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[[caption-width-right:297:He just described his best friend, Clover.]]

->'''Odette:''' I see him smiling and my knees start buckling. I see inside him and my doubts… are gone.\\
'''Derek:''' She started out as such an ugly duckling, and somehow suddenly became a swan.\\
'''Odette:''' So happy to be here…\\
'''Derek:''' Til now I never knew…\\
'''Both:''' …it is you I've been dreaming of.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheSwanPrincess'' giving us a two-for-one deal

When a character realizes they are in love with another character. This is not when the character [[LoveConfession confesses this love to that other character or anyone else]], but when the character realizes it themselves.

Often this can be when a character had feelings already and realized this has blossomed into love, or when a character has been [[ObliviousToLove in denial about these feelings]] until this moment.

Now this doesn't necessarily lead to a relationship. In fact it can even be when the object of affection is with someone else. If not, this can be a way to add a new dynamic to WillTheyOrWontThey. This is especially the case in BelligerentSexualTension, because the realization will amp up the tension.

Sometimes occurs when the character analyzes his own tendency to the GreenEyedMonster, or [[{{Protectorate}} his protective impluses]], or even [[ThroughHisStomach tendency to feed this person]].

Subtropes include:
* GreenEyedEpiphany: Realizing you like someone because you're jealous of their love interest.
* LoveRevelationEpiphany: Realizing you like someone after finding out ''they'' like ''you''.
* BelatedLoveEpiphany: Realizing you like someone after it's too late.

TheyDo and LastMinuteHookup are the natural extensions of this.

Compare/Contrast LoveAtFirstSight. Not to be confused with having an epiphany while making love.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''BitterVirgin'': In this series, main heroine Hinako is initially convinced that love is not even possible due to her androphobia and past trauma. This results in the sudden realization in chapter 15 being all the more incredible for her.
* ''Manga/InuYasha''
** Kagome has a very obvious one early in the series which leads to her decision to remain by Inuyasha's side no matter how [[ReincarnationRomance difficult]] the LoveTriangle with Kikyou becomes. Inuyasha actually has a quieter one early in the series as well, but when Miroku tells him to make up his mind which girl he's going to settle for, he asks if he can have both of them, summing up the problem with the LoveTriangle. As a result, the love epiphanies do not resolve the relationship, they just ensure the status quo for the majority of the manga.
** Kagura realizes her feelings for Sesshomaru after he saves her from a river, and he realizes his feelings for her after [[spoiler:she dies]].
* Kyo in ''Manga/FruitsBasket'' realizes that he loves Tohru in volume 11 when he finds himself yelling back at Akito for talking badly about her.
** Which, it should be noted, is significant because Akito is [[spoiler: a scary-arse psycho mo-fo, as well as the head of the family, with a sort of supernatural power over all the others suffering the Zodiac curse.]]
** Tohru, meanwhile, begins to truly fall in love with Kyo as early as volume 6, but it doesn't really hit her just how much she loves him until the end of volume 18.
* The ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' manga has this--for several characters. First is [[spoiler: Kaoru]], who realizes he has feelings for Haruhi. Then [[spoiler: Hikaru]] finally sees that he's in love with Haruhi after [[spoiler: Kaoru explains that's why he felt so jealous when Haruhi spoke so kindly about Tamaki]]. Haruhi takes a while longer to finally realize she's in love with [[spoiler: Tamaki]], at first thinking her sudden blushing and being flustered around him were due to a cold. Finally, after over 60 chapters, Tamaki has the revelation that he doesn't love Haruhi as a "father", but that he's actually ''in'' love with her, as a man.
* Winry from ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' has one when she's taking the train away from Central.
* Hinagiku in ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'' has her realization (on her birthday!) on a balcony as Hayate is helping her out with her fear of heights. Not that she was fooling anyone BEFORE that. [[spoiler: Unfortunately for her, just as she finally has the courage to confess to him, Hayate realized that '''he''' still loves his childhood friend Athena. Hina ended up [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy supporting him to reconcile with her instead]]. Which naturally goes nowhere in this series, leaving her still unable to spit it out.]]
* It's hinted that [[spoiler: everyone's favourite jerkass Fakir]] in ''Anime/PrincessTutu'' gets his realization when [[spoiler: he notices that he can write a story for Ahiru but not for Mytho.]]
** A more canonical example is [[spoiler: Rue, realizing she loved Mytho all along ever since she was little.]]
* Kaoru was already crushing pretty hard on ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'' to begin with, so when he [[spoiler: leaves for Kyoto alone and she goes into a HeroicBSOD]], she realizes just how much he means to her.
** Tomoe also has a tragic version when her allies' words cause her to discover that she's fallen InLoveWithTheMark. [[spoiler: This, in turn, causes her HeroicSacrifice.]]
* In the second season of ''Manga/MagicKnightRayearth'', Hikaru has one of these rather abruptly when Nova [[spoiler: her shadow]] reveals that she is in love with Lantis in a dream world. [[spoiler: Hikaru confesses to him as soon as she is pulled out of her dream state and then faints from exhaustion… ''unfortunately she doesn't remember her confession on her second awakening'']]
* In ''Manga/SasamekiKoto'', it is revealed through flashbacks how Sumika fell in love with her best friend Ushio.
** But not before showing how [[spoiler: Ushio is startled by her realization she has feelings for Sumika as well.]]
* In the first season of ''Anime/CodeGeass'' Euphemia has her realization that she's in love with Suzaku--ironically, during the middle of a personal conversation with ''Nina'', [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer who had a hidden crush on Euphemia herself]].
* ''Manga/KimiNiTodoke'' has Sawako realizing she's in love with Kazehaya after TheReveal involving [[spoiler: [[TheRival Kurumi]]]]. Kazehaya himself has been crushing on her for most of the series, [[ShrinkingViolet but Sawako wouldn't be Sawako if she had realized this at any point]].
* Subverted in a late chapter of ''Manga/TheWallflower'' manga, much to the neverending frustration of [[BelligerentSexualTension Kyohei/Sunako]] shippers: it looks like Kyohei has finally realized his feelings for Sunako when he finds himself visualizing her in her "beautiful" form while mediating and subsequently acting flustered when he sees that she's become beautiful in real life. No, his epiphany turns out to be that he loves her ''cooking''.
* Played with in ''Manga/AhMyGoddess''. Skuld suspects that she might love Keiichi, and spends a chapter or two trying to disprove it to herself.
* In ''Anime/EurekaSeven'', Eureka realizes her feelings for Renton upon learning of his departure in episode 24.
** The same thing later happens to [[spoiler:Anemone towards Dominic around the time of his HeelFaceTurn, which leads to a far more serious breakdown for her]].
* ''Manga/GunslingerGirl''. Triela in "Returning to the Birdcage" after discovering Victor Hilshire not only saved her from a SnuffFilm, but became her [[TheHandler handler]] solely to continue protecting her. Triela already knew she had feelings for him, but wasn't sure if this was just the [[{{brainwashed}} conditioning]] that makes [[MoreThanMindControl every cyborg loyal to her handler]].
* ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'': [[spoiler: ''Before'' she and Guts make love]] Casca recounts how she came to the realization that she was in love with Guts a year ago, when he left the Band of the Hawk after defeating Griffith and didn't turn around once, not even when she called out to him. She didn't want to admit the feeling she had because of her pride as a warrior under Griffith, who she thought she was in love with until [[SnowMeansLove that winter day]].
* In volume 16 of ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'' [[spoiler: Misaka is walking through a street street that's deserted due to a people-clearing field comes across a near-dead Touma shambling forward to help the Amakusas fight Acqua of the Back. She tries to stop him, and confronts him about his memories. During the conversation, she realizes her feelings.]]
* Karina has one of these in regards to [[spoiler:Kotetsu]] in the 14th episode of ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'' when she realizes how worked up she's getting over the loss of a towel simply because he gave it to her.
* One of the most tear-jerking scenes in ''LightNovel/{{Toradora}}'' is this. [[spoiler: [[{{Tsundere}} Taiga]] realizes after sending off [[NiceGuy Ryuuji]] to go confess to her best friend that doing so means that she will no longer be able to hang around Ryuuji everyday and that her feelings for him are romantic. Unfortunately, when she runs out the door to stop him, Ryuuji is already gone.]]
* In ''Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross''/''Anime/{{Robotech}}'', Misa Hayase/[[DubNameChange Lisa Hayes]] realizes that she has fallen hard for Lt. Hikaru Ichijo/Rick Hunter after accidentally shooting him down in a 'friendly fire' incident. It takes him a little while longer.
* ''Manga/IWish''
** K is first ''told'' by Wye that he loves Lyu-Jin, because he's [[LookALikeLovers assimilating]] to her, but K brushes it off. A bit later, Lyu-Jin snaps at K for not visiting her while she was stuck in bed with a bad cold and K reiterates that ''he'' was sick at the time, ''too''... and realizes that he is assimilating to her.
** Lyu-Jin takes a bit longer. On her birthday, she has a fight with K and meets up with him later. When she's about to ask the wish he suggested to her, he interrupts her and asks if she is hungry and wants to eat. In tears, Lyu-Jin realizes that K loves her and that she feels the same.
** The chapters depicting Seven's past with Lyu-Ui as his master show that Seven didn't realize he actually loved [[spoiler:Lyu-Ui]] until said person has died and, due to belonging to an alien race, Seven's heart breaks.
* Ren of ''Manga/SkipBeat'' realizes he loves Kyoko at a very bad time. He's driving his car, waiting at a red light for it to change and, upon realizing his feelings, blushes, and ''heaves a huge sigh''… while car drivers behind him are honking at him to start driving again.
* In ''Manga/PenguinRevolution,'' the president of Peacock prods Yuzuru Narazaki to think about just why he's so dead-set on getting [[SweetPollyOliver "Yutaka"]] Fujimaru to be his manager. Narazaki contemplates it for a little while, and the next time he sees Fujimaru, his reaction is essentially: "...oh."
* [[spoiler: Ringo Oginome]] from ''Anime/MawaruPenguindrum'' seems to have this in episode 11, when [[spoiler: Yuri Tokikago]] straightforwardly asks her if she loves [[spoiler: Shouma Takakura]] and insists that EveryoneCanSeeIt.
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':
** The spirit of Naruto's mother Kushina explains how she fell in love with his father Minato: When she was kidnapped, Kushina [[TrailOfBreadCrumbs left a trail of strands from her long red hair]]. Minato was the only one able to decipher the trail, [[RescueRomance ended up rescuing her]], and then [[HeroesWantRedheads boldly complimented her red hair]].
** Naruto himself has one mixed with GreenEyedEpiphany in ''Anime/TheLastNarutoTheMovie''. [[spoiler: While trapped in a genjutsu that makes him relive his memories, he starts seeing those memories from [[OneTrueLove Hinata's]] perspective, realizing that she's been in love with him [[ChildhoodFriendRomance since they were children]] after [[RescueRomance he protected her from three bullies]]. After it takes him only one day to wrap his head around this--and after he notices that [[BigBad Toneri]] took an [[{{Yandere}} obsessive interest in her]]--he realizes that he's in love with her as well, and he responds by [[EveryoneCanSeeIt being incredibly unsubtle with his feelings]] and becoming a CrazyJealousGuy every time Toneri tries to take Hinata away from him]].
* Hihara, when Hino treats his injuries from after he falls down realizes that he loves her in ''VideoGame/KiniroNoCorda''.
* Subverted in the ''Manga/SeitokaiYakuindomo'' manga; Shino is irritated when she sees Tsuda and Aria pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but instead of coming to the logical conclusion that she likes Tsuda, with whom she's been [[ShipTease teased with]] for a good deal of the run, she instead wonders if she is in love with ''Aria''.
* In ''LightNovel/ThePetGirlOfSakurasou'', Mashiro has one in episode 12 after Sorata's [[PleaseDontLeaveMe passionate plea to her not to leave Sakura Hall]]. When she asks him about the funny feeling in her chest, he tries to deny it in [[LargeHam his usual fashion]].
* In ''Manga/YandereKanojo'', [[TraumaticHairCut Hijiri's hair got splashed with oil based paint]] when she painted graffiti in the school. When Shiratori sees it, she begins to cry. Shiratori manages to salvage the situation by giving her a decent haircut. [[spoiler:She realizes that she cried because she was afraid that her image was ruined in the eyes of Shiratori and, from that, realizes that she is in love with him.]]
* Happens at different times by different characters of ''LightNovel/LoveChunibyoAndOtherDelusions'', depending on whether you're watching the anime or reading the light novel.
** In the light novel, [[spoiler:Togashi gets one and talks to Isshiki about it, who helps him understand his feelings with a bit of invoked GreenEyedEpiphany]].
** In the anime, [[spoiler:Rikka gets hers after episode 8 and is helped along by Nibutani to really understand what she's feeling]].
* In ''{{Manga/Chihayafuru}}'' after spending two seasons of the anime being ObliviousToLove, Chihaya finally realizes her feelings to [[spoiler:Arata]].
* In ''Manga/{{Kobato}}'', both main character go through this at separate times:
** Kobato's moment of Love Epiphany starts after she sees Fujimoto being hurt by [[spoiler:Okiura]]. She spends the rest of the night and the next morning reflecting on why Fujimoto's pain hurts her so much, and her reflection culminates in a beautiful moment when she decides to sing to him to better express her feelings. By the time she's finished, she's already realized what her feelings are, and she starts crying [[spoiler:because she's a spirit who hasn't got long to live and there's no way [[StarCrossedLovers she and Fujimoto can be together for long]].]]
** Fujimoto's Love Epiphany is slightly mixed with GreenEyedEpiphany: when he hears that Kobato went after [[spoiler:Okiura]] alone, he is reminded of how [[spoiler:Okiura]] stole his FirstLove, [[spoiler:[[TheFirstCutIsTheDeepest Sayaka]]]]. He gets angry that [[spoiler:Okiura]] is always stealing what's his... Then he realizes he just thought of [[SecondLove Kobato]] as something of his. He never really puts the realization into words, but the look on his face says it all.
* In episode 11B of ''Manga/SakuraTrick'', Mitsuki [[spoiler:realizes though a conversation with [[BerserkButton Sumi-sumi]] that her opposing Haruka and Yuu kissing is not because she opposes same sex attraction, but because [[IfICantHaveYou she wants to be the one beside Haruka]]. And then she realizes [[LoveTriangle she's in love with her sister's girlfriend]].]]
* ''Anime/SamuraiFlamenco'' has an interesting take on this, in which [[spoiler:Masayoshi has a love epiphany about [[HoYay Goto]] ''after'' he [[WackyMarriageProposal proposed]] to him. [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming "Oh, I get it, this is love."]] ]]
* ''Manga/MyMonsterSecret'': [[FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire Youko]] starts off the series [[ObliviousToLove obliviously unaware]] that Asahi thinks of her as anything more than a buddy and SecretKeeper. She even [[ShipperOnDeck ships him]] with their mutual friend Aizawa. However, the school principal (an old friend of Youko's parents) starts poking at her and asking "Are you ''sure'' that he's only a friend?" She's in heavy denial for a good while (she even kisses him at one point, but tries to play it off), but what really leads to the epiphany is when Youko sees Asahi and Aizawa in [[NotWhatItLooksLike seemingly romantic situations]], which makes her feel [[GreenEyedMonster sick and uneasy]]. Thankfully, Asahi finally confesses to her soon after and they undergo a RelationshipUpgrade.
* In chapter 132 of ''Manga/AssassinationClassroom'', Nagisa kisses [[spoiler:Kayano]] for non-romantic reasons: [[spoiler:to interrupt her suicidal berserker-rage]]. Then [[spoiler:Kayano]] realizes that she's enjoying it. You can actually ''see'' her expression [[http://mangafox.me/manga/ansatsu_kyoushitsu/v15/c132/18.html changing]] from shock to realization.
* ''Manga/{{Ojojojo}}'': Haru realized she was in love with Tsurezure when her father told her she was going to have an arranged marriage (or at the very least, it served as the catalyst for her to confess). Later on, Akane tells Haru that she realized she was in love with Chris when [[spoiler: he came to see her during her HeroicBSOD.]]
* Ichigo of ''Manga/OmujoOmutsuJoshi'' has a condition that causes her to become incredibly nervous around men. So much so it causes her to wet herself. She has a revelation when it's pointed out that lately Shouta, and ''only'' Shouta, has been triggering this problem.
* Ayami Kazama had a rather hilarious example detailed in her autobiographical manga ''Renai 3 Jigen Debut'' where she fell in love with her husband after he answered a question she had about foreskin. At the same time, it's rather appropriate since the guy is a hentai author.
* In ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' Krillin has one about [[spoiler: Android 18 while arguing with himself over whether or not to use the remote to destroy her in order to stop Cell from reaching his complete form. He's paralyzed by indecision for several tense minutes before finally realizing ''why'' he can't destroy her. It's also implied that he's felt this way since she kissed him when they met.]]
* Alan in ''LightNovel/DestructionFlagOtome'' was kept from years for realizing that he was in love with Katarina by his brother Gerald and Keith, [[EnemyMine who didn't want more rivals.]] However, when she was nearly killed by a dark magician he finally realized it and tried to call off his engagement with Mary, who declined on the grounds that it made for good cover in deflecting suitors... leaving her free to ''also'' go after [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer Katarina.]]

* In ''Amazing {{SpiderMan}}'' #150, which served as an epilogue to the original Clone Saga, Spider-Man comes close to dying and then realizes that his thoughts turn to Mary Jane Watson and his feelings about her (and not to Gwen or Aunt May). This realization that he loves Mary Jane is not so much important in itself as it is the factor that finally convinces him that he is the real Peter Parker and not a clone.

* In [[https://www.wattpad.com/49797714-a-turn-of-events-brittany-and-mackenzie-fanfiction this]] ''WebAnimation/TheMostPopularGirlsInSchool'' fanfiction, Mackenzie realizes she has feelings for Brittnay.
-->''And that's when she knew it. She was in love, and not just any type of love, she'd fallen hard for Brittnay Matthews. Very hard.\\
'''[[OhCrap I am so FUCKED.]]'''''
* ''Fanfic/ACrownOfStars'': Asuka realizes that she loves Shinji when he wants her staying behind as he sorties because he does not want her dying. She replies--without thinking--she loves him so what she is supposed to do if he dies. Later Shinji reminds her that she had said and she blushes.
* ''Fanfic/AdviceAndTrust'': Shinji and Asuka fully acknowledged their feelings and realized each other's when they kissed in chapter 1. Rei realized what she loved [[spoiler:them both]] after fighting Zeruel.
* ''Fanfic/TheChildOfLove'': In chapter 5, after her birthday party Asuka goes to Shinji's room as he is sleeping, grumbling because he has not give her any present. By chance she finds the present Shinji meant to give her but did not dare to: a ring. Blushing she puts it around her finger, pecks her cheek… and then she realizes she loves him.
* ''Fanfic/CorrinReacts'': Flora realises she's fallen in love with Corrin after Felicia [[ArmorPiercingQuestion asks her exactly what she sees in Jakob]] and she lists off qualities that belong to Corrin instead.
* ''Fanfic/DoingItRightThisTime'': After a shopping trip in chapter 2 Asuka realizes she not only likes Shinji but also Rei.
* ''Manga/{{Evangelion 303}}'': Shinji realizes he loves Asuka when [[spoiler:she was in a coma.]] Asuka realized she loved Shinji when he [[spoiler:proposed to her.]]
* In ''Fanfic/GhostsOfEvangelion'', Asuka realizes -at last- what she is in love with Shinji when she realizes his love confession was sincere… and he says he is taking it back when she accepts it.
* ''Fanfic/TheOneILoveIs'':
** Shinji has three: when he realizes [[spoiler:he has fallen in love with Rei]], when he understands he [[spoiler:cares for Asuka]] because he is in love with her, and finally when he realizes it is [[spoiler:Asuka the one he loves the most.]]
** Rei has hers in the Prologue: during a sync test in Unit 01 she accidentally sees Shinji's memories, realizes he has feelings towards Asuka and herself and gets afraid of losing him to Asuka. Then she realizes she likes him.
** Asuka has hers when she sees Rei giving chocolates to Shinji.
* ''Fanfic/ThePrivateDiaryOfElizabethQuatermain'': The title character gets two, in a way. The first is in Volume III, when [[spoiler:[[Film/TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen Skinner]] embraces her after she nearly dies (again) and [[FirstNameBasis calls her Elizabeth]] for the first time]]. In the following volume, when she thinks she might have a thing for Everett, her second epiphany at the [[DanceOfRomance ball]] in St. Petersburg hammered it home for her. [[MoodWhiplash Too bad]] [[VillainWithGoodPublicity Everett]] [[IHaveYourWife wasn't going to take no for an answer]].
* ''Fanfic/TheSecondTry'': During chapter 4 "Love", Shinji and Asuka realized their feelings gradually. It was during a Kaworu-related argument that Asuka finally admitted to herself that she loved him.
* ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji'': Shinji loved Asuka as soon as he met her. However Asuka fell in love with him gradually. Several days after confessing he liked her, he told her he admired her strength but he knew that she was more fragile than she looked, and he wanted to help her to become stronger. Then Asuka realized she had fallen for him.
* In the ''Franchise/Ben10'' series ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3137871/1/Hero_High Hero High]]'', Ben realizes he has feelings for Ren after she nearly kills herself saving the school.
* [[Blog/ReadingRainbowverse Octavia]] gets one of these after Vinyl's AccidentalProposal makes her really think about their relationship... leading to an actual proposal.
* FanFic/{{Greenfire}} has Rarity realize her feelings for Greenfire (AlternateUniverse!Spike) after months of tea parties, engaging conversations, genuine respect, and [[FemaleGaze gawking at his impressive musculature]] following when he acts more chivalrous than an actual knight sent to kill him. After Rarity convinces him to open up about his [[ParentalAbandonment solitary history]], Rarity realizes how lonely he is, which makes her realize how lonely ''she'' is, and when she remembers at least the have each other, she finally realizes how much she cares for the dragon.
* An [[http://harriedwizard.tumblr.com/post/57282013163/padawanmolly-in-the-early-days-of-my untitled]] fic for ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' describes the moment Molly realized that her affection for Harry was not the PrecociousCrush it had been in her youth:
-->''...I realized I wanted to be more than part of his adventures. I also wanted to be part of his home.''
* In ''Fanfic/ThoseGildedChainsWeWear'', Hermione realizes that she is in love with Bellatrix after she smells her in a bottle of Amortenia.
* [[VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins Alistair]] has the rush of realization at possibly the single most inappropriate moment in ''FanFic/ShadowAndRose''. [[spoiler:He and Elissa are attending his half-brother's funeral pyre, and she reaches out to take his hand and try to comfort him. This simple act prompts him to consciously understand that he's in love with her and has been for some time.]] In his own words, "I guess I can't do anything quite normally."
* ''Fanfic/NeonGenesisEvangelionGenocide'': In chapter 11, while Shinji thinks about the latest battle, he finally realizes that he cares for Asuka:
-->''Shinji had always felt that he shared a bond with Asuka, but he didn't quite realize how much she had come to mean to him until after one of the previous Angels had been defeated—back then he had risked his own life to protect her, and, in an ironic twist, she ended up saving him. And this realization had finally brought him to admit it that he cared for Asuka.''
* In the fanfiction novelization of ''FanFic/HyruleWarriors'', Zelda and Link have been growing closer throughout the story, though it isn't until Zelda meets [[spoiler: the ''Skyward Sword'' era Link and Zelda]] and she becomes a little jealous and wistful at how close and affectionate they are, and hears them talk about how much they love each other, that she finally realizes her own feelings for Link.
* In the 9th chapter of ''Fanfic/TheVow'', Shen realizes that he has fallen in love with Lianne while they're spending alone time at the end of the Moon Festival they organized together.
* In ''[[http://ficwad.com/story/213011 Eroninja]]'' the subject of the Temptation's Touch Jutsu only reaches the final level not when they fall in love with the wielder but when they truly understand their feelings, such as when Tayuya realizes how much Naruto cares for her and he'll never abandon her like Orochimaru did.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10649604/15/The-Legacy-Preservation-Act The Legacy Preservation Act]]'' Daphne realizes she loves Harry while being interrogated by her mother and aunt.
-->'''Julia:''' If you don't care about him, why did we spend three hours consoling you when you believed you'd betrayed him?\\
'''Daphne:''' Because he doesn't give his trust easily, and he shared something very important with me and that ghastly... I need to protect him if I can because... Oh my gods.
* The "WesternAnimation/TheMagicSchoolBus" fandom is fond of Carlos and Dorothy Ann being prone to this trope but the story ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7962961/1/Field-Observations Field Observations]]'' takes the cake, with DA making her epiphany into a ''science experiment'' and coming to the conclusion that, quote "[[CatchPhrase According to my research]], Carlos should take me to the prom," a statement that the author admits was the sole inspiration for the story.

[[folder:Film - Animated]]
* ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast'', during "Something There", a song that's pretty much about this trope. [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/belle_realizes_love.jpg And as seen in this pic, it freaks Belle out a little.]]
** The Beast has one later after the famous ballroom sequence. [[http://vsmeets.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/beast_rose.jpg His is a little different]] as instead of realizing that he loves her [[TearJerker he realizes what that truly]] ''[[TearJerker means]]''. [[https://54disneyreviews.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/sad-beast.jpg Behold the face of ultimate suffering.]]
* Happens in ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog'', starting around Naveen and Tiana's dance during "Ma Belle Evangeline". Yes, Disney loves this trope.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSwanPrincess'', which gives us two of these ''at the exact same time''.
* Yet another Disney example is ''Disney/{{Tangled}}'', which features this during the AwardBaitSong "I See The Light".
* ''WesternAnimation/DespicableMe2'' has one of the oddest and funniest ever.
* In ''WesternAnimation/StrangeMagic'' Dawn realizes her feelings for her [[UnluckyChildhoodFriend childhood friend]], Sunny, when seeing him breaks the magic of the [[LovePotion love potion]] that had been on her.

[[folder:Film - Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/{{Clueless}}'', when Cher realizes she loves Josh. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by the fountain behind her lighting up and coming to life.
** Similarly, when Josh realizes he loves Cher (''classic'' epiphany as she [[GrandStaircaseEntrance walks down a big white staircase in a beautiful white dress]]).
*** With the main theme from ''Film/{{Gigi}}'' playing in the background, just to get the point across.
* In ''Film/AmericanPie2'', Jim realizes he loves Michelle when, while taking to Nadia, he finds himself repeating her "[[MemeticMutation This one time, at band camp]]" line.
* Giselle of ''Film/{{Enchanted}}'' has one after Robert [[SlapSlapKiss makes her feel angry for the first time]].
* Parodied mercilessly in ''Film/{{Zoolander}}'':
-->'''Derek''': There was a moment last night, when she was sandwiched between the two Finnish dwarves and the Maori tribesmen, where I thought, "Wow, I could really spend the rest of my life with this woman".
* In ''Film/ThePrinceAndMe'' the scene where Julia Stiles's character is giving an oral presentation and in the middle of it realizes her love for… well… the Prince.
* ''Film/TheMatrix'': This probably happened to Trinity when Cypher was about to kill Neo, and asked her if she believed that he was [[TheChosenOne The One]], since we later learn that [[TheOmniscient The Oracle]] told her she would [[BecauseDestinySaysSo fall in love with The One]].
* ''Film/GoneWithTheWind'': Scarlett spends the whole movie obsessing over Ashley and how he married Melanie instead of her. She continues to do so even after ''she'' has married ''Rhett'' and they've had a daughter together. It isn't until she sees Ashley break down after Melanie's death that she realizes she never truly loved him and that she's always loved Rhett.
-->'''Scarlett''': Oh Rhett, do listen to me, I must have loved you for years, only I was such a stupid fool, I didn't know it.
** And [[PlatonicDeclarationOfLove platonically speaking]], it isn't until Melanie's death that Scarlett realizes that Melanie is her best friend and has always been there for her.
* ''Film/{{Stardust}}'' has a very sweet scene with Yvaine explaining what she's realised about love, to [[spoiler:Tristan while he's in the form of a mouse, after she's verified that he can't understand her. Except he was kinda lying.]]
* In ''Film/TheWeddingSinger'', Julia has one immediately following her realization that she hates the sound of what will be her married name.
* Happens in ''Film/TheKid2000'' when Russ realizes he's been paying a lot more attention to Amy than he'd realized.
* ''{{Film/Holiday}}'': Linda [[ThisIsGoingToSuck realises]] that she has fallen in love with her sister's fiancé after sharing a [[DanceOfRomance dance]] with him on New Year's Eve. She confesses her feelings to [[LoveConfessor her brother Ned]], but refuses to act on them.
* ''Film/{{Phffft}}''! has Creator/JackLemmon and Judy Holliday rekindle their love and realize their mistake in divorcing by sharing a mambo.
* In ''Film/{{Mr and Mrs Smith|1941}}'', Jeff Custer doesn't come to Ann's defense when David angrily holds her down, and she realizes that Jeff’s gentleman qualities are spineless, and she'd rather be with David; he won't put up with her crap, and he really does love her.
* ''{{Film/Carefree}}'' (1938): When Tony hypnotizes Amanda, he implants the following suggestions in her mind: (1) she loves Stephen and wants to marry him; (2) Tony is a horrible monster, and [[RhetoricalRequestBlunder men like him should be shot down like dogs]]; and (3) Tony does not love her. She starts to cry at the last statement, and Tony has to leave the room to think things over. After a [[TheManInTheMirrorTalksBack short conversation with himself]], he realizes that not only does she really love him, but he loves her too.
* In ''Film/OnHerMajestysSecretService'', Bond begins courting Tracy because her father promises Bond that if he marries her, he'll help Bond find his arch-enemy Ernst Blofeld. Later in the film, Tracy saves Bond's life from [=SPECTRE=] agents who had been pursuing him. This causes Bond to realize that he really has fallen in love with Tracy and it's no longer just a business arrangement with her father. He then proposes to Tracy.
* In ''Film/{{Sabrina|1954}}'', David helps Linus realize his love for Sabrina after he jokingly calls her a GoldDigger who only loved Linus for his money. An offended Linus punches David so hard, he falls backwards onto the table.
-->'''David:''' I was just helping you make up your mind. You ''are'' in love with her!

* Chad from ''Literature/SuperPowereds'' has one when Roy convinces him to look at Angela and turn off the part of his power that reigns in his emotions.
* Laurie of ''Literature/LittleWomen'' has one of these while recovering from [[ShipSinking Jo's rejection]], where he realizes that even though [[SettleForSibling he can't have one sister, he'll be perfectly satisfied with another]].
* Elizabeth Bennet of ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' has one when she and Darcy hear the news of Lydia eloping with Wickham, convincing Elizabeth that Darcy will now want nothing to do with her or her family:
-->''It was [...] exactly calculated to make her understand her own wishes; and never had she so honestly felt that she could have loved him, as now, when all love must be vain.''
* ''{{Literature/Emma}}'s'' reaction to Harriet's confession of love for Mr. Knightley makes her realize feelings she (though not the reader) was completely unconscious of until then:
-->''Why was it so much worse that Harriet should be in love with Mr. Knightley, than with Frank Churchill? Why was the evil so dreadfully increased by Harriet's having some hope of a return? It darted through her, with the speed of an arrow, that Mr. Knightley must marry no one but herself!''
* Rose has an epiphany in ''[[Literature/TheEdge On the Edge]]'' after Declan saves her brother's life. She sits on the steps next to him thinking about what her life would have been like if she'd never met him, only to realize that she didn't want to never have met him, because she's in love with him. Heartbreaking because Declan has ulterior motives for courting her, and she's duty-bound to resist his advances.
* The Twilight Series has two major ones:
** In ''Literature/MidnightSun'' Edward struggles with exactly why he saved Bella and why he is so curious about her, besides his inability to read her thoughts. Then when he hears her saying "Edward, please don't go," in her sleep, and he realizes that he loves her.
** ''New Moon:'' After being told, point-blank, by Edward multiple times that he's in love with her, and that it's the driving force behind every action he takes, Bella finally shrugs off her low self-esteem and realises that he means it.
* Shelena in ''Literature/LoyalEnemies'' realizes she's in love with her so-called enemy Veres in two parts. First, after Veres [[spoiler:saves her life and takes care of her while she's recovering]], she realizes that she has never been attracted to the TallDarkAndHandsome types, but Veres doesn't look -- and smell -- all ''that'' bad, though she tells herself to stop being silly. She then fully admits her feelings for him after catching herself [[GreenEyedEpiphany being jealous]] of him kissing [[spoiler:his former lover-turned-villain Tairinn]], even if it was for show. Not that this makes her any less prone to snarking at him. Or herself:
--> ''Shel, you've lost your mind! Soon, he'll be leading you around on a leash and you'll just be wagging your tail for all that happiness! Give yourself a shake, now!''
* In the ''[[Literature/TheOtherworld Darkest Powers]]'' series, Chloe manages to have ''two'' of these in ''The Reckoning''. [[spoiler: When she goes on a date with Simon, they kiss and there's no spark. At that point she realizes that despite wanting to like Simon in that way, she still thinks of him as a friend. Much later, Derek is considering leaving the group for their own safety. The realization of how much he really means to her hits Chloe ''hard'', which is Love Epiphany #2.]]
* In ''[[Literature/XWingSeries Starfighters of Adumar]]'', Wedge and Iella were lovers once and became estranged, eventually not even being friends anymore. While talking to Iella Wedge learns ''why''--it's a combination of unfortunate events keeping them apart and missed signals, and she feels hurt. Hurt himself, Wedge starts to leave--
-->''Adrenaline jolted through him. The shock that hit him was that of a man realizing that he was about to step into a trap or a firefight, something that could end his life in a second.\\
It couldn't be a precognitive warning. Outside of [[AcePilot the cockpit]], his pattern recognition skills didn't afford him warnings like that.\\
No, the danger was more personal. It was indeed a matter of ''Step through that door and your life is over'', but in a very different way. "Just how stupid do you think I am?" he asked.[...]\\
He turned to face her again. His energy was back. He felt it burning within him. And he now knew the nature of the one last barrier standing between the two of them: Her injured pride, shielding her from further harm... but also shielding her from him. "How big an idiot would I have to be to walk out that door?" [...]\\
"No, Iella. That would be another mistake, and the older we get, the less time we have to bounce back from them. I'm tired of making mistakes." He put one hand behind her neck, the other around her waist, and drew her to him. She looked at him, surprise in her eyes.\\
"You're a grown woman and in training," he said. "If you want me out of your room, it'll take you just one knee and a little leverage to put me out. But you can't just tell me to go, not this time. I love you. I'm not going to meekly walk away." He pulled her face to his and kissed her.\\
He had a glimpse of her widening eyes. Then he was lost in the sweetness of her lips.''
* Rather twisted example from ''Literature/GoneGirl'', where Amy realizes she loves Nick:
-->''It really is true. It took this awful situation for us to realize it. Nick and I fit together. I am a little too much, and he is a little too little. I am a thorn bush, bristling from the over attention of my parents, and he is a man of a million little fatherly stab wounds, and my thorns fit perfectly into them. I need to get home to him.''
* In ''A Hero at the End of the World'' Oliver is in a bit of a daze for a while after being forced to take time off his government job. He thinks about how much he misses his partner until he suddenly realizes it's because he's in love with her.
* Creator/JohnCWright's ''[[Literature/TheGoldenOecumene Golden Transcendence]]'', with Phaethon pondering over Daphne Prime and Daphne Tercius -- noticing things.
* Creator/JRRTolkien's ''[[Literature/LordOfTheRings The Return Of The King]]'', after Éowyn doesn't go to the army, and Faramir points out there are two possible reasons, one of which is reluctance to leave him.
* Literature/{{Harry Potter}}'s [[GreenEyedMonster chest monster]] in ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheHalfBloodPrince''. Only after walking in on [[spoiler: Ginny and Dean kissing]] does he finally realize just how he feels about her.
* For Joscelin this happens in [[Literature/KushielsLegacy Kushiel's Chosen]]. He already knew he loved Phèdre but after [[spoiler: thinking she was lost at sea]] he realized how ''much'' he loved her.
* ''Literature/AnneOfGreenGables'': Anne Shirley has a jarring love epiphany when her longtime friend and rejected love interest, Gilbert Blythe, is dying from typhoid fever. The description in the book ("Anne of the Island") is a borderline TearJerker:
-->''There is a book of Revelation in every one's life, as there is in the Bible. Anne read hers that bitter night, as she kept her agonized vigil through the hours of storm and darkness. She loved Gilbert--had always loved him! She knew that now. She knew that she could no more cast him out of her life without agony than she could have cut off her right hand and cast it from her. And the knowledge had come too late--too late even for the bitter solace of being with him at the last. If she had not been so blind--so foolish--she would have had the right to go to him now. But he would never know that she loved him--he would go away from this life thinking that she did not care. Oh, the black years of emptiness stretching before her! She could not live through them--she could not! She cowered down by her window and wished, for the first time in her gay young life, that she could die, too. If Gilbert went away from her, without one word or sign or message, she could not live. Nothing was of any value without him. She belonged to him and he to her. In her hour of supreme agony she had no doubt of that. He did not love [[DerailingLoveInterests Christine Stuart]]--never had loved Christine Stuart. Oh, what a fool she had been not to realize what the bond was that had held her to Gilbert--to think that the flattered fancy she had felt for [[DerailingLoveInterests Roy Gardner]] had been love. And now she must pay for her folly as for a crime.''
** There is also a non-romantic instance for Marilla in ''Anne of Green Gables'', when she sees Anne being carried home by Mr. Barry after breaking her ankle, not knowing that Anne's injury was minor.
-->''At that moment Marilla had a revelation. In the sudden stab of fear that pierced her very heart she realized what Anne had come to mean to her. She would have admitted that she liked Anne--nay, that she was very fond of Anne. But now she knew as she hurried wildly down the slope that Anne was dearer to her than anything else on earth.''
* Morgan's reaction to his first mind-link with Richenda in ''[[Literature/{{Deryni}} High Deryni]]'':
-->''In the first soaring ecstasy of union with her mind, he was filled with a sense of wonder so profound that in that instant, he knew with a certainty born at the root of his powers that he had found that other part of himself, missing all his life. That whatever happened tomorrow, and for all the days of his life, he could endure with this blessed woman at his side.''
* ''StarWars'' ExpandedUniverse ''Literature/NewJediOrder'' Tenal Ka realizes she loves Jacen after he's captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, [[spoiler: and she mistakenly believes he was killed by them.]]
* In ''Queen Lucia'', Georgie is excited at the prospect of doing tableaux in front of his new neighbor Olga Bracely at a party, and, when she can't come, discovers how profoundly disappointed he is--"and all at once it dawned on him that he must be in love with Olga, for why else should her presence or absence make such an astounding difference to him?"
* The prequel chapter to ''Realms of the Gods'' (The fourth book in Tamora Pierce's ''Literature/TheImmortals'' ) is a mixture of this and a WhamEpisode. (Made more interesting by the fact that several people didn't realise there was a prequel, and were completely caught out by the follow-up half a book later.)
* Happens to both of the protagonists of ''Literature/HeartInHand''. Darryl has this realization when Alex visits his house while Darryl is recovering from a flu, and Alex about two months later, when Darryl kisses him after a visit to a school.
* In ''Star In Danger'' [[note]]book 37 of the ''Thoroughbred'' series[[/note]], Cristina tells Parker that she knows he has feelings for her. In response, Parker tells her that he had one of these during a riding accident.
-->'''Cristina''': You had a concussion. You were out cold. How could you hear me?\\
'''Parker''': I could hear you. You kept talking to me. I think you were afraid I might stop breathing or die. You said stuff like, "You and Foxy aren't afraid of anything, are you? You're such a great team, I bet you'll beat us to the Olympics. Your parents will be so proud. Even your mom will be glad you kept riding."\\
'''Cristina''': How do you remember what I said?\\
'''Parker''': I just do. Because that's when I realized you were… special. You were scared and crying, but you still kept talking to me.
* In ''Literature/AgathaHAndTheClockworkPrincess'', when Agatha shows readiness to give herself up to the Baron, to protect Europa from the Other, Tarvek suddenly realizes he would do anything to keep her safe and out of Baron's hands.
* In ''Literature/WarAndPeace'', Pierre Bezukhov is hit ''hard'' with the realisation that he loves Natasha Rostov when he's comforting her after her failed elopement and her broken engagement with Andrei Bolkonsky; he declares that, if he were free from his wife Hélène and the best man in the world, he'd propose to her without a thought.
%%* Creator/GeorgetteHeyer used this trope frequently:
%%** In ''Literature/TheGrandSophy'' Charles has one when he sees Sophy tend to his very ill younger sister.
%%** In ''Literature/FridaysChild'' Sherry has one when Hero runs away.
%%** In ''Arabella'' Mr Beaumaris has one so strong he has to grip the back of a chair, when he sees Arabella passionately defend the rights of a poor urchin who fell into her bedroom while he was cleaning her chimney.
* Creator/LMMontgomery's ''Literature/TheBlueCastle'' has a particularly touching one, when Barney Snaith has this towards his wife [[spoiler: when she almost gets killed by a train. She gets her foot stuck in the tracks, and even though they both think she is terminally ill, he can't face leaving her there and risks his own life to rescue her.]]
* In Creator/AgathaChristie's ''Sparkling Cyanide'', Stephen Farraday marries his wife, not for love, but for the connections she has, and the benefits her family name would bring to his career. Then, when he got involved in a scandal that would destroy his life's, if it were to leak out, he realised that the one thing he doesn't want to lose the most is his wife--realising, for the first time, that he loves her more that he thought he did.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Although the actual Love Epiphany for the character in question doesn't happen onscreen (or may not have happened in a bolt of clarity at all), the ''audience'' for the first time realizes that the subtle ShipTease of Josh and Donna on ''Series/TheWestWing'' has become 100% definitely, unequivocally {{Canon}} in the 4th season's penultimate episode "Commencement" when [[spoiler: Amy delivers the long-teased, never-spoken WhamLine "Are you in love with Josh?", and Donna doesn't answer, standing stock still and staring fixedly at her papers while the camera slowly pans in, just as the lyrics to the song ("Angel" by Massive Attack) playing in the soundtrack change to ''"love you love you love you love you..."''']] Doubles as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for the writer, director, and editor of that episode.
* There's a scene in ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'' where Michael realizes he loves Marta, when they're sitting on the steps in the hallway during the Desi Award show.
* ''Series/{{Friends}}'':
** After Chandler and Monica have upgraded from friends to FriendsWithBenefits for a while, a falling out between them one Thanksgiving leads Monica to don a turkey on her head, complete with sunglasses, hat and a funny dance, to try and cheer him up. Laughing, he exclaims, "You're so great! I love you!" His amusement almost immediately dies into shock as he realises what he just said and what it means, and he freaks out so badly he takes it back. It takes several more episodes before he's willing to actually admit it properly and stand by it, and even then, Phoebe has to break him into confessing it. Chandler also describes an off-screen example, when they were dancing together and he realized his feelings.
--> '''Chandler''': It was the first time I knew that you… you were the woman that I wanted to dance all my dances with.
** Happens in the finale with Rachel's answering machine message to Ross after rejecting him at the airport. She's assuring him that she loves him as a friend, "I love you, I love you, ''I love you.'' What am I doing? I love you!" You can actually hear her realize on the third "I love you" that she means it romantically.
** Another Rachel example, from when Ross was about to marry Emily:
-->'''Rachel:''' I'm not going to Ross's wedding because he is my ex-boyfriend and that would be really uncomfortable. Not because I'm still in love with him! I mean, hey, y'know, I like Ross as much as the next guy. You know, clearly I have feelings for him, but feelings don't mean love! You know, I mean, I still have loving feelings for Ross, yeah! But, I have… I have, you know, continuing feelings of love, but that doesn't mean that… that I'm still in love with him. You'know? I have… I have sexual feelings for him, but I do love him… Oh! Oh my God! Oh my… why didn't you tell me?
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
** After desperately trying to kill the title character for the past few seasons, Spike finds himself awakening from an erotic dream in which he confessed his love for her. He is not well pleased.
-->'''Spike:''' Oh ''God'', no. ''Please'', no.
** Riley Finn doesn't realise he fancies Buffy until he [[AssholeVictim punches Parker]] for making a crude remark about her. His friends tell him [[EveryoneCanSeeIt that they've always known]].
*** Inverted in Season 5 when Riley realises that Buffy doesn't love him, fueling his eventual decision to leave.
* ''Series/ICarly'': Sam and Freddie obviously had one for each other, but oddly neither moment is shown on-screen. The '[[MySensorsIndicateYouWantToTapThat mood app]]' reveal is after Sam already likes Freddie as she starts the episode ''iOMG'' liking him if the dialogue about her changed behaviour is taken at face value. Freddie could be considered the same in ''iLose My Mind'' because there's nothing that stands out as a moment Freddie realises he likes Sam back until the end where he kisses her.
** In ''iDate Sam & Freddie'', it's revealed that [[ComedicSociopathy Sam pushed Freddie into a bike courier]], the courier hit Freddie, Freddie smacked his head against a fire hydrant, and as he was lying knocked out and bleeding from the ears, that was the first moment Sam realized he was 'kinda cute'.
* ''Series/{{Smallville}}'':
** In "Pariah", a truly TearJerker example occurs. Clark simultaneously experiences this with an Anguished Declaration of Love, when he realizes that he loved Alicia, while trying to rip the head off her murderer. Despite having already been hit hard by her death, this realization, and the fact that he will never get a chance to tell her (knowing she reciprocated) completely breaks the future Man of Steel.
** In "Committed", Lois actually has one forced on her. When forced with the ultimatum of either letting Clark be electrocuted or answer "Yes or NO" to whether or not she loves him, all she can do is croak out a "Yes." and passes the test. This is despite the fact that they were only pretending to be a couple, and she had never really been confronted with the idea before.
* ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'': Kira has a moment of perfect clarity after her date with Odo in "His Way".
* In ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'', the Doctor (no, not [[Series/DoctorWho that one]]) has one of these for Seven Of Nine while teaching her to sing "You Are My Sunshine", made clear when, while singing with her, [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming he happens to glance up at her face and his voice trails off in the middle of "you'll never know, dear".]] Of course, it [[StrangledByTheRedString all came to nothing]] due to Seven's LastMinuteHookup with Chakotay.
* ''Series/TheVampireDiaries'' when Elena eventually realizes that she has feelings for Damon.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'' episode "all things" was this for Scully, as well as the epiphany that she didn't regret the way her life turned out, and that she didn't regret not having married her former med school professor when she had the chance.
* The ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' episode "Miracles" is when Barney realises that he is in love with Robin, after he has a near-death experience. Earlier, Robin had this for Ted after he meets Victoria.
** Long after Barney and Robin have broken up, Barney gets another one of these in regards to her. Not only does he realize he's in love with her; he realises she's his "best friend and soulmate" and that he "can't wait to spend the rest of his life with her". This is the show's [[TheCasanova Casanova]] we're talking about.
* Played for laughs on ''Series/That70sShow''. Immediately after realizing that she has feelings for Fez, Jackie runs from the Formans porch screaming "Nooooo!" at the top of her lungs.
* In ''Series/{{Glee}}'', Blaine has one watching Kurt sing "Blackbird". [[RelationshipUpgrade And bless him, he doesn't wait around afterwards.]]
* In ''MyLittleTown'', after [[spoiler: Art admit's to Maya how much he really loves her, and that no matter if she were guilty or not, it wouldn't change a thing,]] [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming she finally understands she feels the same, and kisses his cheek lightly, saying "You are stupid."]].
* ''Series/RadioFreeRoscoe'': Lilly has an epiphany about her feelings for Ray, when her band gets a contract and he's the first person she wants to tell.
* In Season 2 of ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'', this happens to the central character J.D., when [[ItMakesSenseInContext he goes to confront]] his HeterosexualLifePartner Turk over the latter's meddling in Elliot's patient load:
-->'''Turk''': Where's the love? Where's the loyalty? Where's the… automatically… siding with the person you care about the most? ''[beat]'' Oh, my God, that's what you're doing, isn't it?\\
'''J.D.''': ''[speechless]''
* In ''Series/{{Castle}}'', Beckett and Castle have gone through this several times, especially in Season 4, where [[spoiler:Beckett struggles with her feelings for Castle after he said he loved her after she was shot.]] [[spoiler:The final, definite one happens in "Always", when Beckett nearly dies and realises that she does not care anymore about finding her mother's killer (or least she's no longer willing to risk her life to do so), because now she only wants Castle.]]
* In ''Series/{{Community}}'', Jeff Winger finally admits to himself that he passionately loves [[spoiler:Annie]] when he is forced to produce a burst of love [[ItMakesSenseInContext in order to open a door]]. This is after [[spoiler:Annie]] has a similar realization, and that Jeff's happiness means more to her than being with him when he apparently plans to [[spoiler: [[LonelyTogether marry Britta]]]].
* ''Series/MadMen'' has one where Peggy [[spoiler: realizes that she's in love with her friend and art director Stan]]

* After [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD4azjx6mbE Project "Ma"]] has failed, [[Franchise/EvilliousChronicles Adam]] realizes that his love for Eve is genuine.
* Bonnie Raitt's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ58TVYNFro Something to Talk About]] is about a woman hearing rumors about her and a male friend, and having one of these.
* In the famous Music/GetoBoys song: "My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me".
-->'''Scarface''' "I had a woman down with me. But to me, it seemed like she was down to get me. She helped me out in this shit. But to me she was just another bitch. Now she's back with her mother. Now I'm realizing that I love her. Now I'm feeling lonely. My mind is playing tricks on me."
* The song "[[Music/ConfessionExecutiveCommitteeLoveSeries Diagnosis: Lovesickness]]" is about Natsuki realizing her growing feelings for her good friend Yuu.

* In the musical ''How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying'', there's a scene (complete with its own song, "Rosemary") where Finch, after kissing Hedy [=LaRue=], has an epiphany that he's in love with Rosemary.
* In ''Theatre/SpringAwakening'', Melchior and Wendla realise that they have feelings for each other in a typical teenage way in "The Word of Your Body". However, as songs in the musical are considered internal monologues, they [[spoiler:do not admit their feelings until the end of the first act]] in "I Believe".
* In ''Theatre/InTheHeights'', after Nina returns from Stanford University for the summer, she tells Benny in "When You're Home" that home is where he happens to be and asks "can you remind me of what it was like, at the top of the world?"
* Slightly different in ''Theatre/PassingStrange''. The Youth avoids admitting his feelings despite going from relationship to relationship. Desi in "Come Down Now" tells him to knock it off and let her give him "all the love life allows". He turns away, realising what is happening.
* Collins and Angel in ''Theatre/{{RENT}}'''s "I'll Cover You", almost MoodWhiplash after the yearning of "Santa Fe" beforehand.
* "Elaborate Lives" from ''Theatre/{{Aida}}'', in which Radames, the future Pharaoh and Aida, a Nubian slave, realise that they love each other and foreshadow the end of the musical.
* ''Theatre/MuchAdoAboutNothing'': Benedick and Beatrice each have their own after overhearing their friends talk about the other being in love with them.
* ''Theatre/Wicked'': Fiyero and Elphaba have this when they rescue a Lion cub. Elphaba even gets a whole song about it, even though she doesn't think there's any chance Fiyero could return those feelings.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'', Squall has one for Rinoa after [[spoiler:she falls into a coma and he realizes he genuinely wants to talk to her but "[[CallBack It's like talking to a wall.]]"]]
* In ''VideoGame/JadeEmpire'', Dawn Star ''finally'' gets that she is actually in love with TheProtagonist after Silk Fox shows up and starts treating her like a rival for his affections.
* In ''VideoGame/Persona3 [[UpdatedRerelease Portable]]''[='s=] female route, [[ObliviousToLove Akihiko]] actually has to have the girl he loves (you) ''coach him into one''.
* [[LargeHam Owain]] of ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' has one if he reaches [[RelationshipUpgrade S-Support]] with the [[PlayerCharacter Female Avatar]].
* According to WordOfGod, Kaine realised she loved VideoGame/{{Nier}} while beating him up. So then she backed off.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''VisualNovel/ALittleLilyPrincess'': After her fellow scullery maid Becky [[spoiler:almost died]], Sara realizes that she [[YuriGenre loves her romantically]].
* A few examples in ''VisualNovel/{{Canvas 2}}'', but the most dramatic is probably in Takeuchi's route.
* ''[[http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=19641&sid=fed821e788e0020013d4c0513247ed09 a2 ~a due~]]'': Sona only realizes how much she truly likes Hao towards the end of their big concert conduction together, although she's a tad dismayed at how bad she is with feelings and calls herself a "stubborn idiot" for not doing anything about it sooner.
-->'''Sona''': Now, my life has become so different that I can't imagine Hao not being in it. Arguing all night long, fighting in the rain, hopping the language barrier, leading a crazy conducting session... becoming musical legends even. I don't care what we're doing. As long as it's him and me. Together.
* ''VisualNovel/MagicalDiary'' gives one to ''Damien'', of all people, if you play your cards right. [[spoiler:Of course, his epiphany comes in the middle of his attempt to ''kill'' you, so his timing could definitely be better. But it keeps him from actually killing you, at least?]]
* Takumi towards [[spoiler:Rimi]] towards the end of ''VisualNovel/ChaosHead''.
--> '''Takumi:''' I'm in love with [[spoiler:Sakihata Rimi.]] How unbelievably creepy.

* In ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance'', after years of WillTheyOrWontThey between her and Torg, recently had this happen to Zoë at the worst possible time, [[spoiler: during a battle with an AxCrazy assassin who had been brainwashed into being madly in love with Torg and had just been revealed to be Pyrokinetic. [[WhamEpisode She's nearly burned to death]], and while advanced technology is able to repair her body, it's [[EmptyShell unable to repair her mind]]. She ultimately recovers, though without any memory of the event.]]
** Luckily [[spoiler: this doesn't prevent her from realizing it again in a softer, more safe manner at the end of another arc. Soon after they do a BigDamnKiss and [[TheyDo become]] an OfficialCouple.]]
* A perfect nonverbal example for Lars in ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' can be [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20050817 seen here]], right as it's being [[DiscussedTrope discussed]], at that!
** Jiminez Hoffmann eventually comes to realize that he has feelings for Larana... right around the time he mistakenly comes to think that she's in love with his brother, Aldin.
* Mike in ''Webcomic/SomethingPositive'', for Pee-Jee, sparking his slow reform from JerkAss to sympathetic character.
* A variant in ''Webcomic/SinFest''. Criminy seems to have finally clocked on that succubi Fuschia is in love with him.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', Karkat realizes his [[FoeYay caliginous]] feelings [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004526 for John]].
* In ''Webcomic/MenageA3'' Sonya has one concerning [[LesYay Zii]].
* In ''Webcomic/TheLessThanEpicAdventuresOfTJAndAmal'', TJ has a beautifully-done one regarding Amal in Chapter 29 that's entirely non-verbal except for a very small [[OhCrap "shit"]] voiced at the end. [[spoiler:Amal gets his own turn in the next-to-last chapter, complete with a very similar "shit".]]
* In ''Webcomic/YetAnotherFantasyGamerComic'', Eric is lamenting to his chief-of-staff over the difficulty of choosing a wife without Clover there to help him. He starts describing his ideal woman… then {{face palm}}s himself when [[http://yafgc.net/comic/0561-the-kings-other-epiphany/ he realizes]] that Clover is the woman he just described. He makes up for his obliviousness [[http://yafgc.net/comic/0564-as-i-am/ three strips later]].
* In ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'', Elliot [[http://www.egscomics.com/?date=2013-03-14 realizes his attraction to Susan goes beyond raging teenage hormones]] while in [[ShowerScene the shower]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical'', there's "Granger Danger"--a whole song about Ron and Draco's simultaneous Epiphany about their feelings for Hermione.
* Also happens in another [=StarKid=] musical, ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'', when Joey realizes that he's loved Sally, and not Vanessa, the whole time.
-->'''Heart:''' Maybe ''Sally'' is the person we initially disliked!
* Parodied in ''LetsPlay/PlagueAndTreacheryOnTheOregonTrail''. Where Susan from atop a cliff and Cyrus miles away lying in a field both stand up simultaneously and say aloud "I love him!" "I love her!"

[[folder:Web Video]]
* ''WebVideo/DragonballZAbridged'' gives Krillin one in Episode 51. With the remote in hand that will explode the bomb inside 18, he hesitastes and thinks of how her life will end suddenly and, likely, painlessly for her. Realizing that there are no Dragonballs to wish her back to life once Cell is dead, Krillin proceeds to rant at himself that he needs to man up and do something.
--> '''Krillin:''' Oh come on Krillin! Be strong for one second [[HeroicSelfDeprecation in your worthless life]], ''and push the stupid button. If you don't, everyone you know and love is gonna die'', '''including her'''! ...oh.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Happens in the ''WesternAnimation/AsToldByGinger'' TV movie "Foutleys on Ice". When Ginger is about to leave for boarding school, Darren casually mentions that he "loves Ginger as much as anybody," and then realizes that he ''did'' mean it the way it sounded.
* ''[[WesternAnimation/KimPossibleMovieSoTheDrama Kim Possible: So The Drama]]'': First Ron figures out why the [[RomanticFalseLead new guy in school who quickly became Kim's boyfriend]] upsets him so much. Later--after said boyfriend turns out to be untenable--Kim realizes there might be someone she knows who is an exception to NoGuyWantsAnAmazon.
* In ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' in [[Recap/AvatarTheLastAirbenderTheFortuneteller "The Fortuneteller"]] episode, Aang first realizes that he is attracted to Katara. Katara herself started to have an inkling at this point but had no epiphany.
* In its sequel, ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' Korra is kidnapped in one episode and Mako is particularly passionate in the search. Once Korra is found, Mako begins acting strangely around her, and it's not until the final episode that he says that he realized how much he loved her while she was gone. Unfortunately, his behavior went unexplained in the meantime and he received much hatred from some of the fandom, who felt he was cheating on his girlfriend and playing with Korra's heart.
** Although it goes unsaid, it's very likely that Korra's [[spoiler:near death from poisoning]] caused [[spoiler:Asami]] to have one of these.
*** The aftermath makes this evident for most fans, as [[spoiler:Asami's]] treatment of her is much more tender and loving from there on forward, whereas prior to [[spoiler: the poisoning]] it was obviously just a "best buddies" relationship.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' gives us a really unusual one: Xanatos realizes he's in love with Fox in ''Eye of the Beholder''. What's strange about this? He's engaged to her and they've been dating for a long while now. It just wasn't until he was faced with her potential death that he realized he was genuinely in love with her rather than just marrying her because they were "genetically compatible, highly intelligent and had the same goals". He didn't even believe he was capable of love until said epiphany.
* A non-romantic example in ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' In the episode Smug Alert, Kyle's family moves away, and at first Cartman is thrilled, but quickly realizes that life without Kyle around to rip on was meaningless and followed him to save his life. More of a "I actually need you around and don't completely hate your guts" epiphany, but still.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy'' episode "Heartburn" has Mandy out of sorts with her emotions as she feels that perpetual admirer and all-around dork Irwin may actually be her true love. She willingly allows Irwin to kiss her--then it is suddenly subverted when Mandy clocks Irwin for belching while they were kissing. Earlier in the series, Mandy found herself having a crush on a emo boy ("Crushed"), which she doused by dolling up as a chanteuse and turning the emo kid into a stammering mess.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSpectacularSpiderMan'': The season finale episode "Nature vs Nurture" is about ComicBook/{{Venom}} going after Peter Parker's friends and loved ones, eventually targeting the person he deems to be the one Peter "loves the most." Peter at first assumes it's ComicBook/MaryJaneWatson only to discover that Gwen Stacy is the one taken hostage. However, it's only after Gwen kisses him at the end of the episode that Peter puts two and two together and starts noticing his own unrealized feelings for Gwen.