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->''"Today I saw you and spoke to you for the first time.\\
It was like an earthquake; everything in me was overturned, the graves of my heart were opened and my own nature was strange to me.\\
I am forty, and I believed I had reached the autumn of life.\\
I had wandered far, known much and lived many lives. The Lord had spoken to me, manifesting Himself in many ways; to me angels had revealed themselves and I had not believed them. But when I saw you I was compelled to believe, because of the miracle that happened to me."''
-->-- '''John Angelos''',''The Dark Angel'' by Mika Waltari

Love at First Sight. It's a staple of {{Fairy Tale}}s, love songs, and the Franchise/DisneyAnimatedCanon. Two characters meet, and fall deeply, madly, passionately in love with each other immediately. This is one of the most common story archetypes, probably [[OlderThanFeudalism going back]] to Myth/GreekMythology.

Depending on where a story falls in the SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism, Love at First Sight is either a recipe for HappilyEverAfter or eventual disillusionment and heartbreak. Of course, even if the characters really are perfect for each other, they can still be StarCrossedLovers who are destined to be apart, or simply can start a relationship based on this trope and develop it into a deeper and more sincere one.

Note that this trope is compatible with ObliviousToLove. In a LoveEpiphany, it can suddenly dawn on the character that he is in love and has been for some time, from their first meeting.

Sometimes, only one character falls in love at first sight. That character usually spends the rest of the story trying to win the heart of the other one. If the character is a hero or heroine, you usually get a pleasant courtship. If the character is a villain, he or she becomes a dangerous StalkerWithACrush, because LoveMakesYouEvil.

Compare FourthDateMarriage, TheDulcineaEffect, and the vocal equivalent LoveAtFirstNote. The SerialRomeo is a character who falls into this over and over again. The opposite is HateAtFirstSight.

[[JustForFun/IThoughtItMeant Not to be confused]] with the {{manhwa}} with the same name or the Chinese drama ''Love At First Fight''.

* LoveAtFirstSight/AnimeAndManga
* LoveAtFirstSight/FairyTales
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* [[LoveAtFirstSight/LiveActionFilms Films Live-Action]]
* LoveAtFirstSight/{{Literature}}
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* LoveAtFirstSight/{{Theatre}}
* LoveAtFirstSight/VideoGames
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* LoveAtFirstSight/RealLife


* In the {{Manhwa}} ''Manhwa/PigBride'' Ji Oh and Mu Hwa get one of the most detailed LoveAtFirstSight sequences ever. 4 pages are dedicated to the few seconds where Ji Oh first sees Mu Hwa perched on his dormitory veranda railing and there's even a close up of her reflected in his eye when she springs at him wielding a sword. The strangest part? They're only the ''BetaCouple!''

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Colossus and Zsaji from ''ComicBook/SecretWars'', despite the facts that a) [[LanguageOfLove they couldn't speak each other's languages]] and b) she died days after they met. A popular {{Fanon}} theory states that Zsaji was an empath who either intentionally or inadvertently manipulated Peter's emotions, especially since he went from pining over Kitty to doting over the alien healer so fast that the boy probably got whiplash. And apart from his subsequently breaking things off with Kitty (which was [[ExecutiveMeddling the sole purpose for Zsaji's existence]]), she was almost entirely forgotten within a year and [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain is almost never mentioned]].
* Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}: In the seventh issue of ''[[Comicbook/{{Supergirl 1972}} her first solo book]]'', Kara Zor-El/Linda Danvers remembers how she fell for a guy called Tony Martin as soon as she saw him.
-->'''Supergirl:''' Ohh... What a dreamboat! I thought love at first sight was just for fairy tales -- until now!
* The ''ComicBook/ElfQuest'' concept of Recognition is this trope in spades. "Soul meets soul when eyes meet eyes, stands your lover recognized." At times a male elf and a female elf see each other, immediately recognize each others' soul, and are compelled by a biological imperative to have sex. A life-long romance is not guaranteed (Dewshine and Tyldak), but does tend to follow more often than not (Cutter and Leetah).
* When [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Susan "Sue" Storm]] was 12 years old, her aunt rented a room to a TeenGenius university student named Reed Richards. She fell for the HollywoodNerd at first sight, but would only date and marry him when they were older.
* In Brazilian comic ''ComicBook/MonicasGang'', the UnrequitedLove between Franklin and Marina (though it starts with some PostModernism: Marina, author Mauricio de Sousa's daughter, [[NoFourthWall entered the comic book world]], where Franklin promptly fell in love with her; when she returned, Mauricio reveals he [[WriteWhoYouKnow created a character based on Marina]]).
* This seems to happen quite often to mortals who spend time around [[ComicBook/TheSandman the Endless]]. In ''Endless Nights'', the mortal protagonists of Death and Destruction's stories both end up falling in love with them after spending a short time in their company. Death gets it the most in general, too.
* Thugboy fell for Comicbook/{{Empowered}} hard when he first laid eyes on her -- it even broke him out of his terminal "Whatever." mood.
* Victor and Lillie from ''ComicBook/{{Runaways}}''. [[spoiler: It doesn't work out, though.]]
* Tarot and Jon from ''Comicbook/TarotWitchOfTheBlackRose''.
* Occurs temporarily in ''[[ComicBook/{{Swordquest}} Swordquest: Waterworld]]'', when the two heroes each end up falling for the leader of two warring factions; partially justified due to some IdentityAmnesia from the BigBad's evil sorcerer.
* Archie from ''ComicBook/ArchieComics2015'' fell for Veronica at first glance. He even states that in his fourth-wall breaking monologue.
* In the Reboot version of the ComicBook/LegionOfSuperHeroes, Tinya Wazzo (Apparation) and Jo Nah (Ultra Boy) had this bad, with Jo instantly beibg attracted to Tinya when he's spying on the Legion. When the two locked eyes later on, this was the obvious reaction from both. Some time later, they're the SickeninglySweetHearts of the team.

* Pops up in a few [[Music/TheBeatles Beatles]] songs, naturally: "I've Just Seen a Face" used to be the page quote. In "With a Little Help From My Friends", it's [[DiscussedTrope discussed]] via [[CallAndResponseSong Call and Response]].
--> ''"Would you believe in a love at first sight?"''
--> ''"Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the time. . . "''
* The song "Loving You" by, not so wide known artist, Pauline:
--> ''I've been dreaming about you''
--> ''Every night and day''
--> ''From the first time I saw you''
--> ''I got swept away''
* Music/TheBrobecks have a song called "Love at First Sight".
-->''"Could this be love at first sight, or should I walk by again?"''
* ''[[Music/TheDoors "Hello, I love you, why don't you tell me your name?"]]''
* Defied in Carly Rae Jepsen's "I Really Like You", in contrast to her SignatureSong "Call Me Maybe".
-->I know this isn't love, but I need to tell you something.
-->I really, really, really, really like you.
* Music/BrianMcNeill's "Bring the Lassie Hame" portrays the meeting of his father and mother in post-WWII Austria as this.
-->''When it was over, still nae bed o' clover''\\
''A continent lay bleedin', and tears like ne'er before''\\
''And then ye found her, hard times around her''\\
''And ye knew that yer life had changed forevermore''
* A song by ''Music/{{Styx}}'' is called "Love At First Sight"
-->You and I
-->Strangers lost in a moment
-->Eye to eye
-->We were caught unaware of this passion inside us

[[folder:Myths & Religion]]
* [[Myth/ClassicalMythology Greek mythology]] has its share of Love At First Sight, usually caused directly by some god or goddess.
** Eros, after a quarrel with Apollo, got back at him by shooting him with an arrow that made him fall in love with Daphne at first sight, ''after'' he shot Daphne with an arrow that made her (in simplest terms) hate at first sight.
** Aphrodite, Eros' mother, because she was [[GreenEyedMonster jealous]] of the beautiful Psyche, asked Eros to shoot her with an arrow so that she would fall in love with someone repulsive at first sight, but Eros ended up falling in love at first sight with Psyche.
** Narcissus was so beautiful that every woman who looked upon his face fell instantly in love with him, but he would always spurn such people and break their hearts. He was cursed to fall in love with ''his own reflection'' after spurning several nymphs this way.
*** And in other versions, falling in love with his own reflection was punishment for spurning probably much older * male* suitors. ValuesDissonance? Perhaps. Creepy? Just a tad.
*** Although in Greek culture of the time young men were supposed to have older male suitors, as well as continue to be attracted to women, so both versions technically work. (Male suitors of the same age? Now ''that'' was just weird.)
*** And this doesn't count as ValuesDissonance... how?
*** No matter who else got rejected by Narcissus, the last person is always Echo in an exceptionally cruel manner. Since she had the misfortune of getting cursed to [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin repeat only what people said to her]], it was a big problem when Narcissus needed directions to the nearest city. He had no way of knowing she was cursed, but it doesn't mean he should have ''[[KickTheDog called Echo an idiot]]'' and gone out of his way to avoid her. Rather understandable that Aphrodite considered this the last straw -- especially since Echo was so in love with him that she [[LoveMartyr couldn't bear to cause him harm, even to seek justice for herself]].
** Hades and Persephone. A bit one-sided, but he (also) gets shot with Eros' arrow of love. Instant attraction and abduction ensues.
*** Weirdly enough, they end up the most stable (and presumably happy) couple in Greek mythology. It probably helped that he lavished gifts and ''non-sexual'' attention on her to genuinely win her over -- and unlike Zeus, he never cheats on her. [[DarkIsNotEvil Just because he's the king of the Underworld]] [[EvenEvilHasStandards doesn't mean he can't respect his wife's feelings.]]
*** On a different point of view since Hades primary methods of romance seems to be kidnapping, lavishing her with gifts, tricking her into eating those seeds and waiting several months for StockholmSyndrome to ensue, you could bet that seduction isn't his forté.
*** On ''some'' versions. In another (which may be the closest to the original and untouched myth), Persephone willingly came to Hades, spoke to him and they reached an agreement -- he wanted a consort, she wanted to get away from her [[MyBelovedSmother overprotective mom]], they FAKED her supposed kidnapping ''and'' she ate the pomegranate seeds willingly [[CallingTheOldManOut to tell her mother]] [[IChooseToStay that she wanted to stay in the Underworld]].
*** Well, he cheated once or twice... in three-thousand years of marriage. That's leagues above a ''lot'' of people, let alone [[ReallyGetsAround Zeus or Poseidon.]]
*** And the time a nymph went to Hades and openly told him that she wanted to be his mistress? [[ClingyJealousGirl Persephone wasn't pleased.]] (Though she was [[PetTheDog quite kinder]] to his other old flame...)

[[folder: Toys]]
* Barbie and Ken of ''Franchise/{{Barbie}}'' fame fell in love together. As depicted in a song from the 1960s album ''Music/BarbieSings'':
-->''Ken'': Then one day I looked at you
-->''Barbie'': And one look was all we needed
-->''Both'': Though nobody taught us, we knew what to do\\
I fell in love like-- *snap* --- with you

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}'':
** Arcueid admits that she fell in love with Shiki at first being horribly butchered, something he reciprocated and spent 90% of the story denying to himself. Arcueid acts rather [[AxCrazy annoyed]] if Shiki goes for the other girls in their routes. Shiki counts much more than Arcuied does. She was more fascinated with him at first, rather than in love, and she was an EmotionlessGirl before Shiki "broke" her. Shiki, on the hand, lusted for her, to the point of insanity, even if it largely due to his [[InTheBlood bloodline]]. He even admits that she was easily the most beautiful girl he's ever seen or will probably ''ever'' see.
** Roa, for Arcueid hundreds of years ago. Didn't end well.
* ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'':
** Shirou falls in love with Saber upon first seeing and doesn't actually realize it for two weeks. The other two routes get around this by not letting Saber get enough contact with Shirou for them to really hit it off. Each route is... rather... ''different'' as to how it goes about it.
** In Rin's route, Saber gets captured early on and then [[spoiler:has an important argument with Archer, who uses his future Shirou credentials to make her reconsider her own motivations, a process which took past Shirou a route and many arguments to complete. She does not spend enough time with Shirou for the remainder of the route for them to hit it off, but the finale then has either her letting Rin have him or [[MarryThemAll deciding to share.]] Saber, however, does not realize why [[BiTheWay Rin's]] so happy to have her stick around.]]
** It's rather more tragic in Sakura's route, where the love at first sight is completely destroyed. The method? [[spoiler:''Kill Saber early in the route''. Then have her come back. ''[[BrainwashedAndCrazy Evil]]''. Then have ''Shirou {{mercy kill}} her'', and get so torn up doing it that he [[TraumaInducedAmnesia deliberately kills every memory he has of her]], promising himself that he will forget her and move on to save Sakura and stay with her.]] Much like everything in the last route, a bit... sad, especially since Shirou never understood what he felt towards Saber, but continued anyway.
** Sakura herself claims to have fallen for Shirou from when she first saw him trying to overcome a jump that was completely impossible for him for hours on end. Supposedly, the same could be said for Rin.
* Esperia in ''VisualNovel/EienNoAselia'' fell in love with Yuuto at first sight, however, she wasn't sure what kind initially. She also has a lot of difficult actually opening up to people. [[spoiler:In Kyouko's route, Yuuto becomes an Eternal without her, so she forgets him. When he comes back, she falls in love at first sight and is extremely confused and upset. When she becomes an Eternal as well to follow him, her newly ex boyfriend does the same. Minus following her, because he probably can't.]]
* Kouri, in ''VisualNovel/BrassRestoration'', fell in love with the protagonist Ryo at first sight during a drum performance he put on in middle school. She even went to the same high school so she could be near him.
* ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyTrialsAndTribulations'':
** Desirée fell in love with Ron Delite when he rescued her from a couple of bandits. They're nothing alike, but they truly love each other. When he is accused of grand larceny, she goes to the extent of entering Detective Atmey's office to take his bag (which contains a SmokingGun) and bring it to court just to prove Ron innocent.
** Maya ''thinks'' this trope is in play when Phoenix and Iris meet in Hazakura. In reality they knew each other already, but they both were shocked beacuse neither expected to run into the other.
* ''VisualNovel/ZeroEscape'' Trilogy:
** Subverted in ''VisaulNovel/NineHoursNinePersonsNineDoors''. Early in the game Junpei sees a pretty girl around his age and is immediately stunned, but not because he immediately fell for her, but because the girl looked familiar. It took him few moments to realise that it was his childhood friend Akane.
** Eric fell for Mira this way in ''VisulaNovel/ZeroTimeDilemma''. He was selling ice-cream and she was one of his clients and he immediately fell for her the moment he saw her.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* Doki of ''WebAnimation/ThereSheIs'' falls head over heels, crazy in love with Nabi the first time she sees him. Nabi...well he comes around eventually.
* In ''WebAnimation/LuckyDayForever'', Prole 514 falls in love Sasiadka upon seeing her argue with her abusive boyfriend.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* A short comic by Creator/AGnosis has Dionysos fall for Ariadne's ''dress'' when they first meet. (For anyone who is not familiar with the myth; it is said that after Ariadne was left on a desert island by Theseus, the god Dionysos fell in love with her.) He's a WholesomeCrossDresser, and wearing a pink robe at the time, so his interest is obviously sincere - it is implied that they bonded over this compliment. This comes off as much ''less'' creepy than if he had talked about ''her'', as people familiar with Greek Myth tend to have certain prejudices when it comes to gods and their respect for consent or the lack thereof.
* ''The Law of Purple'': Red falls for Rose on first sight. Much of the attraction is that she's thrashing a purse-snatcher at the time, as seen [[http://lawofpurple.thecomicseries.com/comics/12 here]].
* In ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'', Zola plans to manage her meeting with the heir to the Storm King -- and make it look like LoveAtFirstSight.
** [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20080609 Zeetha's first meeting with Higgs]] is like this. For ''her''. For him, [[ImplacableMan it's one of the few things that terrifies him]].
* ''Webcomic/{{Minus}}'': [[http://www.kiwisbybeat.com/minus23.html what happens when Cupid gets really out of hand.]]
* ''Webcomic/{{xkcd}}'': [[http://xkcd.com/310/ This comic]]
** They also deconstruct the trope (and the accompanying idea of [[OneTrueLove "soul mates"]]) [[https://what-if.xkcd.com/9/ here]].
* Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}: Trolls, due to BizarreAlienReproduction, have a form of romance which is essentially hateful archnemesishood. The first time Karkat sees John (in person), he is instantly struck by total, all-consuming, overwhelming '''hate''', complete with spade-shaped WingdingEyes. Not the purest example, though, as they have interacted before through an instant messenger client, and there's a certain amount of time shenanigans involved as well.
** And then there's Vriska and... [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004687 Nicolas Cage]].
** Of all the people, this happens to [[spoiler:''Jack freaking Noir'' after encountering Peregrine Mendicant wearing [[AGodAmI the White Queen's ring.]]]]
** Another extreme example is Jake, who develops a crush on Aranea...after seeing her in a dream bubble for just three seconds.
* Subverted in ''Webcomic/DresdenCodak''. Kimiko sees a handsome guy with an FM-2030 book and instantly turns into a tongue-tied twit, fantasising about either an idyllic relationship (on an airship!) or a UST-laden scholarly rivalry. [[http://dresdencodak.com/2007/04/07/rule-110/ See here.]] Unfortunately for her, he turns out to be [[http://dresdencodak.com/2008/10/22/the-end/ kind of a moron.]]
* In ''Webcomic/{{Endstone}}'', [[http://endstone.net/comic/4-18-2/ Jon disowns believing in this when he first met Kyri]].
* ''Webcomic/LsEmpire'' has a species (Kayoss) that falls in love this way, mainly due to their MagicGenetics. This does have a side effect (referred to as Love Struck) which involves light headedness, [[{{Squick}} drooling from the eyes]], and passing out.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Erstwhile}}'', in the comic about the fairy tale "Sister and Brother" [[http://www.erstwhiletales.com/brothersister-19/#.UH9ammdHGuI the king and the eponymous sister.]] Within moments of meeting, CrushBlush followed by his proposing and her accepting, with the only condition that her brother come with her to the castle.
* In ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'', this appears to be what happens between Tedd and [[MagicalGirlfriend Grace]]. However, ''much'' later, Tedd admits that it started out as simple attraction, since he was the first male her age she wasn't related to, and she was a hot girl in his house. It definitely evolved into love relatively quickly, though.
* ''Webcomic/{{Erfworld}}'': In the prequel book 0, we see that Jillian actually fell in love with Wanda ''before'' first sight. Merely hearing Wanda's name with no further context was enough to send Jillian's heart racing. Then Wanda captured her and tortured her for a few dozen turns, and then Wanda joined Jillian and helped her croak Wanda's Ruler, and then Wanda betrayed Jillian's father while Jillian was out in the field, and then Wanda captured Jillian and tortured her a few more times. Their relationship is... complicated, even without bringing in the large amount of Fate connecting them.
* ''Webcomic/KnightsOfBuenaVista'' is a CampaignComic about ''{{Disney/Frozen}}'', and Hans's player includes an ability to induce this as a charisma bonus. So that's how Anna falls for him almost instantly.
* It's what connects Nick and Ki in Webcomic/GeneralProtectionFault right from the start, even though it takes them ages to act upon it, with lots of WillTheyOrWontThey in between.
--> Ki: Nice butt!
--> Nick (that evening, in his diary): I wonder if I should reconsider my self-imposed restriction on dating co-workers.
* It takes [[{{Tomboy}} Sun Jing]] all of about five seconds to fall heads over heels for [[ClosetKey Qiu Tong]] the first time they run into each other at a convenience store in ''Webcomic/TheirStory''. The attraction deepens all the more when they become friends.
* In ''Webcomic/TheBackOBeyond'' Nate seems to have experienced this for Sebastian, as the first time they have a proper conversation is when they're at sea. However, it's not mutual and Nate soon realises they don't know each other at all.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''Podcast/WelcomeToNightVale'''s first episode introduces our narrator, Cecil, to the HotScientist Carlos, who had come to investigate the titular paranormal town.
-->He grinned, and everything about him was perfect, and I fell in love instantly.
** Considering that it took an entire year for Carlos to show any sign of reciprocating, one has to imagine he was freaked out by this local-celebrity radio host ([[AmbiguouslyHuman who might not even be human]]) immediately announcing that he's in love with him to the entire town.
*** The entire town feels the same way to some degree, everyone agreeing about his perfect, perfect hair (driving out Tellie the barber for daring to cut it) and not giving him the standard Night Vale welcome of pointing fingers and screaming ''INTERLOPER!!!''
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic
** Parodied in his review of ''[[Film/LesMiserables2012 Les Miserables]]'', where WebVideo/PawDugan mocks how unrealistic this trope is... right before sharing it with Elisa from ''WebVideo/VampireReviews''. They then proceed to [[MusicalEpisode sing a song about how stupid love in first sight is (which evolves into a song about how great it is)]]. This is also an example of RealLifeWritesThePlot, as the two [[RomanceOnTheSet really were romantically involved; they were engaged at the time of recording]].
** Subverted with Hyper, as she finds Critic sexy on first appearance but only convinces herself later that it must be love. Doug's talked at length about how much this trope doesn't work in real life, and that it's more like "Attraction At First Sight".
* Spoofed in episode 27 of ''WebVideo/VaguelyRecallingJoJo'' with [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Rohan Kishibe]] and [[VideoGame/{{Kirby 64}} Adeleine]]. During its prediction of said event, Thoth thought it was stupid.
* In the ''WebVideo/SuperMarioLogan'' episode "Cody's Sister!", Bowser Junior and Joseph instantly fall in love with Cody's sister Katy upon seeing her.
-->'''Junior:''' You're so weird and ugly, and she's so...amazing and gorgeous...H-How did that happen?