'''Living Force''' was a shared [=RPGA=] campaign setting for the ''StarWars'' role-playing game from WizardsOfTheCoast. First released in 2001 and available for [=RPGA=] members only, the campaign ran for five "seasons" in nearly five years, taking place during the Prequel Trilogy of the ''Star Wars'' saga.
!!This series contains the following tropes:
* EarlyBirdCameo: While not a cameo per se, Almas and villain Raik Muun were used in the ''Dawn of Defiance'' campaign later.
* FalseFlagOperation: Happens in the first module.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: As In most [=RPGA=] modules of the time, the adventures were officially retired after around two years of activity. Thus, this is the only way to get a hold of the modules today.
* MarthDebutedInSmashBros: Since all of the modules were out of distribution at the time of the fourth module of ''Dawn of Defiance'', several of those who played were unaware that Raik was a villain fought (and told outright in the module to be killed) in the Living Force campaign five years earlier.
* TheObiWan: One of the supplementary articles during the ''Clone Wars'' portion of the campaign had this, as Jedi characters had to roll a die during their first Living Force session after publication. If they failed the roll, their master had been killed while fighting in the war.
* TimeSkip: The entire system jumps forward seamlessly 10 years to coincide with the time skip in ''Attack of the Clones''.
* [[YouAllMeetInAnInn You All Meet in a Cantina]]: The first module, once again.