Martial Arts Uniform
Not everyone can kick this high. But someone with a Martial Arts Uniform can!

The East, a land of culture, of beauty, and of numerous martial arts. These forms of combat are well known throughout the world, and are respected by many. But we're not here just to talk about martial arts, no, we're here to discuss the uniforms the martial artists use, the clothes that make you say "That guy/girl knows ______".

This trope is about characters who are seen wearing these uniforms at one point or another at ANY point in series. Hell, even background characters count. Keep in mind, the characters don't have to wear these uniforms at all times (although some do), they just have to wear them once to be an example.

This trope is often invoked when a show wants to bring generic martial arts enemies or when a writer wants to show how or why someone is so good at fighting.

Often identified as keikogi, judogi, karategi, dobok, etc. Truth in Television for a large number of martial arts, though not all of them use the "white suit" most often seen.

NOTE: The uniform can be from a totally made-up (or even alien) martial art, as long as the character is wearing the uniform and not his normal clothes. Another thing is that the people wearing these don't have to be martial artists. They could just be pretending, although this is uncommon.

Compare Martial Arts Headband.


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  • One Fruit Loops commercial has Toucan Sam's nephews in Gis.

    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • In an Archie Comics story, Mr. Weatherbee opposes Archie's new school karate club. He changes his mind after Archie, as a result of the usual klutzy clothes-ruining mishap, lends him a Karate outfit in which to walk home, which ends up saving Weatherbee from a mugging because the crooks assume that if he's wearing the outfit, he must be able to kick their asses.
    • There's actually a decent amount of examples from Archie Comics, although most are played for laughs, like the one where Archie is tossed by a much smaller girl. There was also a story where Betty was wearing a karate gi to make the kids she was baby-sitting think she was an expert.
  • There's the Kung Fu Fighter comic series in which the titular character, among others, wears a karate gi for most of the series. Oddly enough, he started out as a thief trying to rob the school where he eventually trained!
  • The DCU Karate Kid wears a slightly altered version.
  • Shang Chi, among others, from the Master Of Kung Fu comic series.
  • Wonder Woman in this comic.

  • In the film Bloodsport there are a few characters who wear a Gi, or something similar to a Gi.
    • In the sequels there's another few characters who wear Gis.
  • In the film Dragon Princess}, there's a few people who wear Gis as well.
  • The movie Fighter in the Wind is based on the real-life Martial Artist, Mas Oyama, and follows the things he did when he went into the mountains to train in Karate. The movie follows him as he goes around the country, fighting masters of each martial art, and defeating them to show his skill.


    Live Action TV 
  • There are a couple of sitcoms that briefly show a young girl with a gi and a yellow or orange belt under a jacket, generally to show how harried and busy the mom that drives them back and forth is, rather than any martial arts ability on the kid's part.
  • Seinfeld: Kramer wore one while taking karate lessons. He dominated the class, because the other students were all 10 year olds. ("But we're at the same skill level.") Then they saw Elaine just push him down and they all ganged up on him in a Dark Alley.
  • Katoya makes his students wear an alien version of these in an episode of Farscape. Except, of course, for Scorpius.
  • In a In Living Color! skit, Jim Carrey is performing as "martial arts master". When he asks his students to stab him, he fails at blocking and is stabbed repeatedly.
  • The Babylon 5 episode "TKO" features an alien martial arts tournament in which the combatants wear gi-style uniforms.
  • When Beakman's World tackled breaking boards, both Lester and Phoebe donned martial arts gis. Lester's had a black belt (actually, it was a white belt; he just never washed it), while Phoebe came by her green belt more honestly (as did her actress.)
  • Kickin' It's karate students generally wear wasabi-green T-shirts under their gis. They also take "not wearing them all the time" to the logical limit, spending quite a lot of time hanging around the dojo in street clothes.
  • The Star Trek: The Original Series episode, "Charlie X", we saw Kirk and others wear a Starfleet 23rd century variant.

    New Media 

    Newspaper Comics 

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The incredibly over AJW star Chigusa would wear one as her entrance attire, but wrestled in traditional boots with a singlet.
  • Vladimir Kozlov would wear a red martial arts uniform as a face in reference to the sambo and kickboxing championships he won before entering professional wrestling.
  • Kung Fu Naki wore one during much of Mr. Sho's time using that particular gimmick.
  • Dr. Dory Funk Jr. debuted on !Bang! TV wearing a gi.

    Video Games 


    Web Games 

    Western Animation 
  • Jonny Quest TOS episode "The Dragons of Ashida": Race Bannon wears a white gi during his judo matches with Dr. Ashida and Sumi.
  • Samurai Jack
  • In Family Guy, the episode where Lois joins Jiu-Jitsu has her wearing one and going on a power-hungry rampage.
  • Batman: The Animated Series
    • "Night of the Ninja" and "Day of the Samurai"
    • The New Batman Adventures had the episode "Sins of the Father" where the new Robin is training with Bruce and Barbara at the end of the episode.
  • In the episode of South Park when the boys buy weapons and pretend to be ninjas, Stan's alter ego is wearing one.
  • In Futurama, when Bender becomes a pro wrestler, Leela has flashbacks to when did Karate. She ends up facing her old master after a slight plot twist.
  • In Kim Possible, when Ron is transferred to Japan, he ends up becoming a Ninja. The Ninja uniforms actually look a lot like Gi's here.
  • There's a few instances in Johnny Bravo.
  • In Arthur, Sue Ellen wears these for Taekwondo.
  • In T.U.F.F. Puppy, Kitty wears this in "Purrfect Partners" which is the pilot episode.