''Los Rayos Gama'' [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Rayos_Gamma]] ("The Gamma Rays") is a [[UsefulNotes/PuertoRico Puerto Rican]] comedy troupe, dedicated to Social Satire: they make fun of social problems (mostly government corruption) to bring attention to them. Their {{catchphrase}} is "Ofendiendo a todos por igual" ("Offending everybody equally.") They are notable for being composed of persons who also have successful careers outside of comedy, and for using more highbrow than lowbrow humor. People often wonder why such high-career white collar guys get together to make fools of themselves in public.

The group was formed in the 1970s; their name comes from another a friend of theirs, journalist and writer Eddie López, who died from cancer. He attributed his quirky personality to "the effect of the gamma rays" he was being treated with (he may have been referencing the title of the novel TheEffectOfGammaRaysOnManInTheMoonMarygolds too.) After his death, his friends decided to stay together and continue his work.

Their level of activity has varied over the years; at one point they had their own, weekly TV show, but recently they have limited themselves to yearly theater performances. Still, they remain beloved by the public, to the point that even some of the politicians they have mocked have guest-starred in their shows!

While the group's membership has varied over the years, the best known members include:
* Jacobo Morales [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobo_Morales]]: The oldest member of the group (a fact which even he makes fun of) Morales is also a well-known writer, actor, and movie director.
* Silverio Perez [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silverio_P%C3%A9rez]]: Perez is a successful writer of self-help books, TV show host, and even *gasp!* ran for office himself once! The Nerd of the group, complete with glasses.
* 'Sunshine' Logrono [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunshine_Logro%C3%B1o]]: as the hippie-sounding name indicates, Logrono is the least serious of the group, and more given to using street-wise humor, which he termed "cafreria". He left the group years ago to star in his own TV comedy show. He helped bring in more modern stand-up comedy styles to Puerto Rican television (he used to live in the United States) and was successful enough to be a TV producer these days. He's never forgotten his lower-class roots, however, and occasionally rejoins the Rayos for special performances.
* Horacio Olivo [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horacio_Olivo]]: The shortest member of the group which yes, they also make fun of. Often the StraightMan for the jokes. Olivo has been ill in recent years, which is one reason the Rayos perform less often.

Their performances usually contain:
* StandUpComedy, usually by way of two or more people casually commenting on how much things suck these days.
* [[TheMusical Musical numbers]]: Surprisingly, all the Rayos are pretty good singers as well. Their songs are all parodies, of course.
* SketchComedy: often featuring other celebrities as guest stars.

!Tropes related to the Rayos:
* CoolOldGuy: Jacobo.
* DistaffCounterpart: A group called Las Centellas ('The Sparks'- it's a reference to Rayos y Centellas- 'bolts and sparks!'- a mild swear) composed of local female celebrities ocasionally forms to join the Rayos onstage.
* [[DefeatMeansFriendship If You Cant Beat Them Join Them]]: Some politicians know its better to laugh along the popular Rayos than turn against them.
* MeaningfulName: The group's.
* NerdGlasses: Silverio.
* {{Satire}}: Of everything, but mostly Puerto Rican politics.
* ScrewySquirrel: Sunshine.
* SelfDeprecation: all of them.
* ShorterMeansSmarter: Horacio.