The following shows, movies, and other media, are currently redlinks. They [[Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability are worthy of an article here in at least one troper's opinion]]; but that troper may not be familiar enough with the show in question, or may not be a good writer, or, in some cases, knows the show is notable, hates it, but doesn't want to engage in ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch or Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike.

For the moment, we'll sign our items on this list, and add our names onto shows to which we feel need to have an article here; please see the discussion page.

If you write an article about one of these, or it turns into a [[WikiMagic bluelink on its own]], please remove it from this list, unless it's a redirect. If that is the case, point that out.

Also, take note: try to include a work in its medium of initial incarnation. For example, instead of placing TheFilmOfTheBook in the Film category, place the work under the {{Literature}} section. Another example is {{Anime}}: if it was a {{Manga}} first, place it under Manga. The notable exception to this rule is either when a work's derivative incarnation is [[AdaptationDisplacement more widely known than the original]] (in which case please leave a note mentioning such), or when a page exists for the original version but not the adaptation (in which case a note should also be made so that the creator can either add a section to the pre-existing page or decide to create a new one).

See also ImminentArrivals. For works that do have summary but no tropes are listed, see WorksNeedingTropes.
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