''Look and Read'' is a [[LongRunners long-running]] EdutainmentShow on Creator/TheBBC for primary schools, first broadcast in 1967. It consists of a series of unrelated stories spread over several episodes each, with numerous musical interludes intended to teach children about subjects such as spelling and vocabulary.

''Look and Read'' serials with their own trope pages include:
* ''Series/ThroughTheDragonsEye''

!!''Look and Read'' provides examples of:
* {{Cephalothorax}}: Wordy is basically a hovering sphere covered in letters, with arms and a face.
* FriendlyGhost: Lord Dark's ancestor in ''Dark Towers'' accurately describes himself as one.
* GreenAesop: ''Earthwarp''
* BlitzEvacuees: Norman, Dennis and Mary in ''Spywatch''.
* FramingStory: Many of the storylines had a framing story with the educational bits, often featuring Wordy and a human assistant in a thematically appropriate location.
* MentorMascot: Wordy, from 1974 to 1992.