Mario Vargas Llosa

Mario Vargas Llosa (born 1936) is a Peruvian writer, politician and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. He is a firm believer of Write What You Know and tends to do the research of the subject he’s writing about.

His critics still debate whether he is a modernist or postmodernist. Better not to get caught in the middle.

Some of his books have been adapted to the big screen.

He started being a leftist person, and even supported Castro’s government, before he became disillusioned with his dictatorship. Since then, he has allied with more centre-right politics. He competed for the presidency of his country in the early ‘90s, but was defeated by the Ensemble Dark Horse Alberto Fujimori note .

He’s also the guy who said that Mexico “is the perfect dictatorship.” Of course, that was back then in 1990. He also got in a fight with his once-friend Gabriel García Márquez for some reason and they haven’t spoken to each other since then.

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