A show with a number of reports on particular subjects (e.g., current events, entertainment, bungee jumping) interspersed with links by presenters (who appear in the reports).

This may be a children's show, as in ''Series/BluePeter'', or a news magazine such as ''Series/SixtyMinutes'' or ''Series/TwentyTwenty''. VoiceoverClipShow can often be a subtrope.

See also: print-media {{Magazines}}.
* ''Series/SixtyMinutes'' (CBS)
* ''Series/TwentyTwenty'' (ABC)
* ''AllThingsConsidered'' (NPR)
* ''Series/BluePeter'' (BBC)
* ''Series/{{Dateline}} '' (NBC)
* ''Series/EntertainmentTonight'' (syndicated)
* ''Inside Edition'' (syndicated)
* ''Magazine/MotorWeek'' (PBS)
* ''Nick News'' (Nickelodeon)
* ''RockCenter'' (NBC)
* ''SundayMorning'' (CBS)
* ''Radio/ThisAmericanLife'' (PRI)
* ''Series/TopGear'' (BBC)
** ''Series/TopGearUS'' (History)