Looney Tunes Cartoon Conductor

A licensed Rhythm Game by Eidos for the Nintendo DS.

The plot, as explained in the tutorial: The Tazmanian Devil has destroyed some classic Looney Tunes cartoons. The powers that be are furious and want those cartoons remade. The cast is there, but for everything to work, you, the player, need to conduct the music with the DS stylus. This entails hitting "notes" (circles, with the occasional square) at the right time. It shares much in common with Elite Beat Agents and the Japanese game that was based on.

If you hit the notes at the right time, both the music and the cartoon go smoothly. If you don't, they both go wrong. (Strangely, this can lead to situations where bad but acceptable conducting comes closer to the original footage than good conducting.)

There are also points involved.

The music is all classical, except for some which is remade classical.