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[[caption-width-right:250:"[[PreAsskickingOneLiner Get away from her, you]] '''[[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch BITCH!]]'''"]]

->''She is wedded to convictions—in default of grosser ties; \\
Her contentions are her children, Heaven help him who denies!— \\
He will meet no suave discussion, but the instant, white-hot, wild, \\
Wakened female of the species warring as for spouse and child.''
-->-- '''Creator/RudyardKipling''', [[MoreDeadlyThanTheMale "The Female of the Species"]]

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Bears usually won't attack humans -- but get [[CubCuesProtectiveParent between a mother bear and her cub]], and [[BearsAreBadNews she'll tear straight through you]]. Threaten her [[{{Protectorate}} children]], and you are in for a world of hurt. Righteous awesomeness will ensue, and the heroine reclaims her child with a tearful embrace.

Oftentimes, when a previously perceived meek mother (or MyBelovedSmother) goes into this mode, it's her CrowningMomentOfAwesome. Heaven help you if an ActionMom or even a TeamMom invokes this trope. If you think a normal MamaBear is scary, hell hath no fury like a MotherlyScientist with access to OneManArmy levels of weaponry/technology/money/superpowers to protect her children. It can lead to a DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu moment.

Losing her child may cause a StartOfDarkness into villainy or AntiHero-dom... anything if it will [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge get her revenge]], and not just on her own enemy but on anyone who would inflict this same pain on others.

The SpearCounterpart is referred to as PapaWolf rather than "Papa Bear". {{Disneyfication}} aside, male bears are notoriously poor parents in the animal kingdom (infanticide among bears is the main reason why mama bears are so protective in the first place), whereas male (and female) wolves will react to their offspring being threatened in a very similar manner to mother bears.

Sometimes overlaps with ApronMatron and PregnantBadass. It can be a cause of LetsGetDangerous, showing that the sweet and caring mother figure is dangerous. They may be a KnightTemplarParent. Provides a simultaneously simple and believable way to switch someone between dangerous and [[{{Moe}} more "cute"]] modes without compromising the character as either. After all, if ItsPersonal then the claws come out.

If an older sibling is the one who takes up the role, s/he is a case of BigBrotherInstinct / BigSisterInstinct. For a teacher who behaves like a Mama Bear if their students are threatened, see BadassTeacher.

Related to BewareTheNiceOnes and BerserkButton. See also the non-human counterpart, MonsterIsAMommy. Not to be confused with BearsAreBadNews (unless you're dealing with a ''literal'' MamaBear). The ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend is a much younger form of this trope that applies when the mate is in danger. Evil characters can use this too; after all, EvenEvilHasLovedOnes. A particular Subtrope is the BadassAndChildDuo which can take the form of a female badass protecting an orphaned, unrelated young child, [[PapaWolf though male badasses]] are also common. Also compare CubCuesProtectiveParent for examples from the animal kingdom.

Remember when adding examples that this is a female-only trope. The male equivalent is [[PapaWolf "Papa Wolves"]] so all {{Spear Counterpart}}s should be placed there. When MamaBear and PapaWolf team up, it's a BattleCouple and all pairs should be placed there. ParentsInDistress is the inversion, when Mama needs to be bailed out by the kids. If she has a Mama Bear of her own, it's a good idea to NeverMessWithGranny.

Also, remember that this this trope is ''mama'' bear, so it is not about being protective of one's friends, unless of course it is something like an IntergenerationalFriendship or TeamMom. In that case, it is okay. Otherwise, don't do it. Tropes about helping friends should go to AFriendInNeed, ThePowerOfFriendship etc.

This trope is TruthInTelevision, and universal.

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* In ''Manhwa/CielTheLastAutumnStory'' Teresa is very concerned about her daughter Yvienne's well-being, and she's got the intimidating physique to back it up.

* Diss Reba [=McEntire=], I dare you; [[http://www.facebook.com/TerriClark/posts/144819435568883 Terri Clark will take your face off]]
* A [[BearsAreBadNews literal]] MamaBear appears in Music/{{mothy}}'s [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgL5xXH5zEM "Moonlit Bear"]], in which the protagonist, [[UnreliableNarrator Eve]] (portrayed by [[Music/{{Vocaloid}} Miku]]), steals two "apples" from a bear, which then proceeds to chase her through the forest. Turns out that [[spoiler:the MamaBear is a human mother after all, and the two "apples" are actually her twin children, whom she is desperate to retrieve. Out of fear as well as her desire to have children of her own since hers are deceased, Eve ends up murdering the "bear"]].

[[folder: Mythology & Religion]]
* Persephone's mother Demeter, goddess of the harvest, refuses to allow any growth of crops until her daughter is returned to her from the Underworld, resulting in many mortal deaths. Made more interesting in that Persephone's kidnapper/husband is also her uncle, Demeter's younger brother Hades, and that in several versions Perephone was ''not'' kidnapped, but actually ''eloped'' with him to put herself beyond [[MyBelovedSmother her mom's reach]].
** Invoked quite literally in one story by Zeus. One of his numerous paramours was turned into a bear by Hera (or Artemis, depending who you ask), with one of the added benefits if it was Hera being that either the woman or her son would kill the other. So how does Zeus save both of them? By ''turning the son into a bearcub.''
* Durga from Myth/HinduMythology. She is a nurturing mother goddess, but she is also a ''very'' [[ActionMom powerful warrior]]. As TheBerserker Kali, she takes this to a dangerous extreme.
* Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. According to legend, she regards all the volcanic rocks on the shores of the Big Island to be her children, and will inflict a horrible curse on any tourist who dares to take one of the rocks home with them as a souvenir.
* Primordial Greek goddess of darkness Nyx, according to Homer, to the extent that Zeus was afraid of incurring her wrath by harming her son, Hypnos.
* According to [[Literature/TheBible Proverbs 17:12]], it is "better to meet a mother bear robbed of her cubs than a fool in his folly." [N.I.V.] Quite possibly the UrExample.
** A literal example occurs in 2 Kings 2:23-24, as the prophet Elisha is going from Jericho to Bethel after Elijah ascends to heaven in a fiery chariot, some young men mock him for his baldness and tell him to go up; Elisha calls for a curse, and two female bears attack forty-two of the youths immediately afterwards.

[[folder: Newspaper Comics]]
* ''ComicStrip/RoseIsRose'' played this trope completely straight with a Sunday strip, featuring Rose transformed into a "Mama Bear" to symbolize her overprotective nature before she meets Pasquale's new babysitter. However, Rose relaxes when she opens the door she finds that the prospective sitter is apparently a MamaBear as well.
* ''ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}}'': [[FanNickname The Dilmom]] frequently gives her son a hard time, but she [[http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2013-09-14/ does take exception]] to [=MIBs=] making noises about executing him.
* ''ComicStrip/TheFarSide'':
-->"Tragedy struck when Conroy, his mind preoccupied with work, stepped into the elevator -- directly between a female grizzly and her cub."
** In another example, two of Larson's typical "dumb kid" types are playing catch [[TooDumbToLive with a live grizzly bear cub]]...unaware that the mother is coming up ''right behind them''. The caption sums it up: "And no one ever heard from the Anderson brothers again."

[[folder: Roleplaying Games]]
* ''Roleplay/DinoAttackRPG'' has Sarah Bishop. She even got a moment homaging the climax of ''Film/{{Aliens}}''. At the same time, however, Sarah Bishop is partially a deconstruction. She is (understandably) concerned about her daughter being in a war zone, but her own AdultFear made her completely psychotic to the point that many players expressed genuine fear of her. This same thing also broke her psychologically once the war was finally over [[HeelRealization and she'd realized what she had done]].

[[folder: Tabletop Games ]]
* ''TabletopGame/UnknownArmies'' has the Mother archetype. High-level Avatars of the Mother get huge bonuses in combat when they're either defending a child, or pregnant. The phrase "mama bear" even shows up in the rulebook description of their second Avatar channel.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Munchkin}}'' invokes this with the "Mommy" card. When someone is in combat with a weaker monster or one that's been turned into a Baby, you can play this card to summon the monster's mother, who is ten levels higher. And woe is you if the Baby + Mommy combo is applied on a Lv. 20 Plutonium Dragon...
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''
** 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D
*** ''Monster Manual''. When a pair of mated dragons had offspring, any attack on the young dragons caused the [[PapaWolf father]] and mother to attack the intruders with a ferocity bonus of +2 to hit and +1/+3 on clawing/biting damage.
*** ''Monster Manual II''. If a female cheetah's cubs are threatened, she will attack at a +2 to hit and do +2 HitPoints damage per attack.
*** Judges Guild ''The Dungeoneer'' magazine #18 "Monster Matrix". If its young are threatened, a female Jinx Cat gains +4 to hit for three combat rounds and +2 thereafter.
*** Mayfair Games' Role Aids supplement ''Lizardmen''. When female lizardmen are guarding the eggs in the hatchling pool, they fight as level 3 fighters (instead of their normal level 1), a bonus given the by the lizardman deity Rega.
*** ''Magazine/{{Dungeon}}'' magazine #18 adventure "Crocodile Tears". A female wana (50 foot long crocodile) has buried its eggs underground and is resting nearby. If the {{PC}}s try to dig up the eggs she will attack them with great ferocity.
*** ''Magazine/{{Dungeon}}'' magazine #38 adventure "Things That Go Bump in the Night". The firbolg giantess Lieulg is very protective of her twin sons. If the {{PC}}s attack her sons in front of her she will become enraged and attack them with a +2 bonus on her "to hit" and damage rolls.
** The [[http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/MM35_gallery/MM35_PG138.jpg Grey Render]] is a huge monstrosity with a penchant for "adopting" small creatures of other species (even ones it would normally eat), to whom it will thereafter bring food and protection. And if you dare so much as look at them funny, ''it will tear you down'' like the squishy little piece of meat you are and share your body with its protegés.
** Gynosphinxes, the sole female subrace of sphinx, prefers an androsphinx mate, disliking the dimwitted criosphinxes who try to woo them by bribery, and avoiding the [[AlwaysChaoticEvil vile hieracosphinx]] who [[ChildByRape doesn't bother with any pleasantries.]] Nonetheless, a gynosphinx will defend her cubs to the death, regardless of who the father was.
** Gargantua are gigantic reptilian (usually) beasts (think {{Kaiju}}/{{Franchise/Godzilla}}) found on tropical islands in the [[ForgottenRealms Kara-Tur]] setting. Normally, [[GentleGiant they shy away from humans]], but threaten their offspring and you won't live to regret it. Angry gargantua have been known to travel ''thousands'' of miles and swim entire oceans to find humans who have harmed their young.
** The 3rd Edition Splat book ''Tyrants of the Nine Hells'' gives a strange example; [[HornyDevils erinyes and their evolved form, brachina]], the only devils who can bear children (other than unique female devils) are said to be ''fiercely'' protective of their offspring, raising them in hidden and well-guarded enclaves in parts of Hell that are the most hostile to beings other than devils.
* In ''TabletopGame/{{GURPS}} Bestiary'', a sidebar makes it very clear why you shouldn't get between a mother animal and her young.
-->Mothers protecting their young are the fiercest foes on Earth, and probably anywhere else for that matter. Mother animals know no fear, are quick to feel threatened, take offense easily, and will attack viciously, giving no quarter.
* ''Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game'' (SAGA System) Adventure 3 ''Fantastic Four: Fantastic Voyages''. In the adventure "Wild at Heart", a monster emerges from the earth in a small town and starts destroying the place. If the heroes don't subdue the creature quickly enough, a much larger monster appears and starts searching for the smaller one - it's the smaller monster's mother. If the heroes have hurt its child it will go berserk, trying to destroy anyone and anything it can see.
* Creator/{{Chaosium}}'s generic RPG supplement ''All the Worlds' Monsters''
** Female bears and tigers: if cubs are attacked, they fight at +2 to hit.
** Elder Daughters of Kali do double damage to anyone attacking her children.
* ''TabletopGame/TheMorrowProject''. Female bears and pigs are noted as being especially protective of their young and prone to attack if they are threatened.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Champions}}'' Organization Book ''The Circle and M.E.T.E.'', adventure "The Hatching". The M.E.T.E. (Metropolitan Extra Terrestrial Enclave) receives a large spherical object (called Case 39) that was found in a national park. The object eventually hatches out an alien BlobMonster which goes on a rampage. Three months later the alien's mother shows up and tries to rescue its child, and heaven help any superhero that gets in its way.
* ''TabletopGame/StarFleetBattles''. The interstellar monsters known as Space Dragons sometimes ravage inhabited worlds. If a ship gets between a Space Dragon mother and its child, the mother will change course, move toward the ship and attack it.
* ''Encounter Critical'' supplement ''Asteroid 1618''. Inside the Vanishing Pyramid, the {{PC}}s can find eggsacs laid by a GiantSpider. If an eggsac is broken open (from prodding or gunfire) 1-20 baby spiders will emerge and attack the {{PC}}s. If {{PC}}s kill any of them, the mother spider will smell the babies' blood on the {{PC}}s, track them down relentlessly and ferociously attack them, doing double damage.
* ''TabletopGame/HollowEarthExpedition'' main rules sample adventure. When the {{PC}}s first arrive in the Hollow Earth they will encounter a herd of triceratops, including a mother and her child. If the {{PC}}s get too close, the mother will charge them, and if they attack the child, she will become enraged.
* [[http://www.sarna.net/wiki/Aletha_Kabrinski Khan Aletha Kabrinski]] of [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Clan]] Ghost Bear in ''TabletopGame/BattleTech'' demonstrated her Mama Bear credentials when Clan Blood Spirit dared to attack an unarmed Ghost Bear ship full of retreating civilians, killing thousands while they were helpless in the ship. An enraged Kabrinski ordered ''every single vessel she had'' to attack the enemy flagship, including her own warship, regardless of the risk. Kabrinski and her Ghost Bears then tore the Blood Spirit's 810,000-ton heavy battlecruiser to pieces within ''minutes.'' Then there was the time that [[ChurchMilitant Word of Blake]] threatened Ghost Bear holdings, suicide-bombed their previous Khan, and attacked civilians with NBC weapons. Kabrinski led Ghost Bear forces to personally grind anything and everything between her and the Word of Blake into paste--even Draconis Combine forces who were also fighting the Blakists were trampled underfoot by a wave of angry Ghost Bears led by the de-facto Mama Ghost Bear.
* ''TabletopGame/Varanae'' generic RPG supplement ''Monstrum 1''. Cerberus are a type of three-headed dogs. Parents will fight to the death to protect their young.
* ''SmashUp'': One of the factions introduced in the ''What Were We Thinking?'' expansion pack is the Grannies. It has an action card called "Get Away From My Babies!", which protects all of the player's minions from other player's cards. The art on the card features an elderly lady fearlessly beating away a werewolf with her HandbagOfHurt.

* Kim from ''Theatre/MissSaigon'' [[spoiler:shoots her own cousin who tries to kill her illegitimate son by an American GI]], yelling "I have no other choice, what I must do I will!" as she does so. A lot of people remember the part as a defining moment for Kim, especially with her screaming "YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY CHILD!"
* The interpretation of Umbridge in ''Theatre/AVeryPotterSequel'' likes to consider herself a mama bear InUniverse -- ""It's your Mama Umbridge's job to keep her baby bears safe!" However, she doesn't actually fulfill this role and just embarrasses the girls.
* Invoked in a DreamSequence in ''Theatre/DreamGirl'' to prove that Georgina's killing of Clark Redfield in cold-blood was a justified act of self-defense:
-->"For what was this novel of hers that Clark Redfield sought to annihilate with the cruel strokes of his sharp-edged tongue and stabbing wit? It was her baby, ladies and gentlemen, the child of her spirit, as real to her and as dear to her as though it had been, indeed, the flesh-and-blood creation of her body. For it was conceived in the beautiful ecstasy of spiritual passion, nurtured for long months in the dark, secret recesses of her soul, brought forth in an agony of travail. And as it lay nestling in her bosom, so to speak, Clark Redfield struck at it with his lethal weapon! And with the noble, unerring instinct of outraged maternity, she struck back--struck back at the would-be assassin of her baby. Could any mother, could any woman do less?"

[[folder:Urban Legends]]
* The Small Woman in Grey is an old story about a woman trying to protect her newborn child at all costs. It usually starts at a convenience store in Midwest United States. Two guys run a small store. One night, a woman comes in, dressed all in grey, takes a glass container of milk from the dairy case, and leaves without paying for it. The two guys are frozen for a moment at the audacity of such a shoplifter, and when they run out the door after her, she's gone. Two days later, it happens again, the woman comes in, takes a bottle of milk, and leaves without paying. The third time this happens, they're ready, chasing after her, down the street, until the eventually lose her. But then they find a small cemetery they had never noticed before, and hear a baby crying. Following the cries, they come upon a fresh grave, where the headstone indicates that it holds a woman and her baby, who died together, possibly via miscarriage. And the crying is coming from it. Not knowing what else to do, they find shovels, and did up the coffin. Inside, they find the woman's dead body, holding a very living infant, along with three empty milk bottles. Whoever had interred the two had incorrectly declared the baby dead, [[BuriedAlive burying it alive,]] and its mother had defied death to feed it until this was discovered.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* [[spoiler:Misty Fey]] from ''Franchise/AceAttorney'' [[spoiler: totes around a sword-cane and swears to do anything necessary to keep her remaining daughter Maya safe (the eldest one, Mia, had been already killed), up to and including Morgan's death, or her own. The latter comes to pass when she deliberately channels Dahlia's murderous spirit so little Pearl won't be able to, and "Dahlia" gets killed while trying and failing to bring her plan about.]]
* ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'':
** In Episode 1, Natsuhi Ushiromiya banishes the two remaining servants, the family doctor, and her niece Maria because she suspects them of being murderers and wants to protect her daughter Jessica. This does not end well. She also fights the Golden Witch Beatrice in a duel, although you might call that a subversion: the desire to protect daughter and gun not equal to ability to defeat 1000-year-old sadistic witch. The trope name itself is referenced during the proceedings.
** In its second arc, Rosa Ushiromiya does the same thing as her sister-in-law Natsuhi in order to protect her daughter Maria. (Even more noticeable since Rosa is an AbusiveParent as well). Furthermore, at the very end of that gameboard, the last twilight begins, and [[KillEmAll golden butterflies and goat-headed servants are released to eat all remaining humans on the island.]] Rosa, in one of the most badass scenes in the whole game/anime, take on the goats with [[EyeScream fountain pens to the eyes]] and gunshots at close range. She manages to take out three before [[spoiler:they both die]].
*** Taken further in the final game installation, [=EP8=]. [[spoiler:Erika]], darling, never ''ever'' [[KickTheDog tell poor little Maria that her mommy doesn't love her]]. Because said mommy will not only flip her shit at that, but [[spoiler:''fucking shove a rifle down your throat''.]] Don't say we didn't warn you.
* [[spoiler:Hanako Ikezawa]]'s [[MissingMom deceased mother]] in ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo''. As she and a little [[spoiler:Hanako]] were trapped in [[spoiler:a fatal fire]] that decimated their house and had already claimed the family patriarch's life, she chose to protect her child by [[spoiler:shielding her with her own body and ''burning to death'']] rather than letting the poor kid die. And even when the kid [[spoiler: was [[BrokenBird mentally]] and [[TwoFaced physically]] scarred]], it worked.