Loud Last Name

Like the First Name Ultimatum and Full-Name Ultimatum, it is used when a character is angry at another character, but is either not on a First-Name Basis with them or simply never uses their first name.

If the characters are on First-Name Basis, this means the one being shouted at is in big trouble, but sometimes it's just Played for Laughs.

See also Say My Name.


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    Western Animation 
  • Superintendant Chalmers on The Simpsons uses this quite often with Principal Skinner, sometimes for no other reason than watching him cringe.
  • Mr. Spacely on The Jetsons would yell "JETSOOOOOOOOOOON!" at a beginning of a video call or whenever he got mad at George. Usually followed by "YOU'RE FIRED!"
  • Daffy Duck in the animated film, Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, "CUBISH!"
  • While Cindy from Jimmy Neutron would rather be caught dead than calling Jimmy anything but his last name (and variations thereof), Jimmy uses Cindy's last name Vortex whenever he's particularly infuriated with her.
  • Futurama had Professor Farnsworth's arch-rival "WERNSTROM!!"
  • Fillmore!
  • Time Squad Larry and Otto both use Buck's last name casually, but are often likely to shout "TUDDRUSSEL!" whenever Buck Tuddrussel does something stupid or mean spirited.
    • CROCKER!!
  • The Incredibles: "PAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!". Points to Wallace Shawn for making it sound less like a name and more like a roar.

Alternative Title(s): Last Name Ultimatum