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Marvelous Bob
A Super Hero prose story written by webcomic writer Michael Buonauro. It's a positive deconstruction of the superhero genre, written in a loose style. Rather than chapters, the story was presented in a series of loosely connected vignettes, which could be read in any order.

Buonauro committed suicide the day after his 25th birthday. At the time, Marvelous Bob was still incomplete, but a majority of the story had been written. His parents took the Web site down and began attempts to make the story into a movie.

In the universe in which Marvelous Bob takes place, the world was perfectly normal until one day, people around the world mysteriously began to get superpowers. Bob was the first, and is arguably the most powerful.

Some people's powers are extremely specific. Bob's arch-nemesis, for example, has the superpower of "being able to defeat Marvelous Bob".
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