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Mary Grant Bruce
Mary Grant Bruce (1878-1958) was an Australian writer. She is best remembered as the writer of the Billabong series of books, which take place on an idealised yet typically Australian cattle station.

Her works provide examples of:

  • Dead Guy Junior: Bruce's son, Patrick, was named after her brother. Tragically, both Patricks died at roughly the same age (approximately 12), both in accidental shootings.
  • Write What You Know: The author grew up on her grandparents' station in Victoria, after going to live there when her mother died. She lived in England and Ireland during the First World War, as did the Linton family of her Billabong books.

The Billabong books:
  • A Little Bush Maid (1910)
  • Mates at Billabong (1911)
  • Norah of Billabong (1913)
  • From Billabong to London (1915)
  • Jim and Wally (1916)
  • Captain Jim (1919)
  • Back to Billabong (1921)
  • Billabong's Daughter (1924)
  • Billabong Adventures (1927)
  • Bill of Billabong (1931)
  • Billabong's Luck (1933)
  • Wings Above Billabong (1935)
  • Billabong Gold (1937)
  • Son of Billabong (1939)
  • Billabong Riders (1942)

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