior: Pearl Woman with her Pearl Shield & Shot.
  • Deflector Shields: Pearl Shield seems to do this in all the pictures.
  • Development Hell: So far the last update was back in October of 2010.
  • Cram School: Bell Man's level is actually a Cram School for prepping for college students by it's design. Killer Pencils and teacher bots and all.
  • Fan Nick Name: Pearl Woman was jokingly called Oyster Woman when her artwork first went up in pencil, this was corrected by ~hfbn2 later with his official update to the picture when he added color.
  • Genie in a Bottle: Genie Woman comes from a lamp.
  • Gimmick Level: Fool Man's level appears to be this with spring-bouncers.
  • Hypno Trinket: Bell Man's Hypno Bell counts.
  • Inconveniently Placed Conveyor Belt: Rope Man has several rope-themed moving structures you must ride to get past obstacles.
  • Jungle Japes: Ape Man's stage is suppose to be a deep jungle forest possible in Africa.
  • Maniac Monkeys: Ape Man's level is full of crazy apes, monkeys, and simians.
  • Shock and Awe: Voltage Woman and her power plant level.
  • Shifting Sand Land: Genie Woman's stage appears to have part desert and part Arabian Palace.
  • Tentacle Rope: Rope Man's Rope Whip can lasso and do damage!?
  • Under the Sea: Pearl Woman's level is some kind of deep-sea or beach side factory of some sort.
  • Wutai: Kunai Man's level is set inside a pagoda and ninja-style town.
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