African-Americans have created a rich and diverse literary culture from the time of the slave narrative to today, with its own literary movements and tropes often tackling subjects such as racism, slavery, family, religion, and class. This index collects this literature.

Themes of racial identity may also take precedence - older works tend to deal with the complexities of [[PassFail passing]] and modern works tend to deal with assimilation versus keeping one's identity, and class divides within the community. Contemporary fiction may focus on colorism, feminism, the centrality of the church, and [[ urban life]]. Historical fiction may deal with slavery, [[ Jim Crow]], [[ the great migration]], the [[ Pan Africanism movement]], and the Civil Rights movement.

Notable movements include the [[ Harlem Renaissance]] and [[ The Black Arts movement.]]

SpeculativeFiction may draw on [[ Afro Futurist themes]], avert HumansAreWhite and InTheFutureHumansWillBeOneRace.
They may also feature NoEqualOpportunityTimeTravel and PersecutionFlip. They may be influenced by steampunk (sometimes called 'steamfunk') or sword and sorcery (sometimes called 'sword and soul'.

Some works make use of [[ African American Vernacular English]] and others employ characters that [[ code switch]].

Compare AfricanLiterature. This index includes American authors of African descent only.


[[LitFic Literature]]:

* ''Literature/TheAutobiographyOfAnExColoredMan'' by James Weldon Johnson
* ''Literature/{{Beloved}}'' by Creator/ToniMorrison
* ''Literature/BlackBoy'' by Creator/RichardWright
* ''Film/{{Blackbird}}'' by Larry Duplechan
* ''Literature/TheBluestEye'' by Creator/ToniMorrison
* ''Coffee Will Make You Black'' by April Sinclair
* ''Literature/TheColorPurple'' by Alice Walker
* ''Getting to Happy'' by Terri [=McMillian=]
* ''God Don't Like Ugly'' by Mary Monroe
* ''Literature/{{Home}}'' by Creator/ToniMorrison
* ''Literature/InvisibleMan'' by Ralph Ellison
* ''I Wish I Had a Red Dress'' by Pearl Cleage
* ''Literature/MaudMartha'' by Gwendolyn Brooks
* ''Meridian'' by Alice Walker
* ''Literature/MosesManOfTheMountain'' by Zora Neale Hurston
* ''Literature/MumboJumbo'' by Creator/IshmaelReed
* ''Literature/NativeSon'' by Creator/RichardWright
* ''The Narrows'' by Ann Petry
* ''Literature/{{Passing}}'' by Nella Larsen
* ''Literature/{{Push}}'' by Sapphire
* ''Literature/{{Roots}}'' by Alex Haley
* ''Literature/SongOfSolomon'' by Creator/ToniMorrison
* ''Literature/TheirEyesWereWatchingGod'' by Zora Neale Hurston
* ''Literature/WaitingToExhale'' by Terri [=McMillian=]
* ''Won't Be the Same Fool Twice'' by April Sinclair


Short Stories:

* "Literature/SonnysBlues" by Creator/JamesBaldwin
* "Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self" by Danielle Evans
* "Drinking Coffee Elsewhere" by Z.Z. Packer



* ''Literature/{{Acacia}}'' by David Anthony Durham
* ''Literature/AfricanImmortals'' by Tananarive Due
* ''Literature/AkataWitch'' by Creator/NnediOkorafor
* ''Literature/Babel17'' by Creator/SamuelRDelany
* ''Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad'' by Minister Faust
* ''Literature/{{Dhalgren}}'' by Creator/SamuelRDelany
* The Literature/DreambloodDuology by N. K. Jemsin
* ''Literature/EmpireStar'' by Creator/SamuelRDelany
* ''Literature/{{Imaro}}'' by Charles R. Saunders
* The Literature/InheritanceTrilogy by N. K. Jemsin
* The Literature/LilithsBrood trilogy by Creator/OctaviaButler
* ''Lion's Blood'' and ''Zulu Heart'' by Steve Barnes
* ''Long Juju Man'' by Creator/NnediOkorafor
* ''Literature/MosesTheChroniclesOfHarrietTubman'' by Balogun Ojetade
* ''Literature/{{Nova}}'' by Creator/SamuelRDelany
* The Literature/{{Patternist}} series by Creator/OctaviaButler
* ''Literature/TheShadowSpeaker'' by Creator/NnediOkorafor
* ''Literature/TheSorcererOfTheWildeeps'' by Kai Ashante Wilson
* ''Literature/ATasteOfHoney'' by Kai Ashante Wilson
* ''Literature/WhoFearsDeath'' by Creator/NnediOkorafor
* ''Literature/ZahrahTheWindseeker'' by Creator/NnediOkorafor



* The works of Langston Hughes
* Maya Angelou
* Gwendolyn Brooks
* Nikki Giovanni
* Wanda Conley
* Phyllis Wheatley



* ''Theatre/ARaisinInTheSun'' by Lorraine Hansberry
* ''Fences'' by August Wilson
* ''Theatre/PassingStrange'' (a musical) by Stew and Heidi Rodewald



* The Literature/WestEndGirls series by Lena Scott
* The Literature/CaliforniaConnection series by Chunichi
* ''Literature/GuiltyGucci'' by Ashley
* The [[Literature/GirlsFromDaHood Girls from da Hood]] series by Ashley
* ''[[Literature/RealWifeysOnTheGrind Real Wifeys on the Grind]]'' by Mink Meesha
* ''Literature/TheColdestWinterEver'' by Sista Soulja
* ''[[Literature/MidnightAGangsterLoveStory Midnight: A Gangster Love Story]]'' by Sista Soulja


Juvenile and YA Fiction:

* The HazelwoodHighTrilogy by Sharon M. Draper
* ''Literature/RollOfThunderHearMyCry'' by Mildred [=DeLois=] Taylor, and its sequel ''Let the Circle Be Unbroken''
* ''Literature/WhenDadKilledMom'' by Julius Lester