Many HeavyMetal fans and musicians seem to agree that in their genre, lyrics don't matter very much - or rather, that how the lyrics ''sound'' is a lot more important than what the lyrics ''mean''. Thus, a lot of HeavyMetal music has generic, largely meaningless lyrics. Common themes (with some of their standard words) for Mad Lib Metal Lyrics include:

* Religion and [[RockMeAsmodeus Satanism]] in particular: [[CaptainObvious 'Satan']], 'Antichrist', 'damnation', 'Hell', 'sin', 'Sodom', 'Gomorra', and [[Literature/TheBible biblical]] references in general.
** Usually found in: BlackMetal, DeathMetal, ThrashMetal, HeavyMetal
* BodyHorror and {{Gorn}}: 'Body', 'organs', 'flesh', 'ripping', 'corpse', 'blood'.
** Usually found in: DeathMetal, {{Grindcore}}[[note]]Of the goregrind variety.[[/note]]
* HeavyMeta: [[CaptainObvious 'metal']], 'rock', 'guitar', [[HellBentForLeather 'leather']], and a lot of references to [[CoolPeopleRebelAgainstAuthority youthful rebellion]].
** Usually found in: HeavyMetal, PowerMetal, HairMetal
* Psychopathy: 'insane', 'voices', 'mind', 'in [my/your/his] head'. A lot of overlap with {{Angst}} below.
** Usually found in: ProgressiveMetal, NuMetal, MelodicDeathMetal, ThrashMetal
* Warfare (modern): 'napalm', 'machine gun', 'total war', 'nuclear', 'holocaust'.
** Usually found in: ThrashMetal, HeavyMetal
* Warfare (ancient): 'hero', 'warrior', 'sword', 'shield', 'honour', 'kingdom', 'battle'. Overlaps with...
** Usually found in: PowerMetal, HeavyMetal, FolkMetal
* HeavyMithril: 'dragon', 'beast', 'quest', 'prophecy', '[mythological figure]'
** Usually found in: PowerMetal, SymphonicMetal, FolkMetal, BlackMetal
* RatedMForManly / TestosteronePoisoning: 'strong', 'power', 'stand', 'rise', 'true', 'destroy', 'burning', 'almighty'
** Usually found in: GrooveMetal, {{Metalcore}}, ThrashMetal, DeathMetal, HeavyMetal, BlackMetal
* {{Angst}}: 'pain', 'scars", 'hell', 'bottom', 'hollow', 'hate', 'hurt', 'inside', 'bleed', 'alone', 'sorrow'
** Usually found in: NuMetal, DoomMetal, MelodicDeathMetal, ThrashMetal, {{Metalcore}}

Note that, except HeavyMeta, all these themes have violence, death and [[WorldOfHam hamminess]] in common. Also, metal lyrics about any of these themes are not necessarily Mad Lib Metal Lyrics - this trope is about ''generic'' and ''meaningless'' metal lyrics.

The popularity of different themes varies across metal subgenres: the "traditional" metal of the [[TheSeventies late seventies]] and [[TheEighties early eighties]] mostly uses HeavyMeta. ThrashMetal loves modern warfare [[note]]no, not [[VideoGame/ModernWarfare the game trilogy]][[/note]], as well as Satanism (but not as much as BlackMetal) and {{Gorn}} (but not as much as DeathMetal). Ancient warfare and HeavyMithril mostly show up in PowerMetal and FolkMetal.

This trope is about lyrics, but the same pattern often shows up in band, album and song names.

'''[[TropesAreTools This is not necessarily a bad thing.]]''' Many {{Metal Head}}s will freely admit that their favourite bands' lyrics aren't very original or thought-provoking, but still enjoy the music a lot; as stated before, many just don't think lyrics are very important.

Of course, while the fans generally don't pay much attention to Mad Lib Metal Lyrics, MoralGuardians often do - and then have a heart attack.

Compare WordSaladLyrics, which mean even less, but pretend to mean more.

This trope's examples are far too numerous to list; a few examples for explanatory purposes will do.


* Too many songs by Music/{{Venom}} to list.
* A lot of Music/{{Slayer}} songs, including "The Antichrist".
* BlackMetal

[[AC:Religious Imagery]]
* "Creeping Death" by Music/{{Metallica}}
* "Black Sabbath" and "After Forever" by Music/BlackSabbath

* "Ripping Corpse" by Kreator.
* "Necrophobic" by Music/{{Slayer}}.
* Anything by Music/CannibalCorpse.
* A lot of early Music/{{Dismember}}, particularly "Skin Her Alive".

* Music/{{Metallica}} usually averts Mad Lib Metal Lyrics, but "Metal Militia" is a fine example of this trope.
* A lot of Saxon songs, most notably "Heavy Metal Thunder".
* "Black Metal" (the [[BlackMetal genre's]] TropeNamer) by Music/{{Venom}}.
* Music/NanowarOfSteel sometimes parodied this with weakly linked, but [[LargeHam strongly screamed]] lines, using either Metal or HeavyMithril themes -- up to a ListSong of metals and alloys.
* Metallica's ''No Life 'til Leather'', presumably a snowclone of Motorhead's ''No Sleep 'til Hammersmith''.
* Most of the songs from {{Music/Sabaton}}'s [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness first album]].

* "Criminally Insane" and "Dead Skin Mask" by Music/{{Slayer}}.
* "Schizoid" by Music/{{Venom}}.
* "Sweating Bullets" by Music/{{Megadeth}}.
* Music/{{Metallica}} has many, be a SanitySlippageSong ("Harvester of Sorrow") or songs that also fit the Angst field above (most of ''Death Magnetic'').

[[AC:Modern warfare]]
* "Fire In The Sky" by Saxon.
* "Chemical Warfare" by Music/{{Slayer}}.
* "Disposable Heroes" and "No Remorse" by Music/{{Metallica}}
* Most of {{Music/Sabaton}}'s catalog.
* Most of {{Music/Sodom}}'s catalog, also
[[AC:Ancient warfare]]
* Most songs by Music/DragonForce; it would be shorter to list the songs that aren't.
* "Blood Is The Price Of Glory" and "Victory Song" by Music/{{Ensiferum}}.
* Almost all of Music/AmonAmarth's songs are about Vikings. Some of them are even based on real events like conquering Ireland.
* It'd probably be easier to list FolkMetal bands which do not indulge in this, than those that do.

* "Deathbringer From The Sky" by Music/{{Ensiferum}}.
* Anything by Music/{{Manowar}} based on Norse mythology that isn't HeavyMeta.