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Lisa Mason
Lisa Mason (born 1953) is an American writer of science fiction. She lives in Sausalito, California with the artist Tom Robinson and their cats. She is a vegetarian, and has worked as a lawyer. Most of her novels take place in the vicinity of San Francisco, California, either in the future, or in the past through Time Travel, some of them may be recognised as Cyber Punk. Robinson often designs art for her novels. She has been recently revising and re-releasing her older and shorter works for electronic devices.

  • Arachne (1990)
  • Summer of Love (1994) - revised as Summer of Love, a Time Travel (2011)
  • Cyberweb (1995)
  • The Golden Nineties (1995) - revised as The Gilded Age, a Time Travel (2012)
  • Pangaea I: Imperium without End (1999)
  • Pangaea II: Imperium Aflame(2000)
  • TESLA, A Worthy of His Time, A Screenplay (2011)
  • The Garden of Abracadabra (2012)

Short fiction
  • Arachne (Omni, 1987)
  • Future Law (1987)
  • Deus Ex Machina (1988)
  • Guardian (1988)
  • The Onionmancer (1989)
  • Tomorrow's Child (1989)
  • Hummers (1991)
  • Stripper (1991)
  • Destination (1992)
  • Daughter of the Tao (1995)
  • Every Mystery Unexplained (1995)
  • Felicitas (1995)
  • Transformation and the Postmodern Identity Crisis (Fantastic Alice 1995)
  • The Sixty-Third Anniversary of Hysteria (1995)
  • The Hanged Man (1996)
  • U F uh-O, A Sci Fi Comedy (2011)

  • Journey of the Heart (1991)
  • Read This (The New York review of Science Fiction, 1994)

  • Philip K. Dick Award - Best Novel nominee 1994 : Summer of Love

Tropes applying to her work include:

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