Loaded words or loaded language describes the misleading use of emotionally loaded language in order to win an argument.

Besides a word's definition, most words have a connotation that implies that its subject is either good or bad. For example, both the words "cabin" and "shack" mean basically the same thing, but one word has a positive connotation and the other has a negative connotation. Using a loaded term by itself isn't fallacious, but using loaded terms as a basis for an argument is. Using a loaded term to imply that the subject in question is bad when the point of your argument is that it's bad is just another form of BeggingTheQuestion.

Compare YouKeepUsingThatWord.

!! Examples:

* In ''Literature/MethuselahsChildren'' by Creator/RobertAHeinlein, there is an anti-Howard Family groundswell (being abetted by the government), stemming from the mistaken belief that the Families have some secret longevity treatment. The government has laws in place regarding what can be said about anyone, including lists of "hot" words -- those that carry emotional loads -- and any article written for publication is measured against this list. If it scores above a certain threshold it's deemed incitement, inflammatory speech, or hate speech, and cannot be published. The groups that are pushing to have the Family members imprisoned until they reveal their "secret" are very, ''very'' careful to not let any individual article cross the threshold, and the government chooses not to act on the fact that there are so many articles of this type being written that even if none of them is sufficient alone, when taken in aggregate, they're overwhelming.